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25-08-2014 12:16
Jayne Field ( Lincolnshire , UK )
I am still thinking about the wonderful sighting of the Vulcan and 2 Lancs on Thurs 22dn August, I went to Metheringham airfield to view, it was iconic, shall never forget it, I used to go and see the Vulcan at Waddo air show with my Dad fifty years ago, wonderful sight, made me very emotional! Long may she continue to fly.
25-08-2014 09:43
Phil & Jake ( Dunsfold , UK )
Took my young son Jake to see the Vulcan at Wings and Wheels at Dunsfold over the weekend. Jake is only 4 and the Vulcan is his favourite airplane, amazing to see it fly. Will be making a donation today.
24-08-2014 22:18
rick bolt ( Letchworth Garden City , Great Britain )
Thanks for a fantastic flypast at Little Gransden today forgot what an experience seeing the Vulcan is!!!
24-08-2014 21:30
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Had a super weekend, saw you 3 times and I still can't believe my luck (and that's what it was) I cannot explain the feeling as I saw you approaching, you were so quiet! I had to stop videoing you at one point as I couldn't keep the camera steady, way too excited, right to my core! Many many thanks to all who help keep her flying lets help her stay there as long as possible.
24-08-2014 20:28
Tony Holmes ( Stotfold-Beds , England )
I was stationed RAF GAN 1966/67-- when the Vulcan took off the whole Island vibrated. So great to see her display at Little Gransden today and also the 2 Lancs.
24-08-2014 14:08
lynne ( Ashby st ledgers , england )
Just seen the vulcan fly over my house, wow, I first thought it was concorde. What a wonderful sight. Thank you.
24-08-2014 03:19
the queen
Homepage: http://queensha.com/
Thank you for the chance to see the Vulcan flying over Berkshire today. Not once, but four (4) times. Magnificent!
23-08-2014 17:10
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Well I had a pretty bad day on Friday BUT on Saturday I took a chance on where you may fly on route to Dunsfold, it paid off! Im sure you noticed me parked on the hill, waving both arms and leaping about because you turned and flew right over my head, I am beside myself, Thank you so so much.
23-08-2014 16:57
Thanks to all the team for a fabulous day at Waddington for the Three Sisters event on Friday. To see the Vulcan with the two Lancasters was amazing and a sight (and sound) I will never ever forget.
22-08-2014 21:10
Sewa Mobil Surabaya ( Surabaya , England )
Homepage: http://www.safirajayatrans.com
nark the opening of the new Auckland International Airport. As a youngster I was so impressed with the size and power of this wondsrful aircraft. Am travelling to the UK and hope to see XH558 at Shoreham and Duxford.
22-08-2014 16:37
John Little ( Bournemouth , UK )
I have always had a love of the Vulcan and those Rolls Royce engine. My fondest memory was the last airshow ever held at Bournemouth airport where she was guest attraction. The run way wasn't long enough at the time for her to land but she touched her wheels down and then went vertical, the ground shook and long after the roar had subsided all you could hear for miles around was car and burgular alarms going off. I was a very happy young man and it took weeks for the grin on my face to fade. So a massive big thank you to all who work on keeping her flying and all the public who help fund her. I will once again be spending at the Vulcan store in Bournemouth on 30/8/14
22-08-2014 14:43
Tony Darwent ( Sheffield , Uk )
Was an armourer at Waddington 1972-78.Worked on the ejection seats on the 2 crashed vulcans at Spilsby and Malta
20-08-2014 11:15
paul higham ( United Kingdom , uk )
Looking forward to seeing xh558 at Shorham . my father inlaw flew these for avro till he crashed in xh535 in may 64. never managed to put it behind him but love to see and hear your aircraft and remember his stories.
18-08-2014 07:57
Chris ( Bournemouth , UK )
Homepage: vulcan to the sky
Hi all, how about having XH558 fly with the two Lancaster's at the Bournemouth Air Show at the end of August...... Now that would be an AMAZING photo for everyone.
15-08-2014 20:09
David Frith ( Auckland , New Zealand )
I first saw a Vulcan fly in 1966 at the airshow to mark the opening of the new Auckland International Airport. As a youngster I was so impressed with the size and power of this wondsrful aircraft. Am travelling to the UK and hope to see XH558 at Shoreham and Duxford. Thanks to all the team at VTTS !
