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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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Stephen Maurice

Saw her today@ Duxford Great Flyby. Can't wait for RIAT and underwing views + of course 2 displays. Thanks for the hard work behind the V force fly by days.

Edwin Todd

Just returned from visiting family in Carlisle and had the privilege of seeing XH558 fly over XJ823, probably for the last time. Can we thank the aircrew for such a magnificent display. It was awesome. At the end there was serious applause as well as more than a few tears. Thanks, also, to the ground crew who helped to make this possible.

mike dunnett

I was at Boscome Down when the Vulcan was at standby at the end of the runway 24/7. I was an armourer so worked on them. What an aircraft. There were many practice take offs with the aircrew hurtling to the aircraft in Landover's. And the roar on take offs was just mind blowing What an aircraft- there will never be another aircraft to match it. Very sad to see it go out of service.

Phil Ashton

Saw her today on route from Southend to Norwich. Brought back many memories. Thanks.


What a thrilling treat to see the wonderful Vulcan fly right over my flat today into Coventry airport! OMG absolutely exhilarating! I was also lucky enough to see her in Somerset last weekend for Weston display. Absolutely magical. Thank you x

Button Edward

I remember these wonderful planes flying over RAF Nocton Hall Hospital,where I was stationed ion 1959/60 as a Medical Technician,truly a great site to see and hope we see it today as it comes to RAF Marham,but a lot of low cloud may be a problem.

Lee shaw

How comes it never flew around the south west of England ? I'm sure loads of people would have loved to see such an iconic aircraft!

Eddie Mansfield

Wonderful short display at RAF Cosford yesterday 27th June 2015. A memorable sight to many veterans and their families attending there for Armed Forces Day. Thanks to all concerned.


Sadly this great aircraft will not be flying over Wales, can someone explain why? Remember seeing it at St Athen Air Show some years ago going into a virtually vertical climb, amazing.

Dick Bateman

As James Harrison's young nephew I was lucky enough to be allowed to sit with him in the cockpit of a Vulcan on the ground at Farnborough on a Press Day in, I think, the late 50's ..Memories which were rekindled with affection when this beautiful craft flew low over our village a few years ago.