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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

We rely on many small public donations to keep XH558 maintained. If you can consider a donation, please visit our this page.

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Mark Taylor

Outstanding display at Carlisle today, I've seen this aircraft several times now. Please keep this stunning aircraft flying, surely the govt can do something to make this happen?


So gutted I did not see it fly over Silverdale & Keele as the route showed. I was really looking forward to it :(

Brian Normington

Saw you today flying over Woodford, great display. Last saw the old lady at Finningley way back in the 60s in the RAF. Just great to hear the mighty engines roar again after nearly 48 years. You made an old man very happy today- many thanks to the air crew and ground crews for all the hard work and another great display.

Barry Williams

Many thanks to all concerned for Barton airport flypast 27th June. Absolutely brilliant


Went to see it fly over en-route from Carlisle to Manchester, weather was brilliant for it. We were lucky enough to get up close and personal after the return from Cyprus in the 70s and this fly-by felt very emotional. If Tom Barton ever reads this please get in touch, still in the same place!

David Bond

Like everything in this country, the 'Mighty Bird'is only scheduled to appear in Scotland at E Fortune, Edinburgh. After serving with 1 Group in the'60 I loved the roar of those engines and the magical movement of the beast. Alas, I guess I will never see or hear you again. A pity it couldn't have managed a few more hundred miles north. Now you can RIP (Roarin Peace )

Phil Waite

I was one of the very many who guarded this Famous aircraft while serving in the Royal Air Force Police stationed at RAF Waddington between 1970 and 1972. I will be in Eastbourne to see this very gracious lady say Farewell. It will be a very sad day for all of us. Good Luck to all the aircrew and ground crew who have kept her flying for so long.

ian ogden

I worked on XH558 at 230 OCU 1962/65 am constantly amazed by the superb shape and technicalities of it,s originality. It was an honour to be allowed as an 18 year old sprog to learn my trade on this aircraft. From the Joystick (can I say that?) to the Mixer Box to the PFCU in the tail I can almost see me working on it now. Then there was the moment of Take Off.... Power Grace and the NOISE. Always pleased when six hours later they came back. Many thanks to C/Tech Jim Brocklebank and others for helping my career go forward.

Jean Bev Neil Hall

William Hall was a big supporter of Vulcan To The Sky, sadly he passed away on 6 June 2015. We hope our donation will help this wonderful charity continue on.

Roy Rigby

I am proud that I worked on these wonderful aircraft from1966 to1972. I was based at RAF Scampton in the MEAS section, where all the major servicing and repair was carried out.