15-08-2014 08:08
kevin kington ( hamilton , scotland )
I saw xh558 on her very last display away back in the dim and distant past and many times in her life as a display aircraft. Have not been able to see her since she was put back in the air but am delighted that I will finally get to as her again in September at the Frederick airshow and the two Lancaster bombers to boot!!!!! Well done to all who keep her flying and I will be making a donation to that end. Keep the good work. I never thought I would get the chance to see her again and My boys have never seen her flying in real life and are as eager as me.
14-08-2014 22:12
Barbara Holland ( Cheshire , UK )
My father, Ernie Holland, worked on all the wings of the Vulcans at Woodford. He died in January, 2012, aged 86. I had been hoping to see the Vulcan at Southport but it isn't listed for this year. I still have his Avro pass! When he was last in hospital I told one of the nurses that he'd worked on the Vulcans, and she told him that he was part of history - we were both very emotional.
13-08-2014 22:04
David ( Leeds, West Yorkshire )
Sat 9 August 2014 late afternoon heard an engine roar overhead north of Wetherby and was amazed to see the unmistakable delta wing of XH 558 cruising at low altitude overhead. Fabulous plane with a fabulous history. Very sincere thanks to all of you who keep this piece of British history flying.
13-08-2014 11:50
Andy ( Rotherham S Yorks , UK )
I was based at RAF Episkopi Cyprus which was 'across the bay' from Akrotiri from 1969 to 72. I think it was at this time that I fell in love with the Vulcan and the Lightning,two beautiful and iconic aircraft. A massive thank you to the ground crew who keep her flying, and the 'jockeys' who fly her. My own memory of the Vulcan is one carrying out circuits and bumps at Linton on Ouse, and the howl from those engines as she departed the circuit. Why so memorable, as a recruit it was a Vulcan that did the fly past at our passing out parade, and now leaving after 9 years service a Vulcan is there yet again in the overhead.
13-08-2014 11:33
Anne Marie ( Warrington , UK )
So disappointed that the tail end of hurricane prevented Vulcan from displaying at Blackpool. I even persuaded my husband to come with me. We're trying now to find a show that's within our travelling distance to see her fly. Just wish they could find suitable engines to instal to keep her flying after 2015.
11-08-2014 17:07
Jack Moore ( Stourbridge, Birmingham , England )
This may come a bit late, but a huge thank you for your amazing display at the Farnborough air show in July; an absolutely amazing display of sheer British ingenuity and design!
11-08-2014 10:49
David ( wellingborough , uk )
Its a shame that Vulcan displays at Sywell for days that Raffle ticket winners win flying with the Blades in formation with the Vulcan but does not display at the Airshow..........im sure theres others who agree with me on this....David
10-08-2014 22:14
How dare Hurricane Bertha ruin our chance to see XH558 at Blackpool? We were so sad! My dad was a fitter on the first Vulcan at A.V. Roe. Chadderton, so she ia a very special plane. We and our children and grandchildren were all there. It must have been so disappointing for the crew. Good Luck next trip! We will come again to see her at her home later in the year.
10-08-2014 18:37
Graham Hought ( Ballymena , Northern Ireland )
Thanks for the wonderful display at Newcastle, evoked memories for me of landings at RAF Kinloss in the early 60's. Still brings goose pimples just to hear the engine noise..
10-08-2014 12:50
Debbie Mallinson ( pool in wharfedale , UK )
Waddington july 6th was a surprise bday present !! i had the best day ever !! seeing the vulcan was a dream come true, i was like a giddy 5 year old all day !! thankyou for a fabulous day, bought plenty of vulcan merchandise :) please someone keep her flying :)
09-08-2014 17:13
Neil ( North Leeds , West Yorkshire )
This afternoon 9th Aug2014, we suddenly heard an almighty roar and my wife said "that sounds very low" we rushed to look out the window to see the magnificent sight of the last remaining flying Vulcan flying over. It was so unbelievably a awesome to see this iconic aircraft that we feel truly privileged to have witnessed it
06-08-2014 22:25
Brian ( P'Boro , U.K. )
Working at Waddington when Falklands was still in the future - but the Vulcans practiced all day.Most of the take-offs were of the "emergency" level. then you heard the roar of the VULCANS. NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN;
30-07-2014 19:32
Joan Norton ( Scotter Lincs. , UK )
When I was growing up in Misterton 1950's/60's I remember the mighty Vulcans flying over our garden. I guess we were on the flightpath from Finningley & I loved seeing and hearing them. I hope to soon book for the hangar tour. :-)
26-07-2014 22:19
Thrilled to see XH558 at Waddington airshow on 5 July - it was a superb airshow - it mustn't be allowed to die. Also went to see her leave Waddington on 11 July. V. Disappointed that's she's not flying at Cleethorpes or Duxford.
