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25-05-2015 19:21
Peter gladstone ( Evesham , UK )
Okay, we will loose 558 to the sky at the end of the year,we've had 7 good years. So lets get behind a project just as important, the peoples mostquito, and lets get one flying in the uk to put a smile on the face of that great pilot Eric'Winkle'Brown
25-05-2015 10:17
tony read ( nuneaton )
happy birthday xh558 ,god bless you .long may you rule the sky
23-05-2015 10:52
Jon Mainprize ( Goole , England )
We used to go to the air displays at RAF Finninley ( Robin Hood airport ) as young children with our late father late 60s /early 70s , can still remember watching the many Vulcans scramble on the runway with all engines going ,somethings you never forget
21-05-2015 21:54
Simon ( Scarborough , UK )
Wow! Thank you for the display across Scarborough today! A VERY nice low level pass over the bay! Fantastic!
21-05-2015 16:35
Stephen Boyne ( Naburn, York , Great Britain )
XH558 just banked right over our house this afternoon whilst doing a display at Elvington. Awesome. Hope to see it back here very, very soon.
21-05-2015 16:02
simon ( scarborough , england )
wow! very unexpected visit to scarborough on 21st may 2015! the vulcan took a few people by suprise flying that low over the harbour!
19-05-2015 11:35
Sam Cole ( Adelaide , Australia )
It's an amazing achievement to see such an iconic aircraft like the Vulcan still flying in our modern skies, as a young pilot myself I can't imagine what it was like to fly this howling monster! It's so unfortunate to see this beautiful aircraft finally ending its career at the end of this year, I would've loved to have seen this amazing machine grace the skies once, but unfortunately I will not be able to. I wish the team all the best and hope that maybe one day she will return to our skies!
18-05-2015 19:22
Graham Wright ( Bury lancs , Uk )
I was a member of the R.A.F. sept 64 to April 76. Was employed as a telegraphist at R.A.F. Mildenhall in 1966-67. One of our comms tasks was to work the V force on W/t (wireless telegraphy) in contact with the Air Electronics Officer on board these magnificent machines. They flew out of Marham,Cottesmore Waddington and Wittering with their Nuclear deterrent...An enjoyable and interesting period of my time with the R.A.F. Graham Wright
16-05-2015 15:23
Barry Sutcliffe (Sooty) ( North |Yorkshire , Uk )
I was an air radar mechanic on line squadron at RAF Waddington form 1969 to 72, then in ME(A)S from 72 to 73 at Waddo. After fitters course posted to Strike Command Avionics Development and Servicing Unit at RAF Scampton from 75 to demob in78. I have done many scrambles from ORP at Waddinton and will have worked on XH558 both on the line and in the hangar. I will be sorry to see her grounded at the end of this season as it seems like the end of an era to me. I could tell you many stories about working on Vulcans in the those days, as there was excellent camaraderie amongst all ranks and trades on the line squadron. I was fortunate to do three detachments with the Vulcans, twice to Singapore and once to Malta. I look back on those days with many fond memories.
16-05-2015 10:45
Michael Hagger ( Lincoln , Uk )
Congratulations to all involved in returning 558 to airworthiness and allowing another generation to experience some of the excitement she brings to all. When I left the team I struggled to find the commitment to get involved with the return to flight process because I personally believed the task was insurmountable.THANKYOU everyone for proving me so very wrong!
16-05-2015 04:06
Ken Grimwood ( Christchurch , New Zealand )
Further to my previous message, at that same time I belief an RNZAF Flight Lieutenant established a new world bag pipes playing altitude record in that Vulcan. I do not now what or if they used QNH or FL. Probably QNH would be more appropriate.
16-05-2015 03:43
Ken Grimwood ( Christchurch , New Zealand )
About 1973 I was working about 4km from RNZAF Base Wigram here in Christchurch when I heard this awesome roar from the direction of Wigram. As it climbed into view I could see it was a Vulcan although I had never seen one before. It continued to climb at about a forty degree angle into a clear blue sky to be absorbed by the blue at high altitude. I found out about XH558 just two weeks ago and was enthralled to realise a Vulcan is still flying. I expect to be in the UK within 18 months but alas she will no longer be flying, Very well done for the effort by all to have her flying for 7 years.
