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02-04-2014 19:00
john mason ( POYNTON cheshire , UK )
in 1958 I started at Woodford, after leaving the RAF, working on the Vulcan, one of my jobs was wiring the Port terminal and relay panel in the cockpit, this I did on XH 558,what a wonderful experience to work on such an Aircraft
01-04-2014 21:43
dorothy badcock ( cambridgeshire , england )
have seen xh558 fly many times at air shows up and down the country. Every single time I burst into tears as I watch her and listen to her howl. Just the emotion of the moment and I shall miss her when she can no longer fly. Stupid isn't it, I'm a pensioner!!
30-03-2014 05:35
David Marshall ( Vancouver-Calgary , Canada )
The Vulcan was THE SYMBOL during its participation for 20 years as the RAF contribution to the Abbotsford International Airshow held near Vancouver Canada. This airshow grew from a small farmers field fly-inn into one of the largest aviation displays in the world in the 1960's, 70's, 80's, especially in terms of flying jets. The Vulcan always was a huge crowd favorite, it became the Airshow's unofficial symbol (they always said this over the PA system) and they even tried to acquire one for permanent static display at the airshow entrance. I saw it fly a few times, we had a lot of amazing aircraft at Abbotsford, a "who's who" of the western world's jets, and even from Russia when 'detente' happened, but the Vulcan topped them all, I will never forget it soaring and floating in that very blue sky, both silently and thundering, with a glacier covered volcano in the background.
28-03-2014 18:40
Danny Haaris ( Leamington spa , Uk )
Remember in the 60s going to RAF Gaydon many times to the Cockpit club, based there late 60s 70s Victors and Later Vulcans watched many a time the training they went through Cold War, and to stand at end of runway and watch Victors and Vulcans taking of one after the other Awsome.
19-03-2014 21:43
Pete Gater ( Scotland )
I recently had the opportunity to volunteer in the hanger where she is kept. I was able to see her up close, get pictures and learn about about her. The other volunteers who dedicate their time to showing her off made me feel very welcome. Special thanks to Andy and Paul, for keeping me right. The rest of the guys there were brill too, their names escape me now. Hope to see her fly next time she's out
14-03-2014 15:22
Nick Dudley ( leicester , uk )
A MASSIVE THANK YOU again to all at Doncaster for making me feel so very welcome this week while i was assisting you.
i cant wait to come back for another go;)
Have a Great season all.
19-02-2014 18:27
June Allen ( United Kingdom )
An 80 year old friend who is a big fan of the Vulcan has asked if I will draw a picture showing the Vulcan and Spitfire to hang in his living room. I write to ask permission to use this photo as part of my drawing. I am also a fan and am visiting it this coming Sunday. Excited!
As an amature artist I hope you will give my request consideration,
Kind regards
17-02-2014 11:18
frank senior ( warton,carnforth. la5 , uk )
I worked AVRO Chadderton and Woodford 1951 Apprentice. Built Bomb bay, Engine and Wing Ribs for first set of 10 Production run. Great memories of the late Sir Roy Dobson etc etc.
12-02-2014 10:16
Paul Hillier ( Fareham, Hants , UK )
As a youngster of 12 years old, I lived very near to the Langstone Marshes area which are close to the old RAF Thorney Island airbase. I was out walking on the marshes, nobody else to be seen anywhere, and I heard a gentle "whooshing" noise - nothing else, and I turned to my left just in time to see a Vulcan literally at "treetop height" (no warning exaggeration) above sea level. It suddenly banked hard to port RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and went into a steep climb under full power over Hayling Island and on out over the English Channel...probably on "fishery Protection" patrol duties.
What a tremendous sight and sound....but better still, it was my own private moment - just me and that Vulcan.
Later, as a CCF cadet, I went to an MoD "Firepower Demonstration" and a Vulcan flew in from our left at G/Level and "upended" vertically right in front of us on full afterburners.
I am 66 years old now, but the "kid" in me is still there for the Vulcan - what a plane and what a sound it makes.