26-07-2014 19:39
Terry Harris-Layne ( Plymouth , UK )
Fantastic display by Martin Withers and the team today at Yeovilton this afternoon. She is the most graceful and captivating bird in the air. I know she's getting old (a bit like me - my airframe has quite a few hours on it!) but long may she continue to fly. Thank you once again VTTS for the opportunity to see The Spirit of Great Britain once again.
26-07-2014 15:22
Tracy Lord ( Doncaster , Great Britian )
The Vulcan is an absolutely fabulous aircraft, and it is a pleasure and a honour to witness it flying...
21-07-2014 23:18
Helen Peake ( Lambourn, Berks , UK )
Thank you for the chance to see the Vulcan flying over Berkshire today. Not once, but four (4) times. Magnificent!
20-07-2014 21:04
Martin Fearn ( Hampshire , UK )
Thanks for the display at Farnborough today, just amazing !!!
19-07-2014 13:00
terry swann ( northampton , uk )
Homepage: google
I live in Northampton and have seen this wonderful aircraft on many occasion and love it its so noisy in a good way shows how powerful it is. I went to an airshow at HMS Daedulus in Hampshire years ago and one did a fly pass at 500 ft. the ground was shaking she flew past throttled up and went almost vertical the noise was deafening its a sight I will never forget if you have the chance to visit an air show where this mighty aircraft will fly don't miss it I promise you will remember it for the rest of your life.
12-07-2014 19:57
Steve Hooley ( Holmfirth , UK )
I worked on the vulcan 558 whilst on 230 OCU and then on Victors at Marham as an electrical fitter - busy days but happy days
11-07-2014 13:56
Nigel Middleton ( Kidderminster , England )
After the disappointment of hearing XH558 would not be showing at Fairford after buying tickets early my only thought was oh well F 35 will be there but oops now they are grounded lets hope that the fools who denied our Vulcan a the show now regret their stupid mistake
07-07-2014 22:50
Catherine ( Lincolnshire , England )
Having watched The Vulcan displaying at the weekend at RAF Waddington airshow - I wanted to find out more about her so ended up on this site. The story of The Vulcan is a great one - the sight and the sound of her over the weekend was amazing. There was lots of talk before she displayed of when she would be flying - so much interest in her! A fantastic performance by The Vulcan - watched by many thousands of people. The sight and sound of her are one of a kind!
06-07-2014 21:49
baz taylor ( derby , england )
Thank you so much for today. I really enjoyed the show at Waddington and to see the Vulcan in the air made it a very memorable day, but the icing on the cake was meeting Martin Withers. Such a nice guy :)
06-07-2014 17:06
Christine Maesepp ( East Yorkshire , England )
Christine Maesepp
Such a venerable old lady of the skies, seeing her yesterday brought many emotions, the greatest one being pride. Come on Mr Cameron dip into the purse and save this precious plane.
05-07-2014 20:16
James Bass ( Lincoln, Lincolnshire , UK )
Always such a pleasure to see the old bird in the sky. Just seen her at the Waddington Airshow, which will probably be one of the final times and it deeply saddens me. If I had the deep pockets it would require, I'd certainly would place my hands in deep as I will miss it so much. Great work and effort to everyone involved with the project. You should all be very proud. Thank you sincerely for giving myself and everyone else the pleasure of viewing this fine aircraft.
03-07-2014 08:35
Alan Sully ( Lochgilphead , UK )
I flew this aircraft between 1974 - 76 while it was with 27 Sqn. I had the pleasure of taking it to and returning it from Midway Island. On another occasion I was part of the crew when the aircraft ingested a bird on take off at Scampton which caused the number 3 engine to explode, number 4 to fail and a massive hole to be blown in the top and bottom surface of the starboard wing. Having landed we ran away bravely leaving the aircraft to the fire section. We were somewhat shocked to return and see the damage. I think that was the last time I flew in XH558 but I met up with it in the air some time later. Having joined the F4 Phantom world I was flying with an ex- 27 Sqn captain, Neil Robertson when we took fuel from XH 558 then in the tanker role. Having been away from the UK for most of the past ten years I am looking forward to a reunion with the aircraft later this year if I can arrange it.
