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KS2 Teaching & Learning Pack

KS2 Teaching and Learning Pack

Now available to purchase! Teaching and Learning Pack Mk.2

This pack is devised primarily for use with KS2 pupils and for post SATS transitional work. Whilst focused heavily on science, maths, design and technology, it offers many cross-curricular links.

This pack contains a range of activities and missions designed to engage and stimulate by employing a variety of learning styles for use both inside the classroom and in the outside environment.

It is hoped that the materials and resources within the pack may help inspire a new generation of young designers, scientists, engineers and aviators.

In addition to Teachers’ Notes and background Information there is a series of full colour ‘Mission Cards’, suitable for small group or whole class activity. There is also a series of ‘Activity Sheets’ that may be freely photocopied, for individual or group use. Also in the pack are ready to use sets of cards to support various of the ‘Missions’, including word and definition cards covering the specialist, technical and scientific terms associated with aircraft and flight. There is an accompanying DVD, specially produced by Planes TV for the pack, which includes some fabulous footage of XH558 in flight. Also included is a CD PowerPoint to accompany the Marvellous Materials ‘Time Travel’ Mission. Then there is the ‘TOP SECRET’ folder – containing full colour sheets for those missions and activities where specific answer information is required.

KS2 Teaching and Learning Pack

Click onto the links below for some downloadable samples of contents.

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