15-05-2015 17:03
Nigel Middleton ( Blakedown , England )
It is with a sad heart that we have learnt today that the Great Lady will no longer be flying next season .But following her around the air shows talking to the staff and pilots she has bought us many hours of lovely memories and such a shame that she has come to the end of her flying days Thank You XH558
15-05-2015 16:41
Clive Medland ( USA )
The last time that I flew 558 was 27 December 1972. A wonderful aircraft and I'm saddened to think that her flying days will soon be over. Thanks to all who have made the last few years possible.
28-04-2015 19:22
june mckay ( United Kingdom )
I am the widow of Mike McKay who was stationed at Finningley from 1965 he was airframes engines he loved the Vulcan and wondered if anyone remembered him
25-04-2015 20:58
Zachary ( Hamilton , Canada )
This is my second favourite plane. I always see the Canadian Lancaster it's parked about a 25 minutes drive from my house
10-04-2015 11:47
Roger Penney ( Wirral , England )
10-04-2015 01:56
Herb Young ( Burlington Ontario Canada , Canada )
As a former B.A. Employee at YYZ I had the pleasure of seeing beauties like this come to do the Toronto International Airshow. Our flight operations office did flight plans and provided weather charts to the flight crews. May sh fly forever
09-04-2015 00:22
SteveChamberlain ( Yorkshire , UK )
Worked at Northern Radar (RAF Lindholme)'66-'68 and controlled more VLCN that I could shake a stick at. Unfortunately for us we seemed to be directly under the approach for Finningley. A Vulcan on approach is noticeable to say the least. On the odd occasion they did practice asymmetric approaches nothing could shut out the noise. Still it was an honour to be there at the time. We were the 'Cold warriors'.
25-03-2015 08:15
Helen Stafford ( UK )
We enjoyed a visit with our grandson during the February half term and would recommend it. Just like to correct something that was said. For a Vulcan Scramble the crew were actually sitting waiting in the aircraft not as in WW2 in a little hut at the end of the runway. Sorry.
16-03-2015 15:19
kevin skinner ( stevenage , uk )
hi just wanted to thanks for an evening of 2 great talks on Cold war and the SR71Blackbird
the guest speakers were very informative and the evening was made complete by a walk under and round the great Vulcan VH558 herself and chatting to some of the great volunteers onsite that evening
looking forward to catching XH558 at Cosford this year hoping against hope that it will not be her final year
10-03-2015 20:30
john mason ( Poynton Cheshire , UK )
Homepage: SK12 1TP
I used to work on Vulcan XH558 I wired the relay @ terminal pane in the cockpit in manufacture, also in 1982 at Woodford Cheshire
03-03-2015 17:23
Malcolm Francis ( Rudgwick Sussex , UK )
Just to say thank you for the vip tour that my wife and I did on the 24th February. We were made very welcome by the team and especially Janet our guide. I am a retired Hunter/ Hawk/ Harrier man but remembered the Vulcans when they were at British Aerospace Bitteswell. Happy Days.
27-02-2015 23:34
Bob hart ( Lancaster , UK )
Can I just say good luck to the Vulcan project for 2015 - it's great to see Heritage Lottery Find money being spent so wisely. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the military dominance of the air in the 1950s-80s than spending a hangar-load of cash (forgive the pun!) on getting the old bird airborne once again. Chocks away chaps! Hot lead to the Argie invaders ha ha!!! We salute you, giant metal death goose XH558! Over and out.
21-01-2015 13:04
Tony Peters ( Avon , England )
I was an Aircraft Mech Aiframes, from 1966 to 1971, i did a year at Cottismore on 2nd Line servicing, did my turn on QRA, then spent 4 Years at St Athan on major overhauls,I am sure XH588 would have been in over this period. I remember a Vulcan dsiplay at Cottismore XM607 I think showing of to the Combined Services College, she pulled up so steeply that the micro switch below the tail was pushed up into the main body.See flew very low over the runway what a sight and what a fantastic sound.! Bill Bedford also flew a Hurricane.Fond memories.
13-01-2015 14:24
Garry Uttley ( Chesterfield , UK )
Early memories as a boy, cycling to Finningley airshow and vivid memories of the Vulcan 'Scramble' when at least 6 vulcans took off simultaeously. I still remember the total excitement and the chest crushing noise and vibration as if it were yesterday. Later memory is of the last Vulcan leaving Finningley with all the station personnel lining the runway with caps raised in the air. Brilliant
07-01-2015 09:54
Alex Battarbee ( Andover , UK )
Good Afternoon, I wonder if anyone can help me, I am searching on behalf of a very dear friend of mine. We are trying to trace a Tony Hudson who was a Victor Tanker pilot in 1964/65/66. She lived with her parents in RAF Topcliffe and her father was WingCo Admn. He was a QFI on Linton on-Ouse on 1977 which was the last contact she had with him. Would anyone be able to assist in tracing Tony as she would dearly like to make contact with him again. If you please reply back to me as her Internet connection is very poor where she lives.
