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02-09-2015 11:24
christine cameron ( leicestershire , uk )
My father loved the Vulcan and supported XH558 until his death in 2012. When I see her fly I always think of him. It is very sad that her flying days are nearly over. She will always be an iconic plane. God Bless Her.
01-09-2015 22:38
Christine Cumbers ( Devon , United kingdom )
My brother and I lived at RAF scampton in 1962 when my father was stationed there as a chief technician and was in charge of one of these majestic Vulcans. We were living adjacent to the runway and were able to regularly watch the aircraft taxi into position before taking off. We had a grandstand view from my brother's bedroom window. The roar of the Rolls Royce engines and the smell of the kerosene will remain with me forever, although back then the aircraft were not camoflaged but were painted white. To me this made them look even more impressive ! It was a magical time for us as young children but of course we had no idea that what we were witnessing was so very special and momentous and it was just the 'norm' to see the planes flying in and out of the camp. Surely she was indeed one of the most spectacular and elegant aircraft to grace the skies and it still gives me goose bumps to see one airborne.
01-09-2015 17:14
Nick Jones ( Hawarden , Wales )
In 1989 I was a Cpl in the RAF police stationed at RAF Scampton. I spent 15 months watching the magnificent Vulcans taking off and landing in day after day. My abiding memory is during exercises I could spent 12 hours standing in front of one of the aircraft on the QRA waiting for the crew to be scrambled. After checking the crew were who they said they were I would then have to move behind the aircraft at a reasonable distance and lay down in the grass covering my head as all four aircraft took off in quick succession. A fantastic experience often followed by a trip to the Naafi for a hot drink and meal.
30-08-2015 19:34
SJ ( Hampshire , UK )
Another lifetime ago, I was married to a chap in the RAF; our 2nd posting together was to RAF St Athan near Cardiff, in 1981. I remember towards the end of that posting, in the 1985 period, a whole fleet of Vulcans being sat on a disused part of the runway - waiting to be s####ped. One particular day, the wind blew so hard, one poor old girl ended up sitting on her backside, nose in the air. She looked very unglamorous! Lots of photos were taken of the event and I suspect the ex husband still has one or two. I would never have thought, all these years on, and being married to someone else now, that I would be stood on top of White Hill, on the Hants / Berks borders this afternoon, bitterly disappointed to hear that you had to return this lovely machine back home, without flying over all of us eagerly awaiting. No matter, safety counts. It is said elsewhere on this account and I agree - your moving flypast on the dreadful day at Shoreham will stay with me forever. Thank you.
30-08-2015 16:23
Richard and Anne Laxton ( Grantham , UK )
An absolutely unexpected sight as we were busy looking for info. about Grantham's canal boat trips.
Suddenly the unmistakable and wonderful sound coming from behind, made us look up and see, flying quite low XH558.' Hair standing on end' barely describes the moment. MAGNIFICENT
30-08-2015 15:33
Stephen Phillips ( Blackwood , Wales )
My first amazement at the beautiful Vulcan was when it flew directly overhead at the age of 8 at RAF St.Athan's airshow. 34 years later, i used several apps. to pinpointed an exact location 49 miles from home on it's route yesterday and was so pleased to witness it's elegance for the last time over Wales. The time was 16.16. The location was Ystradgynlais. Little did I know until I returned home that I was extremely close the sad crash site of XH536. I wonder if this is the reason for the flight path....Goodbye to a truly beautiful and awesome aircraft!
30-08-2015 14:11
Ali Clark ( Buckinghamshire , UK )
I was lucky to see her at Dunsfold yesterday (29.8.15). TOTALLY AMAZING! She was the reason I went + I'm so glad I did, plus I met Paddy, one of her ex-pilots (1963-76). She is beautiful + graceful, with that awesome howl. It's astounding how this magnificent plane gets under your skin and into your heart. She will be missed in the skies. Thank you for taking care of XH558 so well and long may she have a happy, even if grounded, retirement.......with lots of visitors who she has also captured the hearts of!!
30-08-2015 14:06
My Dad FLT LT DAVID WALTHAM flew the Vulcans from March 1963 to April 1964 and I have his flying log books.He flew quite a few of them and was involved in the blue stealth nuclear standoff flying.
I saw XH558 at Throckmorton where we were last stationed awsome at what a sound it did howl at set off the car alarms.
The last time I saw it I was 3 years old and my dear Dad was flying it.below is a list of Dads aircrew
I wonder if any are still with us thank you
Davids very proud son Peter
30-08-2015 09:16
Jason Beck ( North Wales , UK )
Homepage: N/A
Myself and my wife were at Rhyl airshow yesterday. All I can say is WOW!! It's the greatest aircraft I've ever seen. What an eye opener. Mixed emotions seeing this great aircraft. We feel lucky to have witnessed such an iconic aircraft. Brilliant!!! Thank you to all involved in getting her to sunny Rhyl. Going to see her again at Southport air show next month.
