Money for old rope!  Well, from your old ink cartridges and phones

Collect together, and turn all unwanted ink cartridges and mobile phones into valuable funds.

We have teamed up with Empty Cartridge Recycling Limited who specialise in recycling for charities to turn waste into hard cash.

Already many of you have started collecting: thank you, and please keep collecting, and posting your cartridges and phones. If you need to have some free-post return envelopes, then just request them here:

Also, if you club together with friends, neighbours, work, schools, you can boost funds even more for our recycling scheme - again, at no cost whatsoever.


Why not start your own group collecting scheme?

Here is all you need to do:

1. You just need to set up a cardboard box, in a central collecting point, e.g. by a drinks machine at work, where people gather.

2. Click here to download and print labels to stick on each side of your box (and keep the downloaded pdf for replacement boxes).

3. These labels give clear instructions on what can be recycled, and how to get them collected

4. Set up as many collection boxes as you like, there is no limit!

5. We can take used and also unused ink cartridges: just think how many are thrown away, or else lie in drawers and cupboards!

6. When you have a good batch ready for recycling, just call our recycling partner (on 01908 371929) and they will come and collect, at no cost to you.

7. Then just start a new collection box.

So, please get your cardboard box ready, download and print the labels here, and start your group collecting. If you can send us a monthly batch, each month will keep us heading towards our 2015 goals!

Thank you.