05-01-2015 23:56
Jim Hanna ( Cebu , Philippines )
Oh how I remember the late 60's early 70's during which time I was completing my Airframe mechanic / fitters courses at St Athan east camp. The Vulcans had their major service done on west camp, and anytime one was due for it's first test flight we would get the word. On hearing the bomber taxi along the runway to it's take off point at the east end of the runway we would ask permission from our instructor to leave class and watch her depart. It was a sight for sore eyes, after doing their pre take off checks the flight crew would run each engine up individually to max power. Then when they were happy with their results power would come up on all four donks. When you are standing 500 feet away from a Vulcan that is when the Earthquake begins, and your teeth start to rattle inside your gums. Great memories, of the greatest display aircraft anywhere in the universe.
29-12-2014 23:03
Denise Thorley ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
My Dad, Jack Haddock was Chief Flight Test Observer and Test Pilot at A.V.Roe, Woodford. He tested and flew XH558 and many other Vulcan Aircraft on their first and subsequent test flights from Woodford Aerodrome, over the Cheshire countryside and out and over the Irish Sea. I remember how he used to fly low over my school playground and tip the wings and how very proud I was to say 'That's my Dad' . God Bless you Dad - Denise xx
27-12-2014 18:56
w gilbert ( yeovil , uk )
saw you first in 1969 when i was on 230OCU as a NBS fitter ,looking foirward to meting you again this year
24-12-2014 21:31
Shirley ( Warwickshire )
Hi 558, just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa stops by your hangar with some pressies.
12-12-2014 18:07
thomas (geordie)harris ( alnmouth alnwick northumberland , england )
Homepage: finningley
I was based at finningly 1964-1967 as EFG elect/fitt/grnd servicing among other things the HOUCHIN elect/supply trolley i was impressed every day and night working with these aircraft.One day i was on the pan with the houchin .when in the next pan there was a loud noise and i think it was xh556 started to collapse as we saw the undercarriage retracting ,the vulcan collapsed and the nose unhinged as we just froze then we had to remove the equipment aroud the area.I also had a great memory of being on duty looking after the snatch away plugs when we had an exercise scramble we were at a safe distance as four vulcans took off,am not sure now but i think it was 1mt 49 seconds from the 1st vulcan took off and the 4th bomber was rolling ,i have always been proud of of being associated with the vulcans never expecting xh558 would be the last one to fly GREAT MEMORIES
01-12-2014 22:48
Tina ( Buckingham , uk )
I have just made my donation after a brilliant year of Vulcan spotting. Last year I hardly saw her at all, just a shadow in the distance. This year lots of displays, Gaydon being the best ever, much more of a display than we expected. Amazing! And the funniest time....Mandy, my dog Jen and myself standing in the middle of the fields waiting in the pouring rain. I yelled as I saw her and ran towards her shouting to Mandy ` dont slip on the mud`. Afterwards I turned round excitedly and Mandy was grinning happily....covered in mud `I did fall in the mud` she said ....`but I saw her!` And converting a few friends into Vulcan watchers, one being 23 years old, thinking I was bonkers and asking `what is the Vulcan?` I told her to google it. She helped me watch out at work and got excited when the Lancaster flew over. `Thats not it` she said...shes learning!
18-11-2014 13:19
Andy Biddulph ( Newark , England )
Just needed to add to the guest book the huge thanks from me and my wife Kirsty. We were the first to hold a wedding under the nose of the iconic bomber on October 11th 2014. Our family and friends loved the experience and will be talking about it for years to come! The whole Vulcan to the Sky team were so welcoming and have been absolutely fantastic the whole way through. Certainly a memorable place to get married
16-10-2014 20:54
Roy & Sue Morland ( Kings Lynn , UK )
Just read Barry's blog about our visit to Robin Hood. We were so touched by the kindness shown to us by all the "Vulcan Family" at Robin Hood, and special thanks go to Barry and Robert Pleming for everything they did to make Neils' trip a reality. It was a special day we will all remember for a very long time. As Barry states we will continue to support XH558 in Neil's memory, as he would have done. Kind regards, the Morland family.