30-08-2015 09:03
andrew florey ( brixham devon , uk )
I was lucky enough to see this beautiful aircraft at dartmouth regatta yesterday standing alone on a hillside i had my own private diplay as she flew overhead numerous times, i watched in awe with a tear in my eye knowing it would most likely be the last time i would see her airbourne. I like many thousands of others will be so sad to see her go. Its such an iconic plane it seems a crime to ground her! Airshows will be poorer without that vulcan howl. Thank you to all involved in keeping her in the air. I am joining the vulcan to the sky trust today.
29-08-2015 08:56
Mike Woodward ( Rotherham , UK )
It will be a sad day when XH558 stops flying, she's part of our heritage. I have a girlfriend who live in Elvington and many times we see Xh558 test flying. When I was growing up by Manchester airport I used to watch Vulcans touch and go on the runway, god did those windows rattle when she opened up. I was in the aircadets 320 squodren and we went to Conningsby for a week which was home to Vulcans. We accidently saw Blue steel which was hush hush at the time, anyway I was one of the lucky few to have to have gone up in one, cant see much out and a tight squeeze, those are my memories at least I'll be able to see XH558 at Robinhood airport.
27-08-2015 22:35
Matt ( Essex , UK )
Saw her at Clacton airshow in 2014 and saw her again today, there was a definite air of sadness and disbelief amongst the crowd that that was the last time anybody there will see her in the air. A magnificent beast that fills the sky visually and aurally. I hope she can be worked on to fly again one day.
27-08-2015 20:16
Ralph ( Cambridge , England )
Thanks for your spectacular exit from Cambridge today, the sight and sound was something to raise the hairs ! Live Long & Prosper in glorious retirement. ????
27-08-2015 16:11
Sarah Kemp ( Cambridge Airport , UK )
Amazing fly past at Cambridge Airport. Feel proud to be part of the Marshall Group!
27-08-2015 14:23
sarah and rosie black ( N.Wheatley , UK )
Want to thank XH558 and all the team for our almost daily fly past on Haughgate Hill. We always rush to wave when we hear you coming and will miss her so much. Well done! xxxx
27-08-2015 12:05
Rob Hughes ( Huntingdon Cambridge , UK )
My father Cedric Hughes flew this lovely vulcan many years ago out of waddington and is the pilot in the famous iron bomb drop from the vulcan. It is sad to see it end it's flying days - my father who is now in a similar twilight position would dearly love to see it wing over his house to say a mutual good bye.
24-08-2015 23:48
ruth ( dorset , uk )
such a magnificent bird in the sky, will be missed but treasured by all
24-08-2015 15:03
Tom Shell ( Devon , UK )
In 1957 I was an apprentice working at BAC at Filton which was used as a diversion airfield for the Vulcans. I can remember the sight and sound of three Vulcans taking off in formation which was awesome. In 1963 working as a flight test engineer at BSEL, I had the privilege of having flights in both XA894 and XA903. I also witnessed XA984 catching fire during ground running due to a compressor blade shedding. I saw XH553 performing at the IAT at Boscombe Down in, I believe, 1992 displaying whilst in RAF service in what, I understand, was her last year of service. She was thrown around with gay abandon, a sight I shall never forget. Since then I have been a regular visitor to Yeovilton Air Day and this year thought I had seen my final display of this magnificent aircraft. However, on hearing that she was going to appear at Dawlish, I was lucky enough to see fly one more time. At the end of the display I had tears in my eyes. Thank you for keeping XH558 flying.
24-08-2015 12:58
I saw them take off from Ascension on their final combat mission, then watched a Vulcan take off and land at Boscome Down on their retirement from the air-force, Yesterday I took my son and wife to see XH558 display at Bournemouth air show, What a magnificent beautiful aircraft so majestic flying up and down the display line for the last time over the south coast absolutely awesome !!! I hope to take my family to see her on the ground one day... Such a shame she will be grounded at the end of the display season when other iconic aircraft get funded to remain airworthy.. Fantastic show at Bournemouth will be sadly missed
24-08-2015 11:56
Alan Crane ( Melbourne , Australia )
My father and I have travelled from Australia to see the Vulcan before it ceases flying. We drove from our motel in Gatwick to Bournemouth to hopefully catch XH558 fly. The weather on the trip down was terrible, but to our delight the weather cleared and we both witnessed what for me was the highlight of any aviation event that I have ever attended. I have attended and photographed hundreds of air shows in Australia and the USA, but this was by far the most breathtaking display I have ever seen! I literally went weak at the knees and have many great photographs to treasure.

We are both excited by the anticipation of attending Clacton by the Sea on Thursday and Wings & Wheels at Dunsfold where we will hopefully see XH558 before returning back to Australia. Well done to the highly skilled pilots and all those who make it possible for this magnificent machine to fly. Well done to the excellent commentary provided at this event.