02-07-2014 19:55
elizabeth ( boston , licolnshire )
I saw the Vulcan at waddington airshow in 2012 n she looked beautiful than n she still does my 13 son always talk about her n watch all her DVDs when we can.Please don't let in end in 2015.
02-07-2014 14:54
Bob Tacey ( Rutland , UK )
Good to see 558 over Kendrew Barracks airfield today. There are still many ex Vulcan people in and around Cottesmore. Hope you come back soon.
30-06-2014 10:32
Ian Strong ( Whiteley , England )
Saw the old girl at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Saturday. Despite the relatively short display it was so good to XH558 once again. We got the Vulcan howl which is always great. Next time I see her will be Bournemouth.
29-06-2014 15:39
Christopher Lawson ( Leeds , England )
Homepage: http://chrislawsonphotoblog.wordpress.com/
I uploaded some images from Armed forces day if anyone is interested they can be found here;

Im not sure the url is clickable so just paste it into your browser.
29-06-2014 00:46
Matt Phillips ( Kingston Upon Hull , England )
I visited Scarborough today (28/06/14). I've not managed to see XH558 flying since before she was grounded in '93, so I had been really looking forward to seeing her again. She didn't disappoint. She was perhaps a little more sedate than in years past, but I usnderstand she needs to preserve her airframe. My children, neither of whom have ever seen her, and both of whom are fed up hearing their dad playing videos of her at full blast, both were amazed at her size, and the noise. We were all amazed at how quietly she can creep up, and how noisily she can roar as she climbs away. Thanks for coming today, and for making an old(ish) aircraft enthusiast very happy!
27-06-2014 07:10
royal ( indonesia , indonesia )
Homepage: http://www.royalegoal.com/
Engine and Wing Ribs for first set of 10 Production run. Great memories of the late Sir Roy Dobson etc etc.
26-06-2014 20:07
anne clarke ( Hertfordshire , England )
When I was a child I would go to air displays at De Havillands Hatfield, Herts , my father worked there, and he would tell each of us three children that a certain aircraft was flying especially for them - mine was the Vulcan. The rumble that vibrated through me as it approached and flew over us was so exciting and addictive, I yearn for it now and have loved this plane ever since. I don't think I will ever get to see it fly again. I had hoped to stand in awe and wonder at it this weekend, but it is not to be. No one's fault but I feel sad to miss this beauty. I have seen her in a sad state of repair and now she is back in the sky. Well done team, hope my donations helped xx
26-06-2014 18:22
Duane Cole ( Phoenix Arizona , USA )
I'm a Yank chap , used to be at RAF ALCONBURY as a teen. My pops was stationed the with USA Air Force, I saw this bird fly there back in 1977. She was a real hoot to watch on da tarmac. I used to get out of school and ride my bike to the hanger an watch what come an go each day.
25-06-2014 21:13
George Haloulakos, CFA ( San Diego, CA , USA )
Homepage: http://www.skytypers.com/spartan.html
The quintessential Cold War bomber that excelled in the RED FLAG war game exercises between USAF and RAF strategic aircraft. The strategy and tactics used by the Vulcan to help win the Falkland Islands War are discussed in chapter 5 of my new book.

Aviation as a Teaching Tool for Finance,
Strategy and American Exceptionalism
By George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA
ISBN: 9780-1007-2738-0
Order your copy online at: ucsandiegobookstore.com
Or by phone: 858-534-4557
“Partial proceeds support aviation heritage”
25-06-2014 21:08
George Haloulakos, CFA ( San Diego, CA , USA )
The Vulcan is the quintessential Cold War bomber that excelled in the RED FLAG war game exercises between USAF and RAF strategic aircraft. It exemplifies the RAF motto of "Agile - Adaptable - Capable." The strategy and tactics used by the Vulcan to help win the Falkland Islands War are discussed in chapter 5 of my new book.

Aviation as a Teaching Tool for Finance,
Strategy and American Exceptionalism
By George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA
ISBN: 9780-1007-2738-0
Order your copy online at: ucsandiegobookstore.com
Or by phone: 858-534-4557
“Partial proceeds support aviation heritage”
24-06-2014 21:39
Kevin Pearson ( Kolding , Denmark )
Looking forward to the Farnbrough Airshow
The Wife and myself are Driving From Denmark to see you at Farnbrough, just love this Aircraft
24-06-2014 13:36
Simon Young ( Doncaster , UK )
Homepage: www.talkangling.co.uk
Living near Doncaster we get to hear the roar of this magnificent aircraft regularly and every time we do we are privileged to remember the great history and dedication of our armed forces.