15-10-2014 10:23
First of all I would like to appreciate the effort taken by the authorities to support XH558. I agree to the fact that small donations from various parts of the world will help save the XH558. I am sure that you will receive a lot of donations to save XH558. http://www.omnitechsupport.com
13-10-2014 20:19
Ian John ( Leeds , UK )
Just back from the visiting her at the hanger. How amazing to be able to see her up close. Thank you to everyone for showing me around - a great couple of hours. Truly an amazing piece of engineering.
13-10-2014 14:57
Chris & Reece ( Aberdeen , UK )
Visited 558 in the hanger on 8/10/14. What a wonderful afternoon myself and my son (9) had. The information brief was very informative and Reece was totally engrossed by it all (how to fit a school project round 558 is the next task). He thought it was fantastic that he could touch the AC, even if it was just one of the thousand £ tires. Had the privilege to speak to Barry Masefield who is an absolute gent. He took some pictures for us and signed Reece's haynes manual which we are both thoroughly delighted with. Now I know about the guided tours which Barry does I'm looking forward to our holiday next year where I hope to be able to book on one of Barry's tours. Was interesting but also upsetting to hear the story behind the high pressure compressor blade we have. Hopefully never to be repeated.
12-10-2014 11:35
Paul Butler ( York , UK )
Always loved the Vulcan, many good memories in the 70s when 4 use to scramble at Finningly The sight and sound was awesome. Seen 558 also at Finningly and Fenton displays. Have posted a couple of video clips on the site also.
12-10-2014 09:11
bruce bagley ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
i was stationed at raf akrotiri when we had a vulcan crash land wheels up it was a massive operation to lay a foam carpet on the runway.it involved everbody on the station
07-10-2014 19:43
Bob H ( North West , UK )
I was back in my hometown, Grantham, on September 25, when I saw it - swooping low and fast like the massive metal death goose of ancient mythology, on its way to Cottesmore, just like it were strafing the Latins at Goose Green. The majestic swoop of its anserine penumbra is worth every penny. Keep up the good work. Chocks away chaps, let's raise cash!
03-10-2014 16:30
Tina W ( waddington , england )
What an amazing season. Well done to all concerned, you have made a lot of people very very happy indeed. Thank you all.
27-09-2014 09:22
Paul Hunt ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
Homepage: http://www.mgb-stuff.org.uk/hometext.htm
After seeing her at Cosford and Little Gransden, swamped by the demand for tickets at Waddington, and disappointed she couldn't make Southport on the Saturday, Gaydon was to be our last chance this season. And what a fantastic event that was! We expected a couple of flypasts but were treated to a full-blown display over us and around us. Absolutely wonderful, and a spontaneous burst of applause from everyone there as she left.
27-09-2014 08:30
Jo Stevens ( Ramsey, Cambs , England )
I grew up with the Vulcans doing circuits and bumps over my house in Waddington on a fairly regular basis. It is the soundtrack of my childhood. I was chuffed to bits to be at Wyton on Thursday for the fabulous show put on by XH558 on her journey around the country. Simply fantastic!
27-09-2014 07:56
Lucy Hearth ( Cowbit , England )
Thursday the End of the cold war tour, wow what a day, we went to RAF Coningsby and watched you arrive and put on a fabulous show, we then sped off to RAF Waddington waiting for your arrival. Thank you so much for the spectacular flight over the wave it was truly awesome your howl bought tears to my eyes. Now I have to wait until November when my husband and I come to visit you in Doncaster. Thank you to all again for a wonderful season :)
26-09-2014 23:39
Mrs Zielinski-Smith ( Cambridgeshire , United Kingdom )
Thank you to the full team for contributing to a very moving family occasion at Robin Hood Airport. I learned so much, was captivated by the sleek Vulcan, and appreciated the respect shown by all linked to XH558. The fly past was a real choker.
26-09-2014 20:49
Shirley ( Warwickshire , UK )
Well what a spectacular finale to a momentous season! Congratulations to 558 and all who keep her flying. I was lucky to be at Gaydon site for the CWT and I was absolutely blown away by the display. The sheer numbers of people wanting to see 558 was outstanding and she got a great reception. Fantastic flying, great tribute. I hope she has gained many new followers who can help take her forward to 2015 (and beyond)
26-09-2014 13:07
A Clayphan ( Worcs )
I was gutted not to see the Vulcan at Southport last week, but I tried again at Gaydon yesterday. Wow, what a fabulous display. It was really low and did some great manoeuvres in its many passes. The sound was terrific, setting off several car alarms in the car park! Thank you so much for such a terrific experience.