12-02-2014 10:08
Paul Hillier ( Fareham, Hants , UK )
As a youngster of 12 years old, I was out walking on the Langstone marshes near RAF Thorney Island/Hayling Island, nobody else to be seen anywhere, and I became aware of a gentle "whooshing" noise and I turned to my left just in time to see a Vulcan literally at "treetop height" (no exaggeration) above the sea coming from RAF Thorney Island. It suddenly banked hard to port RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and went into a steep climb under full afterburners over Hayling Island and on out over the English Channel...probably on "fishery Protection" patrol duties.
What a tremendous sight and sound....but better still, it was my own private moment - just me and that Vulcan...can you imagine??
Later, as a CCF cadet, I went to an "MoD Firepower Demonstration" and a Vulcan flew in from our left at Ground Level and "upended" vertically right in front of us on full afterburners. Awesome!!!
I am 66 years old now, but the "kid" in me is still there for the Vulcan - what a plane and what a sound it makes
29-01-2014 15:06
Peter Smith ( Motherwell , Scotland )
I hope you guys can keep this lovely lady flying for many more years to come as she still brings a lump to my throat and that of thousand's of hours seeing and hearing her in the sky... This lady and her sisters in the V bomber force are a big part of what we owe our continued freedom to as their deterrent effect helped to ensure WW3 never happened... When you see the USA still upgrading the B52 to fly fir another 30 plus years it makes you wonder why we couldn't do the same... we are now a toothless wonder with no way of protecting our country or striking back against an enemy beyond the range of the only strike aircraft left in the RAF.
26-01-2014 14:26
Martin Gilday ( UK )
In memory of Dave Mitchell who was a long time supporter.
26-01-2014 13:00
Mike Colton ( Allied Soecial Forces Memorial Grove , UJK )
Homepage: www.memorialgrove.org.uk
Dear Sir or Madam,

We had great pleasure in watching the flypast by the Vulcan at the Falklands Memorial dedication in 2012. A new event for all is: -

At Noon on Saturday 14th June 2014 the Falklands Memorial Way will be officially opened by the Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire Mr. Ian Dudson CBE.

This "Way" will link up memorials to civilian and military casualties who lost their lives during the war in 1982.

In the centre of the “Way” a memorial orchard will honour the Falkland Islanders who spied on, sabotaged and disrupted the enemy before British Forces landed.

The "Way" is located in the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Please contact Mike Colton (ex 22 SAS) on 07929-118598 who is managing the project in the Grove.

More can be found on our website, just type Memorial Grove or Falklands Memorial Grove into google.

This is an open event and everyone is welcome, just let us kno
25-01-2014 07:45
Chris Heeley ( Nottinghaamshire , United Kingdom )
my late husband was a keen supporter of XH558 having worked on manufacturing aircraft parts for Rolls Royce in his youth he developed an interest in military aircraft. We attended many air shows over the years and saw the Vulcan fly. He was so proud of the work being done by The Vulcan to the Sky Trust
24-01-2014 18:30
David Davies ( Halifax , England )
What a load of rhubarb Mr Smith spouts .XH558 maybe noise and smoke, but what a wonderful noise and not so much smoke.Many a time my wife and I have been waiting 3 maybe 4 hours for her to take off from Doncaster but hell she was worth it and then wait for her to come back from a display somewhere in the country and see her land .MAGIC.And long may you boys keep her flying
08-01-2014 16:19
J Yeardley ( Portsmouth , uk )
I worked on Vulcans for many years mainly in the 70's and 80's. I did majors at VSF RAF Akrotiri from 72-75 then on to first line at Waddington 9 sqn, 101 and 2nd line in ESF doing mods. The funniest story I read was the foray in 73 from Cyprus to Waddington to retrieve the Tirpitz bulkhead and kidnap it back to Cyprus. The aircraft was ordered to land at Wittering where the bulkhead was smuggled into the WRAF block by a member of the crew. The bulkhead made it back to Cyprus by some devious means but I wonder where it is now? Perhaps someone out there might know?
06-01-2014 19:31
David Thompson ( Surrey , UK )
Mr Smith has a point I suppose.It does absorb lots of cash,and is all smoke and noise.Nice to keep one flying I think,but there is a long list of icons that should have been kept flying.Many enthusiasts seem to look through rose tinted glasses with tunnel vision.The Vulcan is not the be all and end all of the British aviation industry.
06-01-2014 12:34
Rich Collins ( Devon , UK )
Don’t know what the guy beneath is rambling on about noise and smoke is what seeing the Vulcan is all about plus it is a British icon and should be kept flying for future generations to see. We lost Concorde lets not lose the Vulcan again.