24-08-2015 08:30
john berry ( southbourne , UK )
sat on the dunes as she came over head inbound to the Bournemouth Air show. Simply fantastic tingles all down the back. desperately hope that something can be done to keep her in the air
24-08-2015 08:08
Ross Harwood ( Sussex , UK )
One of the most amazing moments of my life. I have seen her last year at Bournemouth and we have just seen her this year. You have done a remarkable job in returning XH558 to the sky. Thank you so much. Truly humbled.
24-08-2015 08:05
Ian Strong ( Whiteley, Hampshire , England )
Yesterday saw Vulcan for possibly my last time ever, at Bournemouth. As with every time I see her fly, she completely stole the show. The display was full of grace and power. Thankyou VTST for your dedication to keeping the old girl flying and thank you people of Britain (me included) who contributed to the amazing money raising effort.
24-08-2015 07:17
Kate ( Solent , UK )
Thanks for the fabulous displays at Bournemouth this weekend. Was on one of 1200 anchored boats watching on Saturday. The boats were all hooting in tribute as you fly off to Dawlish. Then the ultimate treat was you circled us in the Solent twice on Sunday as we sailed home - it felt our own private display. Such as shame this is the last year of flying.
23-08-2015 23:05
C.Hill ( New Milton , U.K )
What a graceful aeroplane you are! Thank you for your wonderful display at Bournemouth today which I viewed through binoculars and for flying past us standing on Barton clifftop. Enjoy your deserved retirement old girl and many many thanks to the crews, technicians and those that care for your legacy.
23-08-2015 18:24
Kate Elliott ( Ripon , United Kingdom )
I first remember the Vulcan from my childhood visits to Finningley Airship, along with other icons such as the Lightning, the Harrier and, one amazing year, Concorde. I was thrilled when 558 was restored to flight, as I believe these aircraft shouldn't be permanently grounded. I was lucky enough to see her at Elvington 2 weeks ago, which has made my summer. But my favourite Vulcan memory is from when 558 was first back in the skies. I was at Fountains Abbey, and she flew over the ruins. I couldn't believe my eyes! What a wonderful sight, (and sound!).
23-08-2015 16:38
Kelly Pavelin ( Luton , United Kingdom )
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/annie.shute.1
First saw a Vulcan in the RAF Hendon museum. Was so gobsmacked when i saw its size. Never imagined I'd ever hear her fly. XH558 is truly an awesome machine. Will never forget the blood curlding howl she lets rip. Truly a awesome machine to ever grace the skies. Was so nice to see her at Eastbourne then on the 22/08/15 as she was flying over Stowe was such an awesome sight. So nice of her to do a flypast to honor the Shoreham 7. Such a sad day. Hope to see her on her final flying day no matter the cost i will be there
23-08-2015 15:48
Matt Sparling ( Isle of Wight , England )
I and many hundreds of others are bitterly disappointed at your no show both days at the Sandown air field Isle of Wight events the weekend of Aug 22/23rd.
Whilst it's understandable you cannot fulfill all requests, the fact that on the Saturday you flew to the Island and displayed over the wrong airfield is of particular annoyance to those who attended. Especially so as you could be seen doing so not 3 miles from the event you had been requested to attend.
General feeling amongst the crowd on the second day was that we had been deemed to provincial to be worthy of a proper visit.
23-08-2015 15:38
Kim Lacey ( Oxfordshire , United Kingdom )
So lucky, saw the Vulcan again today (Sunday 23 August 4.00pm) flying over Oxford, heard a roar and there it was, totally magnificent. Can't wait to see it again, would love to know when it will be over Oxford so that I can take some pictures.
23-08-2015 11:55
Kim Lacey ( Oxfordshire , United Kingdon )
This beautiful majestic plane flew low over my garden in Oxfordshire on Saturday 22 August. It was an unexpected, lovely surprise, and I shall never forget this day, a truly memorable moment that I will cherish forever. Thank you all so much. I am so proud to be British.
22-08-2015 23:31
John Leaman ( Brighton , UK )
Very appropriate that the Vulcan appeared today at Shoreham for one slow pass - effectively as a mark of respect. Much appreciated by those present.
22-08-2015 23:29
Tim Anderson ( Devon , United Kingdom )
After a wonderful display in Dawlish today it is with great sadness but also thanks for all the hardwork and generosity of the public and all involved with Vulcan to the Sky for not only allowing me to see some great displays over the past few years but also making it possible for all of my children to have seen XH558 fly.

Without all of this hard work my little ones may never have had the opportunity!!
22-08-2015 17:46
Mrs Cathy Vincent ( Bath , United Kingdom )
We looked up and saw the silloute of this magnificent plane !!!It was on the way back to Yorkshire after appearing at Dawlish,Shoreham and Bornemouth...We have never seen this plane before,and now we will never forget what a magestic plane this is and what a sad loss it will be in the skies without her !!!!
22-08-2015 16:57
Barry Hardman ( Devon , England )
I have just been privileged to see your amazing aircraft display over the Exe Estuary during the Dawlish Airshow this afternoon.
What a testament to the work of your wonderful team and an emotional reminder of my childhood visits to Farnborough during the 50's Now I can remember her afresh for the remainder of my days!!!