26-09-2014 09:58
P.Pattison ( Lincolnshire , England )
I was disappointed not to see the Vulcan yesterday over our village, Blyton. One afternoon in1965 a Vulcan 'buzzed! Our village for best part of an hour, terrifying my toddler and small baby, as well as most of the inhabitants who were out in the street. As it was the height of the Cold War, we wondered what was going on. We never found out! Despite this, I have a soft spot for this aircraft and would have loved to see her yesterday over this same village.
26-09-2014 08:29
RALPH WORTHINGTON ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
We saw the Vulcan take off and return to Finningley yesterday 25 Sept. Never seen so many vehicles and people, including lots of children, waiting to see the Vulcan return. We were not disappointed it was an absolutely fabulous display with numerous circuits and finally, when the Vulcan land, the parachute opened. The crowd clapped and cheered and some waved Union Jacks. Thank you to Martin and all involved. An absolutely unforgettable afternoon.
26-09-2014 07:00
Elizabeth Hodder ( Bury St Edmunds , England )
Saw the Vulcan over RAF Honington yesterday afternoon. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the wonderful display. It was magic. Haven't seen it in the air since the Mildenhall Airshow many many years ago. Have made a donation today: thank you.
25-09-2014 19:11
Diane Davies ( United Kingdom , United Kingdom )
Wow, many, many thanks for the display at Gaydon today. Luckily we were on hols in the Cotswolds and drove up to see her, one of many times this year, but to see her so low to the ground and straight overhead was absolutely unmissable. We even had discounted entry to the Heritage Motor Museum too so all in all an excellent day. Thank you.
25-09-2014 18:36
Graham Edwards ( Letchworth Herts , United Kingdom )
Had an amazing day today...thanks for organising the Cold War tour...after seeing XH558 at Duxford recently I decided to make an effort to see the mighty Vulcan today....and I also decided to see if I could see her at Wyton and Wittering which I just about managed to achieve in my trusty Ford Focus...when I got to Wyton there was a big crowd on the verges...she appeared from nowhere over our heads and put on a cool display with an awesome wing over...then I headed down the lanes to Sawtry and onto the A1m while xH558 headed to Gaydon...I pulled into a lay by on the A47 just as as the Vulcan arrived for another superb display....
25-09-2014 14:28
Sue Reynolds ( Willingham , UK )
Just had the privilege of seeing the Vulcan fly over my house on its way to RAF Wyton during its Cold War flight. A truly magnificent sight.
25-09-2014 12:35
Kerry (Taff) Elt ( Venlo , Netherlands )
Posted to RAF Scampton in Feb 1958 for the reformation of 617 Sqdn with Vulcan B1Bs' Served until Oct 1959, before moving on to 17 Sqdn in Germany
25-09-2014 10:38
Keith Mitchell ( Bournemouth , England )
It was totally awesome to sea the beautiful Vulcan flying again at Bournemouth airshow 2 days running in stunning blue skies, huge thanks guys to all involved in keeping this piece of history in the air.
25-09-2014 09:48
Tony Blackman ( London , UK )
Homepage: www.blackmanbooks.co.uk
Haven't looked at the website for a bit. Very impressive and I wish I had an Android Phone to watch this year's final tour; hope you look after iPhone users soon. Pity 558 can't fly over London. Wish you all the very best for continuing this amzing project. Tony
25-09-2014 07:48
s clapson ( south lincolnshire , england )
ops room scampton 1963]4 the sound is the greatest ever
24-09-2014 14:37
June ( Sywell , UK )
15.30 watching the Vulcan over Sywell. And Blades too. Awesome
23-09-2014 12:34
mr james bunyan ( dunstable , england )
i canot find the piece of news from the seventies when the vulcan took part in thefairchild cup in the usa when the control tower staff were gasping at what the vulcan was able to do on this bombing competion. it was on the evening news itv or bbc i canot remember but it would be great to see it again.i am ex raf. conningsby.ifelt as well as heard one morning when they did a fast take off 3 of them together. the whole room shook ,things fell off lockers it was fantastic.