05-01-2014 20:29
bob smith ( keswick , england )
Vulcan.all noise and smoke. waste of money. ground it before it makes a big hole in a field.
23-12-2013 06:55
jawcrusher ( us , us )
Homepage: http://xuanshi1988.tumblr.com/
As relative newcomers to this flying icon, it seemed too hard to resist an opportunity of taking advantage of a VIP tour. Never in our wildest dreams did we envisage such a informative and wholly interesting time. Sid our tour guide was a mine of information and for us brought the Vulcan to life.
23-12-2013 04:48
Alan ( Maple Ridge , CANADA )
My first and last time I saw the Vulcan fly was at the Abbottsford, British Columbia airshow late 80's. The last time they put on a display under the RAF. Coming over to the UK last few weeks of August 2013, really want to see the XH558 fly and show my daughter.
20-12-2013 10:29
Keith ( York , England )
I was a member of the ground crew at RAF Finningley during the 60's and remember the Vulcan as being the best aircraft I had ever worked on, great to see it still flying
08-12-2013 22:01
David Davies ( Halifax , West Yorkshire )
What a fantastic 65th birthday treat.Out for lunch with all the family then drinks back at our house and the cake WOWEEEEEEEE. It is a Vulcan about a foot from wing tip to wing tip but it comes off to reveal the cake underneath. And then I open my present and I have a certificate for 5 shares on the Vulcans Wheels and Brakes ,what more could I want .Will be coming to see her in the hangar again soon .
05-12-2013 19:45
peter wilding ( salisbury ma , united states )
A a boy i was at school in Alderley Edge and remember the Vulcan doing the first test flight. I have always been interested i aircraft & used to cycle over to Woodford to see what was happening.or over to Ringway which i used to visit at least 3 times a week all my life until i moved to the U.S.A in 2007. I still am a member of the spotters group for Manchester International Airport. Since i moved to the states i have now got a single engine pilots licence & travel to airports about the country. I look forward to getting the newsletter informing me of things that are happening with XH558. as i saw her leave Wood ford on delivery to the R.A.F.
20-11-2013 17:28
INSKIP ( Bedfordshire , England )
As relative newcomers to this flying icon, it seemed too hard to resist an opportunity of taking advantage of a VIP tour. Never in our wildest dreams did we envisage such a informative and wholly interesting time. Sid our tour guide was a mine of information and for us brought the Vulcan to life. He is a credit to the Vulcan team. Wishing you every success over the next two years and fingers crossed beyond.
18-11-2013 23:46
richie ( Finningley , UK )
Living next to the vulcan's base, I love hearing her and seeing her take off even though she makes my house shake, A pleasure to have her as a neighbour.
Long may she continue to fly, BZ
15-11-2013 16:23
Kevin Lyle ( N Lincs , UK )
Homepage: http://www.getyourtoysonline.com
Vulcans have always played a part in my early years at Scampton as a RAF Policeman, I spents many hours stood at the nose on the Quick Readiness Pan, then all of a sudden they got the word and All Four of them blasted into the air one by one. I'll never forget that sound, it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. I saw her this year at Waddington, truly magical, when I first booked the show I thought that 2013 would be her last showing and I went prepared to say farewell. I'm pleased to be able to help her on for a few more years, fingers crossed we have no more unexpected scares. Once seen never forgotten!
14-11-2013 02:43
John Holding ( Vernon, British Columbia , Canada )
When I was a young boy in the 50's, I lived in Kirk Sandall, Nr Doncaster. We used to watch one Vulcan take off in the distance before the one it relieved landed, it is one of the pastimes I remember from so many years ago. So glad to hear one is being kept.
08-11-2013 20:47
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Super happy to hear operation 2015 is going ahead, well done all fellow pledgers and VTTS team. I cant wait to see her next year, I just cant imagine not seeing her gracing our skies. I'm over the moon and so proud I've been able to help along with many others. Congrats 558!