22-08-2015 15:11
Adrian Cox ( Edinburgh , Scotland )
Watched XH558's amazing display in Eastbourne last week. Congratulations and thanks to all at Vulcan to the Sky for keeping this remarkable aircraft flying - the British public will miss her greatly, and for me personally it has been such a pleasure to watch this Vulcan flying since the early 1990s.
20-08-2015 19:54
John Jackson ( Truro, Cornwall , UK )
I'm so glad I made the effort to see XH558 at RIAT and Eastbourne. Both events were truly memorable. I served in the RAF from 1969 to 2000, spending 5 years on a Vulcan Sqnuadron(44 Rhodesia) at Waddington. We all took those times for granted and it is only now that my thoughts are focused on this majestic aircrafts last season! Thanks to all at Vulcan to the Sky trust for making her last season so fantastic.
19-08-2015 00:17
Glen Di Giovanni ( Windsor , England )
I'm privileged to have seen this fantastic and iconic flying legend at some of the RIAT's I attended! The aircraft was astounding but I will always distinctly remember her 'roar' when she began her take off run!! Absolutely awesome!! I will miss her a lot!!
18-08-2015 21:40
Clive Clasing ( Near East-Mids Airport , England )
Looking forward to Dawlish Airshow. Cant someone build a new one? We wont mind a replica
17-08-2015 07:48
Joe Duff-Smith ( Essex , UK )
We saw her at Headcorn Aerodrome on Saturday 14th August. A stunning display that made me feel quite emotional knowing that it will be the last time I will see her flying. I feel privileged to have seen her in the air where she belongs, a memory that I will cherish forever.
16-08-2015 22:53
Simon Green ( United Kingdom )
Like millions of people I have watched Vulcans flying for decades, starting at Farnborough in the 1950s when I was a small boy. Later I recall a display with the Concorde test engine underneath dawdle down the Farnborough runway with the afterburner lit halfway down and then an unbelievable vertical ascent allegedly on that one engine. On Saturday I saw a Vulcan fly for the last time and I would like to thank you all for a wonderful; experience at Headcorn in perfect weather. XH558 was immaculately clean, flown with aplomb and gloriously sonorous. Well done everyone involved.
16-08-2015 18:06
Gill Trueman ( West Midlands , UK )
Beachy Head and Eastbourne yesterday - absolutely awesome. XH558 we salute you and thank you.
16-08-2015 17:32
Peter Nash ( Kent , England )
Just to say thank you for an awesome display at Headcorn yesterday, my last chance to see XH558 in the air, enthralled by every minute of the display.
16-08-2015 14:43
Rob Gibson ( Kent )
I saw XH558 at Headcorn yesterday. Stunning! I think the best I've ever seen her display. Everyone was clapping and cheering as she left. Even the ATC man on the A/G radio got lost for words as he said thanks.
16-08-2015 13:08
Alf Britchford ( Essex , England )
Wonderful display at Herne Bay yesterday.
Especially good since I was celebrating 65th birthday.
Congratulations and thanks to all involved.
16-08-2015 07:59
John Griffiths ( Wiltshire , UK )
Saw the Vulcan yesterday by chance flying low near Littlecote, Wiltshire. How wonderful. So unexpected?
Where was it going?
15-08-2015 22:48
sam ( uckfield , uk )
I saw the vulcan for the very 1st time today at eastbourne airshow.
My friend who didn't really understand what I was talking about until the beautiful vulcan flew over,I nearly cried, we both were in complete awe,both of us got goosebumps.
I felt such imense pride of our ladies and gents who fought for us in all the wars. Seeing the vulcan in the sky is just breathtaking.I will never forget it for as long as I live.
Thanks to all those who have made it possible for us to see her at airbourne.X
15-08-2015 21:14
Danielle ( Berkshire , England )
Thank you for all of your hard work which has made it possible for me to see XH558 flying. Your work has given me the most breathtaking memories of seeing and hearing the Vulcan Bomber soaring through the sky. These are memories that will stay with me forever and for which I am truly grateful. The end of the 2015 flying season will be a sad day but I hope to see XH558 one last time before then!
15-08-2015 18:22
heather gill ( st leonards on sea , United Kingdom )
My Boyfriend and I went to the Eastbourne Airshow and thought the Vulcan was fantastic. It will be sadly missed to see it flying.
15-08-2015 15:46
David Reynolds ( Clare, Suffolk , England )
You just flew over the farmland near my house just north-west of Clare in Suffolk.

You were flying north at very, very low altitude WONDERFUL!

My wife and I will never forget seeing you just above the farmland. I'm sure the pilot must have seen us in the field!

A private show for us before we see you again on August 30th, Little Gransden airshow.

If you are flying this way again tomorrow please let me know - I'll have the camera, tea and biscuits ready ;)

What a wonderful machine, what a wonderful team to have put the Vulcan back in our skies! Thanks!