23-09-2014 07:50
Sue Derbyshire ( Honiton, Devon , United Kingdom )
My husband, in the RAF for 33 years, was stationed at Scampton when we married in 1976. We lived in nearby Ingham and he worked on the electrics (um, something like that) on one of the seats and so travelled in it many times. He always used to reckon the Vulcans used our washing line to help them land and the wonderful sound of them was with us throughout the day. We wives got to go inside one of them and could not believe how limited the space was in such a huge aircraft. I remember a colleague (a pilot) of my husband got put on a coca cola diet by the quack because he didn't drink alcohol, but was putting on weight from too much Coke and had to squeeze to get between the front seats. The Vulcan will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are so sorry we have been unable to see her this time - NOTHING will stop us next year She is such a beautiful aircraft I have painted her twice (poorly) in watercolour
22-09-2014 21:32
mick goodrick ( leeds west yorks , uk )
21-09-14 at aprox 16-30 observed at 53-48N 1-37W Avro Vulcan pass low overhead, bank left and appeared to lineup on Leeds Bradford runway as if to make a landing approach. Did it actually land or was it just a flyby? Where did it eventually depart Leeds for?
22-09-2014 19:55
Susan Doherty ( Otley, West Yorks , UK )
Saw this aircraft near Leeds Bradford. Truly impressive aircraft. 21.09.2014
22-09-2014 19:13
P Roberts ( West Yorkshire , UK )
Ues we also saw the Vulcan fly over near LBA. Fantastic
22-09-2014 13:04
Marion ( Cheshire )
Thank you so much for re-arranging your display at Southport. We were so disappointed when her display was cancelled Saturday due to weather. When we went back yesterday we were thrilled to hear she would do a display. Thanks from two keen Vulcan to the sky fans.
22-09-2014 08:44
Phil ( Leeds , UK )
Thought it was an earthquake, but no, Vulcan flying low over North Leeds yesterday, remember seeing one fly at Mildenhall twenty five years ago and the sound never leaves you Unmistakeable and awesome plane.
21-09-2014 18:58
Lesley Martin ( Bolton , England )
Was so disappointed not to see her at Southport yesterday that I went back today! It's the first time I've seen her fly and it was absolutely awe inspiring... something I will never forget. Keep up the amazing work you do.
21-09-2014 15:45
Jason C
We have just seen what we think was this aircraft circling Leeds and Bradford Airport...amazing plane...reminds me of Church Fenton Air Displays when I was a child.
21-09-2014 15:45
DCH Leeds ( Leeds , UK )
Sept 21 2014: 16:35. Just looked up to see the Vulcan banking across the view from my lounge window. Think maybe it did a fly-by over the old Avro works and Leeds-Bradford airport. Does anyone know?
17-09-2014 03:35
Chas Toynton ( Guatemala , Guatemala )
The cold war tour reminds me of many long hours on QRA at Scampton with some stress, a lot of laughs from my friends and crew. I always felt proud when the engines of the big birds began rumbling but a sense of relief when we stood down. The biggest memory was when we went on alert during the Cuban crisis.Wow!!! The best moments were when we did a practice scramble. To see those beautiful Vulcans climb into the sky one after the other was something to get your heart thumping and never to be forgotten. Thank you Vulcan to the Sky crew and XH558 for all you have done to make us proud. Chas the Plumber
13-09-2014 10:12
William Richards ( Castricum , The Netherlands )
My father (Wing Commander A.J.Richards OBE) used to fly Vulcans in the early 60's and actually flew XH558, which I found in his logbook. Unfortunately, he is now in a nursing home, with very limited mobility, but over the years he's told me and my sister many funny and fascinating stories about his time in the RAF, including the times he flew Vulcans. Living in the Netherlands, I don't get back to the UK as much as I would like, but will endeavour to get to see this piece of both world and personal history in the future, even if only on the ground. I can still remember living at RAF Brize Norton as a little boy and hearing the Vulcans taking off from there every now and again, my dad and myself both watching in awe with big grins on our faces :-) Thankyou all for your hard work and effort - it always brings both a joyful and a sad tear to my eye when I see her.
10-09-2014 11:00
Darren McCall ( Ayr , Scotland )
Can i just thank you guys for the show you put on for us at the Scottish Airshow a credit to the nation. I don't have bags of money but if i did i would give you all you need to survive. Hope to see you agin soon. Keep flying guys.
09-09-2014 20:01
Bob ( North west England , Uk )
Watching the mighty Vulcan swoop overhead like some massive metal death-goose is an awe-inspiring experience. The Cold War may be over but the age of the Vulcan will go on for ever. This is worth every penny. Keep up the good work.