06-11-2013 12:49
Lenny Capstick ( South Shields , England )
Did a tour at Waddington as a driver 70-73 had a great time still eel the hairs on my neck stand up when I hear that howl. Did the usual dispersals to Valley, Thurleigh, Cottesmore plus the Darwin Tengah det, that was with Wg Cdr Maud., Sqn ldr Harding, Flt Lt Huggins who flew with Sqn Ldr Moore these names stick in my mind as well as Martin Withers and Barry Maysfield who I remember from them brilliant days. Many a trip to ops in the crew coaches, line Sqn supper run, dog section run taking handlers and dogs out on to the airfield for night shifts always prayed the dogs were in a good mood. Would not have missed them days for anything.
26-10-2013 16:44
Shirley ( Warwickshire , UK )
Got a fantastic surprise today! Boyfriend has bought me the mahogany Vulcan model I've been eyeing up for ages, had no idea he had ordered it. Thanks its beautiful and I hope it helps towards the funds to get her back flying. Pledge also made and raffle tickets posted!
25-10-2013 08:17
sam shave ( victoria , australia )
Did three tours at Waddington as armourer between1961 -71 Worked on many Vulcans fantastic aircraft still brings back many fond memory's Keep the vulcan flying
24-10-2013 09:27
Iain Pearson ( York , UK )
I've always loved the Vulcans...I was brought up on them in the days of 101 running them at Waddington. My dad was an AEO on them, and I'm pretty sure he knows (of) a few of the Black Buck crews as well. Where I live, I occcasionally get treated to the Lady flying over, and have also seen her a few times at Goodwood. Every time I visit my parents, I tip my hat to one of her sisters, 607, at Waddington. Glad there's still one in the air....should be more.
20-10-2013 02:38
peter wilding ( salisbury ma , united states )
I am glad to be able to watch the videos of the graceful lady still in the air. I was at school at Alderley Edge & used to see the prototypes fly over & watched in awe. i used to get over to Woodford with my dad to watch them doing trials. I used to live near Wharton & was always ready to watch any aircraft. I would like to know why XL391 was allowed to just rot away when they used to charge to go inside. I was amazed how tight it was to get up into the cockpit. I have done my bit from the U.S.A. with small donation, Hope she keeps flying to her 70th birthday
18-10-2013 20:18
Shirley ( Warwickshire , UK )
Happy Anniversary 558 I remember the day well and then seeing you for first time in years at Waddington wow what a spectacular memory and I thank all involved with your restoration and supporters for getting you back in the skies, lets do it again for 2015.
18-10-2013 13:38
Nick Leaman ( Tasmania , Australia )
I saw my first RAF Vulcan flying at the Yoevilton Airshow in 1972 with my family when we use to live in Dawlish Devon. We were totally amazed that such a large thing like this could fly so gracefully. She was such a beautiful aircraft to watch. I could see how the Concord was developed from the Vul0can's shape and powerplant. It's a great shame that the RAF have retired them. They should be updated and reinstated as Britain's Supersonic Strike Aircraft as they were planning to do with the B3.
18-10-2013 00:13
Tim Lamont ( Australia )
My Mother (Judith Baker at the time) worked for Defence in South Australia in the 1950's. She always told me how she touched the first vulcan to fly here and that it crashed on it's return home. She was very sad as she met the crew and said they were realy nice.
17-10-2013 11:41
Jim ( Burton-on-Trent )
Yesterday I did a hangar tour and it was brilliant. A chap by the name of Steve gave a talk on the history of the Vulcan and, in particular, the history of XH558. He really knows his stuff and put it over very clearly, and at times with some humour. I then got the chance to get up close and personal with this superb aircraft, and really take in what makes it such an amazing piece of engineering. It you've never done the tour, I can highly recommend it. Let's all keep her flying.
06-10-2013 21:13
Phil Ormrod ( Malahide , Ireland )
Started my working life as an apprentice at A.V.Roe Woodford in 1959. Been proud to have worked on the Vulcan ever since. Really disappointed a couple of weeks ago having waited to see XH558 over Dublin only to find out later that she'd been grounded because of the fuel tank problem.
24-09-2013 17:18
Chas Toynton ( England )
I always have thought of the VC10 in relachionship with the mighty Vulcan. I have taken many a trip on the VC 10 to places like Offut , Red Flag. Maple flag. It will be sad to see another beautiful plane retire from the skies. So, lets keep our wonderful bird XH558 flying as long as possible. With good memories Chas the Plumber.