23-06-2014 19:25
Nige Middleton ( Kidderminster , England )
After waiting with yes no maybe what a great site she is the whole front applauded as she came in well done to the ground crew as their efforts got her there and thanks to Bristol airport
20-06-2014 05:51
sinta ( indonesia , indonesia )
Homepage: http://goo.gl/fDZuha
I was an Avro apprentice in 1950s Saw 1st prototype VX770 being built. Later flew in Vx770 on tests. Keep up the great work on XH558.
17-06-2014 10:33
Barrie Dammarell ( Baguio City , Philippines )
I was stationed at Akrotiri,,Cyprus,Bomber Wing,1971-74 on 9 & 35 Sqdn:,3 years on Vulcans,happy days.
13-06-2014 20:41
tony read ( nuneaton , england )
what a great displasy at cosford. As soon as sean announced that the vulcan would be the next flying display crowds rushed to the font there were huge applause and tears of joy. people of all ages were opened mouthed at what they witnessed ..at the end of her display huge cheering of appreciation god bless you xh558
13-06-2014 20:24
tony read ( nuneaton )
i saw the vulcan at cosford air show. as soon as sean announced that the vulcan was next to display there where crowds pushing to the front . on her arrival many applause and tears of joy . all ages were gasping at what they saw and heard .. at the end of her display you needed to be there to appreciate what was seen god bless you xh558
13-06-2014 20:07
tony read ( nuneaton )
great display at cosford has soon as sean said shes arriving crowds pushed to the front ,hand claps and tears all around . i saw all ages gaspping at what they where seeing and hearing for the first time.at the end of the display you could have heard a pin drop ;then there where huge applause what a sight god bless you xh558
08-06-2014 18:01
Andy ( Sheffield , UK )
Whilst riding MX at DMP, we surprisingly saw the Vulcan take off today from Finningley. What an incredible sight, never even knew this aircraft was kept there! The most startling thing about it was the noise, it was unbelievably throaty and loud after listening to the usual passenger craft that use the airport. It was literally only a couple of hundred feet altitude before the pilot banked it over and did a spiral rise to get altitude (due to the noise output maybe?).
Anyway, after being previously oblivious to it's existence, now I know XH558 is stored at Robin Hood, I'll watch out for it when we're at DMP motocross Park.
07-06-2014 18:16
Missy ( Bracknell , UK )
So sad to know this remarkable lady won't be at Farnborough this year. Hope to make it to some other events to watch my heroine in action!
04-06-2014 19:53
Richard Letanosky ( Cleveland, Ohio , USA )
I remember seeing Vulcan with Victor at Cleveland National Airshow back in the early to mid eighties. The sight and sound of the mighty Vulcan left an impression on me that lives to this day. I hope to see XH558 in the USA one day. Long live the Vulcan!
03-06-2014 06:45
Matt ( Brisbane , Australia )
As a kid I saw one fly at the North Weald air show. Of the whole weekend, its beauty and the sound of her beautiful engines to this day sends a tingle down my spine, she is just beautiful.
01-06-2014 11:16
Andy Lawton ( Poole , UK )
As a kid in about 1964 or 1964, my parents took me to an open day at RAF Finningley. We didn't live too far away in Mexborough. I don't remember a lot, but the two things that do stand out were Daleks chasing Dr Who (modified go karts I think) and Vulcans. Nice to see XH558 back at the place I first saw a Vulcan!
31-05-2014 12:53
Carole Goldie ( United Kingdom , Doncaster )
I joined the Vulcan Association as it was called then in 1988, and have supported her in many ways since then.I flew in Concorde along side her in 1991. That was memorable indeed. I was as high as a kite for many weeks after. I am passionate about her. Long may she be up where she belongs. I am 72 now, and love her as much as ever. Happy Landings XH558!!!
24-05-2014 18:06
E Jackson ( Bedford , Uk )
Was the Vulcan flying near Grantham yesterday? My daughter was on a PGL trip and came home marvelling about a huge triangular plane they saw. It made everything vibrate and the noise was deafening. I can only think it was the amazing Vulcan! Please let us know if it was. Thank you.