15-08-2015 15:13
Paul Hewitt ( United Kingdom )
Just watched a fabulous display at Headcorn; thank you Bill and Martin. the whole crowd were enraptured, regardless of age. All day long you could hear mutterings of "what time is the Vulcan on?" Looking forward to Bournemouth next week and Dunsfold the week after, though the excitement of both these events will be tempered with sadness at the loss of this wonderful aircraft. It really captures the public's attention wherever it goes. Thank you 558.
15-08-2015 14:55
Dave Miller ( Nottingham , England )
I Have been lucky to see her fly twice this season Throckmorton & East Midlands and saw her fly years ago at Tollerton & Finningly and Waddington and I am dam sure to go and see her again before she bows out. Such a British icon.... Beautiful, Amazing, Magnificent, Awesome, and most of all British, Thanks to everyone who have supported the Vulcan you are the people why I had the privilege of seeing her fly... Our politicians should hold their heads in shame to let this lady go.
14-08-2015 22:02
Stephen Boyne ( Naburn, York , United Kingdom )
Many thanks for flying XH558 right over my house en route from Elvington to Blackpool last Sunday, was a fantastic sight seeing her gradually disappear to the west, somewhat different from the 1970s when you could look up from North Yorkshire and watch several Vulcans flying at high level all heading due east. Will also never forget seeing two Vulcans flying circuits off Flamborough Head at low level for most of the morning, just going around and around chasing each other, Summer 1979, and the four-Vulcan scramble at Finningley Air Show shortly after the Falklands conflict had ended !
14-08-2015 21:28
Tina Munday ( Buckinghamshire , UK )
I so dont want her to go. The last few years watching out for her going to the coast over our fields, following twitter with my friend Mandy and our excitement being infectous to so many friends. Gaydon was brilliant last year. Silverstone a few years back, she was displaying just for us in the fields. The first day I saw her after her comeback, on my way to Tescos, flying towards me. I was crazy! And my very first memory ever when I was about 10, having my horse riding lesson near Halton, when a white Vulcan flew over us. I told mum I had just seen Concorde!
12-08-2015 10:26
Luisa ( Buckingham , United Kingdom )
I will cherish my memories of seeing you in the sky, til the day I die xx....
10-08-2015 12:03
Vicki Whittaker ( Harrogate , UK )
My family and I were lucky enough to be able to watch the display at Elvington airfield yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic! Such a wonderful experience. Thank you.
08-08-2015 10:44
David "Ozzy" Osborn ( Switzerland )
Homepage: http://www.exbrat.com
After my Craft Apprenticeship at RAF Halton, 210 Entry (http://www.210entry.com/), I was posted to the Olympus Modification Team at Waddington in 1969 where we removed the engines from many Vulcans both at Waddinton and Scampton. We then inspected the Olympus 200 and 300 series in "rollover stands" and refitted the engines back into the Vulcans. I left there after 2.5 years and then posted to 103MU Akrotiri. I was then "volunteered"to VHF, Vulcan Handling Flight Akrotiri after the attempted coup in 1974 because of my experience on Vulcans. Cheers, Ozzy
07-08-2015 22:21
Mark Charman ( Blackpool , Blackpool )
Saw her at RIAT this year - wonderful. Now have the opportunity to see her again at Blackpool airshow this Sunday and can't wait. A true icon of British aviation achievement.
05-08-2015 22:51
George Haloulakos ( San Diego, CA , USA )
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone associated with this magnificent aircraft -- an enduring symbol of vigilance, honor and courage in its role of defending liberty and freedom during the Cold War.
04-08-2015 09:23
Alan McDonald ( Newbury , England )
I flew 558 3 times during my conversion to the Vulcan from the Valiant. The first occasion was only my 2nd trip on the Vulcan and we were diverted to Lossiemouth! Went onto fly with 27 Sqn with Blue Steel. Shame that this is the last flying season - I would like to see 558 airborne one more time, but I am not up to airshows these days. My regards to all those who have looked after her and flown her these past few years.
01-08-2015 22:43
Heather Hasthorpe ( Norfolk , Uk )
My husband was stationed at RAF Waddington and in 1989 having saved for ages for a camcorder to video our young daughters early years, first day out , Vulcan made its usual fly past over the garden and cracked the screen ! It was our favourite lady- all was forgiven ! loved her then and more so now, sad she is retiring but feel privileged to have her as part of our special memories. Thank you to all crew past and present. Sad farewell recently as she flew over Norwich airport, the camera stood up well, I was not so good, lots of tears ! xxx
01-08-2015 17:35
Lesley Stroud ( London , England )
A missing memory of a past Vulcan XA897-part of a round the world tour, that sadly crashed at London airport 1st October 1956. The co-pilot was James Stroud my late husbands father & my children's grandfather. It seems fitting that on the 15th August, six years exactly after the loss of their own father we will together see the plane fly for the first & last time. The Vulcan is amazing symbol of aviation that has also played a significant part in our families history.
A sad day but a shared memory for us all.