20-09-2013 17:48
ade culley ( wirral , uk )
Homepage: facebook
as there are quite a few indoor static vulcans ,surely it be a good idea to maybe look at fuel bladders , engine parts etc ,surely they not all empty shells for viewing with just a sole purpose?? they got raided as far as canada for fuel probes some years ago !!
13-09-2013 19:53
This year I've had the pleasure of seeing XH558 at RIAT and Cleethorpes and over Waddington 3 times (one an impromptu 'performance') - I live nearby but skipped Waddington Airshow and watched from my garden, both days. She's an old girl but truly awe inspiring. Dave's message, below, is on the nail - I hope the other tanks are being checked. Anyone at Duxford on Sunday? (cold and wet!) - saw their B2 in the hangar. Hoping XH558 will continue to fly; I've pledged a decent amount and youtube vids just aren't the same.
13-09-2013 10:57
Marion ( Cheshire )
Sorry to hear the fuel leak means a new tank and more expense. Fortunate to see her 4 times this year, at Cosford, Oulton Park, Blackpool and Rhyl.
Dis-appointed not to see her at Southport, but hope this is not the end, and she will fly again.
11-09-2013 22:24
Dave ( Stratford-upon-Avon )
Message for VTTS directors: I am a huge supporter and donate whenever I can, but a difficult question needs to be asked: what is the state of the other 13 fuel tanks? It would be tragic to raise the usual £800k over winter, plus £400k for Operation 2015, then have the Vulcan grounded again in 2014 if another tank springs a leak. Or even worse, if a tank leaked in-flight - we all remember what happened to Concorde. Surely it is prudent to find out if the other tanks are in as bad a state as tank no 5 - otherwise the wing leading edge work may all be in vain. Your supporters really need to know!
11-09-2013 20:19
Steve Hanna ( Garlieston , Galloway, UK )
Hi all, just got up to date news ref fuel leak, didn't manage to see the old girl at Leuchars and now my plans for Southport will now be s####ped. Anyone in Galloway fancy organising a trip to go and see the girl on the ground ? I now look forward to seeing 558 back in the air in 2014. Good luck to the team.
11-09-2013 18:13
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
sending you get well wishes 558, sorry to hear we wont see you again this year but I have pledged for 2015 and will continue doing what I can to ensure you get back where you belong. You did really well this season and I'm proud of you and the team that keep you airworthy and all that donate. Come on lets get you to 2015! Miss you already.
11-09-2013 17:16
Steven ( Uk )
I was very lucky to see the Vulcn this year at Welshpool - and magnifiscent it was, too.

Just two negative comments: I am sure the declaration that 2013 would be the last season saddened many people, but possibly so disouraged them from donating? After all... The dream, great whilst it lasted, seemed to be coming to an end.

But then.... There is talk of continuing to 2015. Wonderful news, but How is this possible when we are told there are no more engines??? I visited the webite to get the full story.... But ddn't find it :-(
08-09-2013 16:26
Ian King ( Stoke on Trent , England )
Happy memories of the Vulcan whilst at School in Poynton, Cheshire. The Vulcan interupted lots of lessons when it came into land at Woodford during its test flights and service visits. I am sure the XH558 would have done this on plenty of occasions.
08-09-2013 05:35
William Hetherington ( Vancouver , Canada )
I had the great pleasure of observing the Avro Vulcan fly in Canada at the Abbotsford Airshow. It was always a thrill to see and I am delighted to see that the legend lives on. Good show to all who keep the Avro Vulcan flying.
07-09-2013 17:44
Looking forward to seeing XH558 at southport airshow next week.I used to see her in the 80s at finningley airbase airshow.Hope she keeps on flying for years to come
06-09-2013 19:52
Steve Pocock ( Victoria BC , Canada )
Saw 558 fly over me, the solitary hiker in Yorkshire's Crummack Dale, on 5th or 6th August this year. Last time I saw a Vulcan in flight was at Leuchars air display c.1983, so this sighting really made my day. Hope to catch you at a display before long. Very best wishes for the future.
04-09-2013 21:13
Stephen Hanna ( Galloway , UK )
To all the Vulcan team, keep up the good work and get that wee fuel leak fixed, I hope to see her at Southport later this month. Do ya best, I raise a dram to ya and if you can get it sorted....another donation!!