08-09-2014 11:24
Ceri Shennan ( Ayrshire , Scotland )
Once you have experienced the sight and sound of the Vulcan it will always stay with you. My stepfather was a Vulcan Pilot, Flt Lt Anthony Michael Semark, so it was a large part of my childhood. Our home was full of Vulcan memorabilia some of which now adorns my home. Fantastic to see and hear the Vulcan again. Thank you!
08-09-2014 09:57
Tracy McConnell ( United Kingdom , Scotland )
I have watched the Vulcan from being a little girl from when it came to the Barton Airshow in Manchester every year until they stopped it. I saw her again on Saturday & Sunday at the Ayr show and lading & taking off from Glasgow Prestwick airport which is behind my house. I was as giddy as a child to see it again and for the opportunity for my three boys to see a magnificent aircraft. She didn't make a noise when she arrived and my boys said that's not loud like you said it would be....ahh just wait, then came the howl they jumped up and down with beaming smiles, they loved her as much as I always have. Surely some multi millionaires could give some money to keep her in the sky...For the generations to see. Thank you for bringing her to Scotland. Xx
08-09-2014 08:40
Robert Gould ( Dunsfold , Australia )
Homepage: Goggle
Hi I was on a remember watching the Vulcan at Gaydon years ago with my father , Great to see it is still flying Robert Gould Queensland Australia.
06-09-2014 23:25
Stephen Bileckyj ( Ealing , United Kingdom )
Homepage: Website
My family was sailing, seemingly alone, across the Thames Estuary on Sat 30th Aug when I spotted distant smoke on the horizon over Kent, and then the awesome spectacle of a Vulcan climbing, only to pass over us at low altitude towards Essex - unforgettable. Thank You Team Vulcan.
06-09-2014 22:38
Colin Duncan ( Edinburgh , Scotland )
Went to the air show in Ayr for the sole reason of seeing the Vulcan fly. Awesome. Dont need to say anything else
06-09-2014 19:57
Gordon Stewart ( Irvine , Scotland, UK )
Fantastic display at Ayr bay today. Very well done!
06-09-2014 19:14
Jim Allison ( Carlisle , England )
Many thanks for the memories, from an old Brylcreme Boy of the 50's. I had the pleasure of seeing XH558 on it's flypast at Carlisle Airport on 6 Sept 2014, en route to the Scottish Airshow. A wonderful sight and sound. " Lang may your lumb reek."
06-09-2014 15:40
Robert Irving ( Houghton , Carlisle , GB )
I have seen the vulcan display on a number of occasions now, so got a surprise five minutes ago when I heard those marvelous engines as it just flew over my house, on its way to display at Ayr. Made my day - thanks.
06-09-2014 12:12
colin poole ( Daventry , England )
Over the years I watched the Vulcan in White livery with the other V force aircraft. At Farnborough when taking off having to hold your chest because of its power then watching the pilot roll it above our heads. Then as the test bed for the Concord engines bolted underneath. Now still flying what a tremendous achievement many congratulations to all. Thank you, Colin
05-09-2014 21:31
rick bolt ( Letchworth Garden City , England )
Thank you for the displays at Little Gransden and Bournemouth a truly awesome experience!!!
04-09-2014 15:54
Mike Wilkinson ( Vancouver , Canada )
Have just returned to Vancouver after 5 weeks touring in England and Scotland. Finished off trip at my sister's house in Poole and was able to watch the Vulcan fly by from the east cliffs at Bournemouth, on Saturday 30th of August. It was my 69th birthday, what a fantastic birthday gift. I was stationed at RAF Waddington from 64 to 68 and also did 18 months in Goose Bay. I continued to have a love for the Vulcan and enjoyed seeing it at the Abbotsford Air Show in British Columbia. A good day and month, 30th August. Good Luck for 2015, Mike
04-09-2014 11:07
Colin Woodhousd ( Midlands , UK )
My wife and I visited The Vulcan Experience yesterday What wonderful 'Experience' it was! I chose a VIP day (Wed 03 Sept, 11.00) to give my wife the best chance of seeing her name on a Bomb Bay door plaque - and we were given a fully detailed tour of the aircraft. To my eternal shame, I cannot remember the name of the Volunteer who looked after us so well. However, we would both like to thank him for his time, and for sharing with us his knowledge and experience of the Vulcan. Many thanks! I can wholeheartedly recommend the VIP visit. Colin --
03-09-2014 15:16
Lin Corrie ( Norfolk )
My late husband and l used to see Vulcans flying out of what was then RAF Finningley when we lived nearby in the early 70's. He was lucky enough to be shown over one as his boss was a retired Vulcan navigator. They were part of every day life and we never dreamt then that the time would come when just a solitary one would still be flying. XH558 MUST be preserved, she's magnificent, beautiful and a UK icon.