Thank you.
31-07-2015 18:24
Bob Hart ( North West , UK )
Here's a poem I have written about our beloved Vulcan.
I hope you enjoy it.

XH558: An Elegy to the Vulcan
No more the deafening roar of Olympic axial flow
No more the swooping anserine penumbra afterglow
The mighty god of fire is earthbound now.
No more the bobblehatted airshow Vulcanalia
Recalling days of acrobatic death display
Strafing the scattering Argies at Goose Green with hot lead death pellets.
From Finningley to Akrotiri, defender of the fading empire.
An Icarus folly no mountain of cash can resurrect.
But the V-Force will live on in our hearts, metal deathgoose immortal.
26-07-2015 19:07
Sian Collins ( Worcester )
Saw the Vulcan twice at RIAT this year aswell as several other airshows. Am devestated that this will be her final display season. Nothing else comes close to this beauty, the noise and the power gives me goosebumps. Seeing her with the red arrows at RIAT made me feel more patriotic than anything else l remember. Praying for a miracle, long may she fly.
25-07-2015 18:20
Cliff Minors ( Evesham , England )
It was my great pleasure to watch Vulcan fly last year at the Bournemouth Air Show. I hope to go again this year as she is truly a wonderful piece of engineering, and to hear her famous engine howl again will be just great. It has to be said that the decision by the necessary authorities to withdraw their technical support for this great aircraft is at the very least regrettable, surely people could be found with the expertise needed to keep Vulcan airborne? Is it REALLY in everyone's best interests to allow this fine airplane to become grounded? Surely it's not too late to reverse this decision? If it is, thank you Vulcan for many great memories, taxiing up and down a runway surely won't ever be the same!
25-07-2015 13:33
Jane B Bruxby ( Duston , Northampton )
My family were stationed at Waddington 1966-1967. My father was S/Ldr Bob Carr, who had worked with all the V bombers in his career and I loved watching the Vulcan fly as a teenager. Sadly, my father died while at Waddington and the Station Commander had permission to ground the Vulcans for the period of his military funeral, as my father had been awarded the MBE. This beautiful plane flies over my garden in Duston regularly and brings back wonderful memories of my father. So sad she is to be grounded.
Thank you for giving her to us for so long.
25-07-2015 09:50
mark wilde ( skegness , england )
been on the hangar tour, seen this beauty take off and also the fly past with the "reds". glad I lived to see this beauty and of course her "sister" concord, watched her take off and land as well. sadly miss both of them.
24-07-2015 20:48
Sally Beer ( Leeds , England )
Seeing XH558 display and flypast with the arrow at RIAT on Sunday was, once again an amazing and moving experience. I am so grateful to you all for giving me, my son and many others the privilege of seeing her in the skies. We have some amazing pictures of Sunday and of XH558 landing with her chute, to add to our collection. I`m going to miss her and , no doubt, the huge buzz of excitement from the crowd as she soars into action.
24-07-2015 17:46
Samantha ( Devon , Uk )
Just told my mum (who worships the Vulcan and the red arrows) that this is her last year of flight. She's going to Bournemouth air show to see her one last time. She treasures the days that the Vulcan flew up her garden (she lived under the flight path of biggin hill air base) and rattled the windows!!!! ???? she is so happy she got to stroke the wheel at cosford. Going to be sad to see her go the way of concord and the harriers.
23-07-2015 20:12
Inglis Wightman ( Hastings , Britain )
During 1986-1988 my wife worked at Shuttleworth Agriculture College. Knowing the farm tracks we sneeked in for a picnic on the grass at the end of the runway and watched mainly 1st WW old planes float by. Unknown to us a Vulcan was booked to do a slow run down the grass strip. Then the commentator announced the Vulcan was to show its vertical climb ability right above us. We were deafened, battered into the ground; our picnic went everywhere; But we survived a memorable occasion.
22-07-2015 17:06
Capt Bruno Reichenbach ( Arlington, Texas , USA )
I first saw the beautiful VULCAN during the Viet-Nam war at Andersen AFB, Guam. I walked all around the VULCAN, but didn't tour the inside. While flying the US NAVY EC-24 on an electronic warfare exercise with the RAF from Waddington RAF base I had the honor to tour the former Gate Guard while undergoing maintenance checks. The Vulcan is magnificent. I still have the crew photo, but lost the names on a separate piece of paper. Cheers, GOD bless England and the Queen. Bruno Reichenbach
22-07-2015 07:32
Sue ( perth , Australia )
The most beautiful Aircraft I loved to watch her fly back in the sixties and seventies so sad that she will not fly again. Like the the Concorde we have lost the best.
21-07-2015 23:10
Clive Tudge ( Airlie Beach , Australia )
Love hearing the stories and watching the videos of 558. First worked on Vulcans at Boscombe Down, Concorde engine tests and EMP tests.
21-07-2015 21:02
Chas Toynton ( Central America , Guatemala )
Saw the videos and excellent photos from the Tattoo.