04-09-2013 16:52
Vulcan Lover ( Doncaster , UK )
Sorry to hear about the issues with the fuel leak. I'm sure everyone is working hard to get this sorted. Take no notice of the comments on the 1st September as you have stated 1st time this season XH558 has had to cancel due to technical reasons and the interaction on Twitter is second to none! You all doing your best and it is appreciated! Keep up the good work.
04-09-2013 16:12
Marion ( Cheshire )
Great display again at Rhyl. I gather from the commentary, Martin Withers was the pilot.
Fantastic low display over the beach, and the 3/4 Vulcan howls, went down very well with the crowd.
Hope to see you at Southport.
03-09-2013 12:07
A Mears ( South Coast )
will I ever get the chance to see her display.? I have been a suppoter for many years but seem destined not to see her fly. 2011 went to shoreham, aircraft went tech, not there last year and she displayed, went this year and she went tech. very depressed.
02-09-2013 15:27
Dennis ( East Leeds , UK )
Vulcans used to thunder across east leeds at low level quite regularly in the 1960's, probably on training flights, sometimes several times a week. Amazing sight and sound as they flew across.
02-09-2013 14:37
Alexandra ( Bournemouth/Birmingham )
It was sad to hear there was a fuel leak, however, I have seen this aircraft year in year out at Bournemouth air festival and I just hope that this incredible machine will take to the skies again soon! I would just like to say I have just downloaded the £2.99 app and made a £30 donation via mobile for the support of this beautiful aircraft. Thank you for many years of incredible displays x
02-09-2013 14:25
Nigel Campbell ( Limavady , Northern Ireland )
Having always been a massive fan of the Avro Vulcan, the history of XH558 is truly inspiring and it's current day to day effort to keep the bird alive is humbling. I will wish the Vulcan to the Sky Trust the very best for Operation 2015 which is fantastic news. I also wish XH558 many more joyful flying hours showing off in the sky to us fans. Hoping Northern Ireland will see her again soon!
01-09-2013 22:41
john kerry ( Glapwell , Derbyshire )
Heard her coming before seeing her...looked brilliant as she flew over the house.....keep her where she belongs..in the air
01-09-2013 21:57
Robert Staniforth ( Yorkshire , UK )
Anyone interested in purchasing XH558's original side slip indicator mounted on a timber stand ? This was given to me by Andy Edmundson Cheif Engineer of her restoration
Is so email me please
01-09-2013 21:28
Kev Langston ( Bournemouth , United Kingdom )
Gutted the best weapons platform ever built did not turn up at Bournemouth, but as an ex RAF aircraft engineer I know what it's like when aircraft go U/S on the pan prior to a show. Here's hoping to see the old girl flying again next season. Keep up the good work. Per Ardua.
01-09-2013 21:04
Dave Parker ( Salisbury )
Obviously you can't fly with a leaking fuel tank, but there were still 400,000 GUTTED people on Bournemouth sea front today. So disappointing.
01-09-2013 13:46
Fred Blogs ( Shoreham airshow , UK )
More like "Vulcan never in the sky trust". Yet another year of no show at shoreham airshow. Not impressed.

01-09-2013 06:56
Paul ( West Sussex , UK )
Supposedly the peoples aircraft yet you don't communicate with people on your twitter page - yet you want people to put their hands in their pockets and support you. I love the Vulcan but you need to interact with people more!
01-09-2013 00:49
Jon ( anglesey , uk )
Have wanted to see the vulcan in flight for many years and today I finaly got to. Amazing experience the size the sound was out of this world. Gave my donation and really hope you get the money u need to finish the rebuild. Many thanks for a great day at rhyl. I think 99% of the crowd was ther for you.i hope one day ill see it again. Cheers
31-08-2013 20:57
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Well 558 you did Rhyl proud! I was one of the crowd running to the display line to be as close as possible and you were spectacular. Display was kept within sight at all times and those low passes were worth waiting for. Donated as we left and hope to see you fly on into 2015.
31-08-2013 20:15
John Rowlands ( Anglesey , Wales )
I never thought I would see the beautiful Vulcan fly over North Wales again, as it once did regularly until its retirement. At Rhyl today, people ran to be as close to the display line as possible. My young kids were amazed. I was rather damp-eyed. A very emotional experience to see that unique shape run-in down the coast and remind us all of her sound. Lets's hope she keeps flying for as long as possible.