23-05-2014 02:42
sb1m ( bandung , indonesia )
Homepage: http://iwanmanik.com/sekolah-bisnis-1-milyar/
Yesterday I did a hangar tour and it was brilliant. A chap by the name of Steve gave a talk on the history of the Vulcan and, in particular, the history of XH558. He really knows his stuff and put it over very clearly, and at times with some humour. I then got the chance to get up close and personal with this superb aircraft, and really take in what makes it such an amazing piece of engineering.
22-05-2014 13:37
smart detox ( bandung , indonesia )
Homepage: http://iwanmanik.smartdetoxportal.com/
Vulcans have always played a part in my early years at Scampton as a RAF Policeman, I spents many hours stood at the nose on the Quick Readiness Pan, then all of a sudden they got the word and All Four of them blasted into the air one by one. I'll never forget that sound, it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. I saw her this year at Waddington, truly magical, when I first booked the show I thought that 2013 would be her last showing and I went prepared to say farewell. I'm pleased to be able to help her on for a few more years, fingers crossed we have no more unexpected scares. Once seen never forgotten!
16-05-2014 18:35
Christina Williams ( Halifax , uk )
I love this plane so much. My brother was based at Finningly where the last display before de-comission was held. I felt the rumble through my chest, the ground shook and I was so blown away by this amazing plane. I am so lookimng forward to see this baby fly.
14-05-2014 07:27
John Stemple ( Winter Haven, Florida , USA )
Thankfully, I had the privilege to witness Vulcans flying in the United States rather late in their RAF careers. Certainly no other flying machines are as impressive when climbing with afterburners engaged or as lovely and graceful aloft. Please keep XH558 airworthy.
11-05-2014 04:36
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08-05-2014 11:46
Ben Naden ( Solihull , UK )
My Dad and I have several treasured memories of sitting in the cockpit of XL360 at the Midland Air Museum in the early 90s (I was 6) and my Father lived close to Avro's Woodford factory and saw them fly often.
Hearing that 2013 was likely to be the last flying year for XH558 we made a rare excursion to RIAT 2013 specifically to see her in the air. XH558 was undoubtedly the highlight for us and we were both wiping tears from our eyes as she soared into the sky. Cue a prompt trip to the Vulcan Village and the purchase of much Vulcan "stuff".
Our tickets for this year's airshow were bought early and in the hope that XH558 will be there to allow us to share another wonderful (and no doubt emotional) memory.
It is fantastic that people work so hard to keep her flying. Thank you.
04-05-2014 21:26
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Airshow season is nearly here! Cant wait for Cosford in June. Last saw 558 at Rhyl last year which was an amazing display. Hope everyone gets to see her as much as possible this season in all her glory.
02-05-2014 16:24
bill dore
is it true wat it says on one of the forums that the vulcan wont be at fairford this year?
23-04-2014 08:04
mike ( Canada , Canada )
Homepage: http://jambhu.blogspot.com/
I recently had the opportunity to volunteer in the hanger where she is kept. I was able to see her up close, get pictures and learn about about her. The other volunteers who dedicate their time to showing her off made me feel very welcome.
19-04-2014 21:55
Darrell Hamley ( Amersham , UK )
I usually wear a Vulcan lapel badge and I always finds it initiates a conversation with an admirer.
For the record, I did fly 558 3 times back in 1967 and have about 1500 hours on the 2 marks.
19-04-2014 21:12
ivan bugeja ( hamrun malta , malta )
What about RIAT? Are you going to be there?
18-04-2014 16:38
Pixelpants ( Bracknell , UK )
Homepage: http://www.pixelpants.co.uk
What can I say? After seeing XH558 close up for the first time in 2008 I fell in deep, thundering, love. Big ups for everything you do to keep this goddess of skies and testament to British engineering airborne.
13-04-2014 16:46
john andrews ( Essex , UK )
Went to Experience yesterday, April 12 2014. Excellent talk, full of info I never knew. Vulcan wa beautiful. Staff very friendly. Going to see EH558 at Waddington in July. Thanks for letting us in yesterday.
03-04-2014 15:44
Ian Homer ( Walsall , England )
Testing this new system
02-04-2014 19:00
john mason ( POYNTON cheshire , UK )
in 1958 I started at Woodford, after leaving the RAF, working on the Vulcan, one of my jobs was wiring the Port terminal and relay panel in the cockpit, this I did on XH 558,what a wonderful experience to work on such an Aircraft
01-04-2014 21:43
dorothy badcock ( cambridgeshire , england )
have seen xh558 fly many times at air shows up and down the country. Every single time I burst into tears as I watch her and listen to her howl. Just the emotion of the moment and I shall miss her when she can no longer fly. Stupid isn't it, I'm a pensioner!!