What a way to go!!! Thanks everybody for enabling me to have visual memories of this beautiful aircraft.
Looking forward to more of her last displays.
Chas the Plumber (armourer 1960--1982 Scampton--Waddington)
21-07-2015 20:35
donna lennock ( Leicester , Leicester )
My Dad was a chief technician on the Vulcans at Waddington, I was born at RAF Nocton Hall.
its sad this is her last year, my Dad was so proud to fly in her.
Donba Lennock
21-07-2015 20:21
Alan ( Brampton , United Kingdom )
I served in the RAF 1966 to 1991. I have seen vulcans at scampton, waddington, akrotiri, and on exercise in shiraz airbase in iran in 1973 where sadly I witnesses the crash and loss of one aircraft. The crew were all safe. The aircraft was classed as cat 5 writeoff with components saved. (the important components)http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread182835/pg1
23/05/1973 XJ781 Vulcan B2 9 Sqn Landed on a foam carpet at Shiraz, Iran when one undercarriage leg failed to lower after a training flight. The remaining undercarriage legs were sheered off by a storm drain as the aircraft slowed down and veered off the runway. The crew and Iranian air force observer suffered only minor injuries
21-07-2015 17:39
David Windebank ( Lincolnshire , UK )
I had the honour to provide airfield bird control at Bruntingthorpe just before her first flight after restoration. Beautiful Lady.
21-07-2015 15:02
Ron Williams ( Trier , Germany )
I travelled over from Germany (where I work and live now) on Saturday 18th. to Fairford especially to see XH558 fly in ist last flying year. The grace and power bought tears to my eyes as I watched the Display. The memories flooded back to when I worked on Vulcans at RAF St.Athan from 1969 to 1972. What a loss to the skies when she retires.
21-07-2015 14:30
John Plant ( Derby , UK )
What an amazing achievement to restore, certificate and maintain this complex aircraft. Credit to everyone, especially those who have found innovative ways of raising money and to the crews who have stepped back in time to fly this icon for us.
20-07-2015 22:18
Damian Harris ( Northants , UK )
Saw 558 in formation with The Blades Aerobatic Team over Northamptonshire this afternoon whilst at work.
An unexpected but delightful pleasure.
20-07-2015 21:17
Chris ( Westbury , England )
My greatest memory was the very first time i saw the Vulcan fly i fell in love with her instantly with the way she moves around in the skies and the war her evil sound jet engines sound (grrrr i wish it had more yes left of flying) :( i will visit her one day in her retirement home after her final flying season the final time i had saw her fly was yesterday at RIAT and it was a sad day of that
We love you XH558.
20-07-2015 16:25
Dr Angus Walker ( East Haddon, Northamptonshire , UK )
When I was 18, I worked briefly at a scientific institute in Manchester. My memorable moment with the Vulcan was seeing it "beat up" Ringway Airport, now Manchester Airport, then a mixed RAF & Civil airport. It came directly overhead as we were in line with the run. It came in quietly (well as quietly as it could) and then went to max climb power as it appeared to climb vertically away from its "bombing" run. The impression from directly behind was overwhelming noise.
Today, I have been privileged to see it again circuiting 6 times over our village. I was busy drilling when I heard a familiar noise and ran outside. The Olympus power units were unmistakable. So, from 1958 to 2015, lovely memories. I used to see Vulcans regularly in Manchester and I'm so lucky to see the last Vulcan before it retires. Angus
20-07-2015 14:09
Allister Burdett ( Leamington , England )
Saw the Goddess fly at Fairford yesterday for (my) last time. Unique in the way she owns the sky - her shape, here grace . . . that other-worldly howl. Along with the EE Lightning she will always remain the most beautiful plane I have ever seen or will likely ever see. I feel truly fortunate that my children were also able to witness her majesty for the last time.
20-07-2015 13:58
Pam Loft ( Northampton , Great Britian )
Me and my family absolutley Love the Vulcan we first saw it closley at Sywell arodrome in Northamptonshire ! My late Father and sister were both in the RAF so we have a big interest in planes but the Avro Vulcan and the Avro Shackleton are our family favourites ! We travelled down to Weston Super Mare the other month and it was so emotional when she came roaring overhead it is a beautiful sight the delta wing godess ! We want to go to see her more this year as much as we can !
My daughter has just phoned me to say the Vulcan has just flown over her office in Brafield on the Green she was so excited it would have flown over my home !! such a shame I was at work :( I only hope everyone would donate so she will fly forever !
20-07-2015 09:56
Simon James ( WALES , SWANSEA )
I remember watching a VULCAN flying around FILTON airfield in the sixties with a test engine, which I believed to be a CONCORDE OLYMPUS engine! fabulous sight!
Took my son to an air display at the RAF base in South Wales! the sound was amazing!!