31-08-2013 15:24
Clark Downes ( Shirebrook - Nottinghamshire , England )
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/clark.cant.dance.downes
Just seen XH558 fly over shirebrook rather low & loud! heard it coming long before we saw her. Looked magnificent & such a joy for my father to see one flying over a regular flight patch back when they where in service. Thank you for making a young & old mans day.
30-08-2013 21:58
Jean ( Bournemouth , UK )
I remember the Vulcan as a teenager in Norfolk, it was based at Marham aerodrome and we lived about 5 miles away, it used to practise take off and landing several times a day going over our house. A lovely sight even now all these years later.
27-08-2013 14:38
krish ( Northants , UK )
Yes i was shocked to see what looked like some kind of fighter jet on saturday evening flying quite low.. looked amazing.. and loud!
26-08-2013 21:38
Teresa Punter ( Guildford , England )
She was SOOOOO beautiful in the sunshine at Wings and Wheels - THANK YOU, long may she fly
26-08-2013 13:54
Caroline Neads ( Surrey , UK )
Having missed the 'Great Lady' on 24th at Dunsfold due to rain was surprised to see 'her', appear out of the seahaze at Wittering on the 25th. Whole seafront stopped to gawp as she passed overhead, watching till the sound faded. Return flight in opposite direction about two hours later - anyone know where she is next performing ?.
25-08-2013 21:12
Pete Lewis ( Huntingdon , England )
Was at Little Gransden today where the Vulcan did a three pass flypast. The Vulcan effect was evidenced by the entire audience standing up for her appearance - the only aircraft to have that effect today. We really must do our best to keep this iconic aircraft flying.
25-08-2013 21:03
Sarah Clarke ( United Kingdom )
I just wondered - does anyone know where the Vulcan was heading today when I saw it near Bedford?
I wonder if it had taken off from Cranfield?
25-08-2013 18:42
Richard Wall ( Northampton , England )
Looked up in the early evening sky in Northampton yesterday 24/8 and couldnt believe my eyes as the magnificent vulcan flew low above us.Reminded me of childhood in South Yorkshire when they were based at RAF Finningley, and a regular sight.
25-08-2013 15:45
Sarah ( Bedfordshire , UK )
Just out walking the dog this afternoon and looked up to see the Vulcan bomber passing overhead near Bedford -beautiful sight!
25-08-2013 15:12
Sue ( newark on trent )
What a treat this weekend - four garden flypasts! you can't mistake its her coming so time to look up and marvel! fantastic!
25-08-2013 13:31
Georgie ( Northamptonshire )
Also saw XH558 over Sywell yesterday, beautiful aircraft, it'll be a sad day when she stops flying.
25-08-2013 06:59
simon crow ( northampton , uk )
Vulcan flew over sywell aerodrome at 1720 and dud a ten minute display .absolutely fantastic!!!, although nothing on special there this weekend.
24-08-2013 19:05
Lee ( Dorset )
Drove a round trip of over 400 miles to see the Vulcan at Clacton on Friday and it didn't disappoint - absolutely stunning display by Kev Rumens; never seen the beaches so packed. Thank-you to everyone at Vulcan to the Sky who made this possible. Will continue donating!
24-08-2013 19:00
tim ( oxford , engalnd )
I looked up today and saw a Vulcan flying passed. It made me feel really warm and happy inside. I was born at RAF Waddington and I simply love to see a Vulcan in the air. There is little to beat it!!
24-08-2013 18:25
Paul Garvey ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
Tremendous display at Dawlish 24/08/2013. Awesome. £10 to the Trust! Hope you can keep flying.

Best wishes, Paul.
24-08-2013 16:03
Mags ( Abingdon , Uk )
Just flown over Radley at hedge height so fantastic to see that shape
24-08-2013 04:05
Simon Whitelock ( West Sussex , Uk )
I first witnessed the Vulcan way back in the early 80's when my parents used to take us all the big air shows of the day at the then RAF Greenham Common before the Cruise Missile business etc! It's a memory that's always stayed with me and my wife and I are very much looking forward 2 seeing this wonderful old girl at Dunsfold Wings & Wheels this weekend, I have seen XH558 at a good few shows now since she returned and we both dearly pray that she will get a reprieve for next year and years to come as the Uk will be all the worse off for not having an Airworthy Vulcan to amaze in summers to come!! Good luck for fab Aug B/H weekend of displays!!!