30-03-2014 05:35
David Marshall ( Vancouver-Calgary , Canada )
The Vulcan was THE SYMBOL during its participation for 20 years as the RAF contribution to the Abbotsford International Airshow held near Vancouver Canada. This airshow grew from a small farmers field fly-inn into one of the largest aviation displays in the world in the 1960's, 70's, 80's, especially in terms of flying jets. The Vulcan always was a huge crowd favorite, it became the Airshow's unofficial symbol (they always said this over the PA system) and they even tried to acquire one for permanent static display at the airshow entrance. I saw it fly a few times, we had a lot of amazing aircraft at Abbotsford, a "who's who" of the western world's jets, and even from Russia when 'detente' happened, but the Vulcan topped them all, I will never forget it soaring and floating in that very blue sky, both silently and thundering, with a glacier covered volcano in the background.
28-03-2014 18:40
Danny Haaris ( Leamington spa , Uk )
Remember in the 60s going to RAF Gaydon many times to the Cockpit club, based there late 60s 70s Victors and Later Vulcans watched many a time the training they went through Cold War, and to stand at end of runway and watch Victors and Vulcans taking of one after the other Awsome.
19-03-2014 21:43
Pete Gater ( Scotland )
I recently had the opportunity to volunteer in the hanger where she is kept. I was able to see her up close, get pictures and learn about about her. The other volunteers who dedicate their time to showing her off made me feel very welcome. Special thanks to Andy and Paul, for keeping me right. The rest of the guys there were brill too, their names escape me now. Hope to see her fly next time she's out
14-03-2014 15:22
Nick Dudley ( leicester , uk )
A MASSIVE THANK YOU again to all at Doncaster for making me feel so very welcome this week while i was assisting you.
i cant wait to come back for another go;)
Have a Great season all.
19-02-2014 18:27
June Allen ( United Kingdom )
An 80 year old friend who is a big fan of the Vulcan has asked if I will draw a picture showing the Vulcan and Spitfire to hang in his living room. I write to ask permission to use this photo as part of my drawing. I am also a fan and am visiting it this coming Sunday. Excited!
As an amature artist I hope you will give my request consideration,
Kind regards
17-02-2014 11:18
frank senior ( warton,carnforth. la5 , uk )
I worked AVRO Chadderton and Woodford 1951 Apprentice. Built Bomb bay, Engine and Wing Ribs for first set of 10 Production run. Great memories of the late Sir Roy Dobson etc etc.
12-02-2014 10:16
Paul Hillier ( Fareham, Hants , UK )
As a youngster of 12 years old, I lived very near to the Langstone Marshes area which are close to the old RAF Thorney Island airbase. I was out walking on the marshes, nobody else to be seen anywhere, and I heard a gentle "whooshing" noise - nothing else, and I turned to my left just in time to see a Vulcan literally at "treetop height" (no warning exaggeration) above sea level. It suddenly banked hard to port RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and went into a steep climb under full power over Hayling Island and on out over the English Channel...probably on "fishery Protection" patrol duties.
What a tremendous sight and sound....but better still, it was my own private moment - just me and that Vulcan.
Later, as a CCF cadet, I went to an MoD "Firepower Demonstration" and a Vulcan flew in from our left at G/Level and "upended" vertically right in front of us on full afterburners.
I am 66 years old now, but the "kid" in me is still there for the Vulcan - what a plane and what a sound it makes.
12-02-2014 10:08
Paul Hillier ( Fareham, Hants , UK )
As a youngster of 12 years old, I was out walking on the Langstone marshes near RAF Thorney Island/Hayling Island, nobody else to be seen anywhere, and I became aware of a gentle "whooshing" noise and I turned to my left just in time to see a Vulcan literally at "treetop height" (no exaggeration) above the sea coming from RAF Thorney Island. It suddenly banked hard to port RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and went into a steep climb under full afterburners over Hayling Island and on out over the English Channel...probably on "fishery Protection" patrol duties.
What a tremendous sight and sound....but better still, it was my own private moment - just me and that Vulcan...can you imagine??
Later, as a CCF cadet, I went to an "MoD Firepower Demonstration" and a Vulcan flew in from our left at Ground Level and "upended" vertically right in front of us on full afterburners. Awesome!!!
