Save your stamps and send to us,but please help us by separating them to correct types.

Christmas cards are the ideal source of additional stamps at this time of year!

All you have to do:

* cut the stamps from the envelope, leaving a border of about 5mm or 1/4 inch around the stamp (any denomination is acceptable)

* sort UK mainland stamps from 'everywhere else' (Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Eire are 'everywhere else')

* post them to:

Vulcan To The Sky Trust, 1 & 2 Venture Court, Dodwells Road, Hinckley, LE10 3BT

* mark the envelope 'STAMPS' in the top left hand corner (this helps us sorting the mail each day)

* If sending stamps from UK and everywhere else in the same envelope, please enclose them in separate internal envelopes or bags (this saves us a lot of time sorting them)

* (a second class stamp buys you 100g of weight, so get your money's worth, and send as many as you can!)

The Royal Mail forecasts 700 million cards this season. So, please help in whatever way you can to turn wasted stamps into valuable funds for XH558!

Thank you.