24-08-2013 01:45
Anthony ( us , us )
Homepage: http://www.vulcantothesky.org/
Just wanted to say how fantastic it was to see XH558 in the air where she belongs at RIAT on Saturday. The smile on everyones faces as I looked around with her arrival proved just how much everyone loves seeing her in flight.
23-08-2013 18:22
Vicky Wooster ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
Saw the Vulcan today at Clacton-on-Sea air show such a mighty display! She truly is spectacular!!
16-08-2013 20:12
Pauline Davidson ( France , United Kingdom )
My Dad flew this Valcan in the 60's
16-08-2013 18:57
William Locker ( Filer, Idaho , United States of America )
Homepage: Facebook.com/williamlocker
At 18 years old in 1979, I had to priviledge of watching a Vulcan fly during an air show in San Antonio, Texas. The grandest sight I had ever seen, to that point. The power and grace as it flew numerous passes was truly amazing to me.
12-08-2013 17:35
Jonathan Willis ( London , England )
It was October1971 that martin gave me that lift home not 1970 as I said in the last message. It must have impressed me as that was over40 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday
12-08-2013 17:30
Jonathan Willis ( London , England )
My dad was in the RAF & flew the Vulcan in the early 60s & early 70s, He knew Martin Withers during that time, ,and as a small boy I remember Martin giving me a lift home from London to Scampton in 1970 in his M.G sports car (I think it was a red one !) .I wonder if he remembers doing it .
12-08-2013 10:09
Maurice ( Hillsborough , N Ireland )
For Bill Perrins. Bill, saw your display at Newcastle on Saturday, fantastic. Good to see my old school collegue from Ben Madigan and BRA keeping the flag flying for 2390 squadron ATC!
11-08-2013 19:54
Chris Helm ( Blackpool )
Saw XH558 again today at Blackpool, had the pleasure to see her several times now and love it every time, many thanks to all the team
11-08-2013 18:35
Stuart montgomery ( Newtownards , Northern ireland )
A few words to say that it was a pleasure to see the great Valcan heading home after its short stay in Belfast. I was in my front garden when it crawled its way over scrabo tower hill,it dropped to a hight afew hundred feet or so before it powered up and gracefully disappeared it to the distance.
Love the sound of that plane, one you don't forget.
11-08-2013 16:47
ian ( cullingworth , uk )
Just seen your wonderful vulcan fly over cullingworth in west yorkshire. What an amazing sight and sound.
10-08-2013 23:55
Nigel Powton ( Blackpool , England )
Living close to Blackpool Airport and seeing the degeneration and subsequent demise of XL391 which was there for many years, it is a joy to see XH558 in the sky where she belongs. A magnificiant aircraft and a joy to see and hear.
10-08-2013 23:12
Brian ( Belfast , U.K Northern Ireland )
I just want to say thanks for bringing such a lovely plane to Belfast. How can I help to keep this lovely aircraft flying please let me know if I can either help with working on it or fundraising for it.
10-08-2013 20:13
Isabella Patterson ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
Just after seeing this magnificent aircraft in Newcastle, Co. Down and it was simply amazing.
09-08-2013 10:06
Brian Lowe ( Preston , England )
I was an Avro apprentice in 1950s Saw 1st prototype VX770 being built. Later flew in Vx770 on tests. Keep up the great work on XH558.
08-08-2013 09:59
Kevin Watts ( Auckland , New Zealand )
I don't have any memories of the Vulcans, but I've been keeping up with your efforts to keep her flying. Unfortunately I don't think I'll make it to the UK in time to see her flying before you retire her. Such an awesome aircraft. I am lucky in other ways though. I live 30mins from where DH Mosquito KA114 was restored. So I got to see her progress over the last 8yrs.
06-08-2013 13:15
Richard Ashmore ( Swindon,Wiltshire. , United Kingdom )
Went to see Her at Fairford this year 2013,What a beauty,Not to be missed,Loved every minute of her display,Have loads of film to look back on.Fantastic day.