02-09-2014 20:01
Caroline Michelle Moss ( grimsby , england )
I have always admired the vulcan, but living in humberside most my life I had never in real life seen it. When it came to humberside airport in june 1994 it went to see iteven though I sighed my self out of hospital being 2 weeks overdue of my third child. The thrill was so excilleratiting I had my daughter 2 days later. I have followed the vulcan through waddington and farnborough ever since, as well as cleethorpes last year. I think it is the utmost disgrace that our government is not willing to keep our national beauty alive. Shell
02-09-2014 11:46
Anthony Hopkins ( Rustington , UK )
I saw 558 at the Shoreham Air Show on Saturday, having visited her in the hanger and followed 558 for some time this was the first time I had managed to see her display. I have managed to get a few good photos, but using a camera with tears streaming down your face is quite a challenge. What a beautiful and awe inspiring sight 558 is, words can't do her justice! She just has to be seen to be appreciated. It was amazing to see that even today the Vulcan effect still happens. 558 finished her display and up went the Strikemaster, but the crowds were already leaving in their thousands! Here's to a long and happy future for XH558. Many thanks to Dr Robert Pleming and everyone at Vulcan to the Sky for doing such a fantastic job!
02-09-2014 10:45
Chris garrod ( Cheadle hulme , England )
I am 60 and used to watch them take off from woodford All the time I knew it was coming out from the roar.of the engines, and still think she is beautiful.
01-09-2014 20:45
Lucy Coulbeck ( Barnsley , United Kingdom )
How amazing it was to see the Vulcan at Bournemouth air show this year. Twice!! I love her! she was so graceful in the sky. x
01-09-2014 16:00
Jeremy & Laura Burgoyne ( Ryde , UK )
Dear Team Vulcan. A great big 'Thank you' for our triple flyover at Headon Warren down (near Needles Isle of Wight) on saturday - as you marked time for your Bournemouth display - and a climbing roll at the show? Donation in the e post. Regards J
01-09-2014 13:16
Ian Andrews ( Dorchester , UK )
Saw XH558 on Saturday at the Bournemouth Air Show. Hadn't seen it since Mildenhall in August 1992; it was worth the wait. After an initial fly-past from East to West she circled over the sea before coming towards the crowd and climbing hard ... then the howl. I struggled to take pictures as tears streamed down my face ... astonishing and quite beautiful. You all do a fantastic job.
01-09-2014 11:00
Trish Hewson ( Barley,Herts , U K )
We were travelling home on the M4 yesterday from Devon and were delighted to see the Vulcan about 3.45pm near Swindon, a wonderful sight absolutely made our day,thank you for keeping this amazing aircraft flying!
01-09-2014 10:37
Paul ( Solihull )
Another brilliant display at Little Gransden, flying towards the flight-line then opening up to give the howl and the sound of the engines as she banked round was fantastic. And the wing over at the end seems to be getting more and more, can we expect a full roll next year :o)
01-09-2014 10:14
lance bradnam ( ox17 , u.k. )
thanks for fly-over-today returning to base.what a sight
01-09-2014 06:57
Hendy ( Derby , UK )
Homepage: http://www.puteramentari.com
what a wonderful experience watching Vulcan flying over my house with my beautiful fiancee.
31-08-2014 23:34
Lisa ( Finstock , Uk )
Wow - saw the Vulcan fly low over our garden - spectacular sight! What a surprise...
31-08-2014 22:09
Lesley ( Cricklade , UK )
Young (ATC; aspiring pilot) nephew was totally thrilled to see you overhead near Cricklade today. Spent the rest of our walk educating me on Vulcan facts and stats. Thank you for making his day;
31-08-2014 20:25
Peter Bearne ( Bournemouth , UK )
A great bonus seeing the Vulcan at Bournemouth this weekend, it brought back memories of when I was a kid, seeing it flying over the Quantock hills in the late 70's and early 80's, Keep up the good work
31-08-2014 19:36
Valerie Hunt ( United Kingdom )
Great to see X558 at Bournemouth on 2 days. Loved the roar. She looked super today in the sunshine. Have ordered a cap & made a donation plus a pledge.