19-07-2015 20:30
Cherrie Stephens ( Eastbourne , UK )
I was stationed at Waddington in the early sixties in Air Traffic Control, Awesome flying in the Vulcan with pilot Albert Wallace 44 squadron, 1962. Goose pimples and butterflies just remembering the take off, high speed turns and that ROAR. Words can't describe the excitement scrambling into the Vulcan in a flying suit several sizes too big for my 7 stone frame! Luckily my home town is Eastbourne and I will be there to see the last flight and shed a tear.
19-07-2015 18:28
karen ( calne , england )
Today after 3pm Vulcan with Red Arrows flew over Calne Wiltshire getting into formation to fly over Fairford July 19 2015
19-07-2015 18:14
Alan Bell ( Chippenham , UK )
I was born (1950) into and served 22 years. Many fond memories of Open Days and Airshows around the World, they were never the same without the Victor, Valiant and a 'tactical' takeoff of the Vulcan. The ground shook and it seamed the world would come to the end.....every time. Never failed to impress. Sad that it has to come to the end of its flying days, happy retirement
19-07-2015 12:25
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Fantastic display at Fairford on Saturday must be the best I've ever had the pleasure to see. Thank you for the flypast with the Reds that's something I thought id never see and I know I will never ever forget that stunning sight. She owned the sky......
18-07-2015 22:47
Alison Warren ( Llanelli , Wales )
Finally got to see XH558 fly at the Welsh National Air Show last saturday. Highlight of the show for me picture's galore on my camera to be treasured.
18-07-2015 19:35
Keith Weathersbee ( Enfield , England )
I fail to see, why this national treasure is soon to be retired. The B52, born in 1955, is to remain in service though to the 2040's. This is madness. Is the UK so broke that no support can be financed by the Mod?
At the RIAT, as soon as she taxied for take off, the entire crowd fell silent.
Thousands if not millions of people love this aircraft. Come on, don't let a legend be confined to a life of driving around an airfield like a racing car in a car park!
17-07-2015 18:15
Hatty ( Chester , uk )
When I was working in Brecon in the late 70's early 80's a Vulcan frequently flew passed our office near the Beacons. Just Awesome! (May be it was XH558 practicing for the Falklands campaign? I like to think so.) Just heartbroken we wont see Her flying again. I do hope she doesn't end up rotting away like so many. x
17-07-2015 12:39
Adrian Gerrish ( Morden Surrey , United Kingdom )
Had the privilege of seeing XH558 at Yeovilton recently. What an amazing story of inspiration and achievement. XH558 was flown perfectly and gave us a display that will live in our memories for ever.
Once this beautiful machine has retired, I for one will be visiting her at 'home'.
14-07-2015 23:47
Damon ( Sydney , UK/Australia )
I was watching a fascinating youtube documentary on the Vulcan raids on the Falklands and was pleased to recognise the XH558 tail number of this Vulcan in that documentary.


8mins 46seconds in is the first showing of the tail number

Enjoy :-)
14-07-2015 15:29
Ray Moyes ( Scotland , UK )
I will never forget the first time I saw a Vulcan coming off the runway at Lossiemouth and right over my head into the clear blue sky of that fabulous Summer in 1976. I childhood memory I shall take to the grave.
13-07-2015 14:31
Ted Hartley ( North Wales , UK )
In 1950s I was a flight test observer on Vulcans at Woodford, the two prototypes VX770 and VX777 and also early production models.
Am now in my 80s.
12-07-2015 21:17
John Bunnett ( Pontardawe , Wales )
Yesterday was the first and last time I've seen a V Bomber flying close up. A great display that pleased the thousands of people around the Swansea Bay. The noise of your Vulcan will stay with me forever, along with the sound and smell of a steam engine. Thank you for coming to Wales.
12-07-2015 17:15
Michael Cherry ( Bermuda )
During National Service i was a radar mechanic on Vulcans during acceptance trials at Boscome Down and then on squadron at RAF Waddington. Sorry that i will not see XH558 fly this year.
12-07-2015 12:40
Marie Barton ( Dorset , UK )
As a child I lived very close to the end of the Filton runway in Bristol when XA903 was being used to test the Concorde engines - as soon as we heard the engines starting up we ran to the fence to watch her take off and then enjoyed spectacular landings, always with the parachute, as apparently they had to flatten the landing so as not to s####e the engine slung under the bomb bay on the tarmac! She always came in very low over the houses and had our windows rattling every time - fantastic!
11-07-2015 15:50
Matthew Richards ( Cardiff , Wales )
So very sad that this beautiful aircraft will no longer fly after this year. I spent much of my young childhood sat in the cockpit of Vulcan XM569 at Wales Aircraft Museum where my father was a volunteer. I believe XH558 has some parts from XM569, i remember guys coming to visit us to take some parts they needed, i'm pretty sure it was 558's team. The sea air sadly corroded XM569 so badly that she had to be broken up but it has been wonderful to see 558 fly again. Hopefully one day she will grace the skies and amaze both adults and children once again.
11-07-2015 08:21
Ken Grimwood ( Christchurch , New zealand )
I have not heard why XH558 is being ground at the end of the year. can someone enlighten me please