I am 66 years old now, but the "kid" in me is still there for the Vulcan - what a plane and what a sound it makes
29-01-2014 15:06
Peter Smith ( Motherwell , Scotland )
I hope you guys can keep this lovely lady flying for many more years to come as she still brings a lump to my throat and that of thousand's of hours seeing and hearing her in the sky... This lady and her sisters in the V bomber force are a big part of what we owe our continued freedom to as their deterrent effect helped to ensure WW3 never happened... When you see the USA still upgrading the B52 to fly fir another 30 plus years it makes you wonder why we couldn't do the same... we are now a toothless wonder with no way of protecting our country or striking back against an enemy beyond the range of the only strike aircraft left in the RAF.
26-01-2014 14:26
Martin Gilday ( UK )
In memory of Dave Mitchell who was a long time supporter.
26-01-2014 13:00
Mike Colton ( Allied Soecial Forces Memorial Grove , UJK )
Homepage: www.memorialgrove.org.uk
Dear Sir or Madam,

We had great pleasure in watching the flypast by the Vulcan at the Falklands Memorial dedication in 2012. A new event for all is: -

At Noon on Saturday 14th June 2014 the Falklands Memorial Way will be officially opened by the Lord-Lieutenant of Staffordshire Mr. Ian Dudson CBE.

This "Way" will link up memorials to civilian and military casualties who lost their lives during the war in 1982.

In the centre of the “Way” a memorial orchard will honour the Falkland Islanders who spied on, sabotaged and disrupted the enemy before British Forces landed.

The "Way" is located in the Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Please contact Mike Colton (ex 22 SAS) on 07929-118598 who is managing the project in the Grove.

More can be found on our website, just type Memorial Grove or Falklands Memorial Grove into google.

This is an open event and everyone is welcome, just let us kno
25-01-2014 07:45
Chris Heeley ( Nottinghaamshire , United Kingdom )
my late husband was a keen supporter of XH558 having worked on manufacturing aircraft parts for Rolls Royce in his youth he developed an interest in military aircraft. We attended many air shows over the years and saw the Vulcan fly. He was so proud of the work being done by The Vulcan to the Sky Trust
24-01-2014 18:30
David Davies ( Halifax , England )
What a load of rhubarb Mr Smith spouts .XH558 maybe noise and smoke, but what a wonderful noise and not so much smoke.Many a time my wife and I have been waiting 3 maybe 4 hours for her to take off from Doncaster but hell she was worth it and then wait for her to come back from a display somewhere in the country and see her land .MAGIC.And long may you boys keep her flying
08-01-2014 16:19
J Yeardley ( Portsmouth , uk )
I worked on Vulcans for many years mainly in the 70's and 80's. I did majors at VSF RAF Akrotiri from 72-75 then on to first line at Waddington 9 sqn, 101 and 2nd line in ESF doing mods. The funniest story I read was the foray in 73 from Cyprus to Waddington to retrieve the Tirpitz bulkhead and kidnap it back to Cyprus. The aircraft was ordered to land at Wittering where the bulkhead was smuggled into the WRAF block by a member of the crew. The bulkhead made it back to Cyprus by some devious means but I wonder where it is now? Perhaps someone out there might know?
06-01-2014 19:31
David Thompson ( Surrey , UK )
Mr Smith has a point I suppose.It does absorb lots of cash,and is all smoke and noise.Nice to keep one flying I think,but there is a long list of icons that should have been kept flying.Many enthusiasts seem to look through rose tinted glasses with tunnel vision.The Vulcan is not the be all and end all of the British aviation industry.
06-01-2014 12:34
Rich Collins ( Devon , UK )
Don’t know what the guy beneath is rambling on about noise and smoke is what seeing the Vulcan is all about plus it is a British icon and should be kept flying for future generations to see. We lost Concorde lets not lose the Vulcan again.
05-01-2014 20:29
bob smith ( keswick , england )
Vulcan.all noise and smoke. waste of money. ground it before it makes a big hole in a field.
23-12-2013 06:55
jawcrusher ( us , us )
Homepage: http://xuanshi1988.tumblr.com/
As relative newcomers to this flying icon, it seemed too hard to resist an opportunity of taking advantage of a VIP tour. Never in our wildest dreams did we envisage such a informative and wholly interesting time. Sid our tour guide was a mine of information and for us brought the Vulcan to life.