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KS3/4 Cold War History Teaching & Learning Pack

Are you a History teacher?

Would you like to be involved in the development and piloting of these materials?

Downloadable sample contents will be posted soon!

Draft Contents

  • Teachers’ Notes
  • Background
  • Vulcan Cold War Warrior DVD
  • Cold War Warrior Powerpoint DVD

This provides an introduction to the Cold War period of history looking at the role of Vulcan aircraft in the context of the Cold War.

  • A review of what went before this period. What can you remember about WW2?
  • The essence of the Cold War – political, military or media conflict?
  • East West Activity – A vocabulary based activity to introduce / stimulate discussion on the ideas that shaped the differences between the ‘East’ and ‘West’.
  • Cold War timeline including the introduction and role of the Vulcan with reference to: origins of the Cold War; the Berlin Blockade; technological advancements resulting in the arms race and space race; the 4 minute nuclear warning; the Cuban Missile Crisis; a period of détente followed by the ‘Second Cold War’; the introduction of ‘glasnost’ & ‘perestroika’; fall of the Berlin Wall; break up of the USSR.
  • East West Activity Cards
  • Cold War Timeline Activity Cards
  • Activity Sheets for Pupils (for photocopying)
    • Cold War Timeline Activity
    • Cold War Quick Quiz Activity
  • Acknowledgements & Photo Credits
  • Glossary
  • Top Secret’ Answer Folder
    • Cold War Timeline Activity
    • Cold War Quick Quiz Activity

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