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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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Raymond Aimson

Iremember walking to school in the sixties with Vulcan thundering above me in flynig in and out of Ringway Airport Manchester such a wonderful experience and one I still talk about particularly with those that may never see one.

Rowena Purdy

TheLincolnshire group of the Porsche Club of Great Britain and the 912 Register would like to thank the Vulcan for flying over Belvoir Castle on Sunday 21 Jun and giving us all a view of this woinderful and iconic aircraft. How about an overfly of Althorp House on 15 Aug whilst the PCGB celebrates its annual National Event?

Nigel MacNicol

I first met XH558 on 4 Feb 1961 on 230 OCU at Waddington, where those of us who had served a tour on Vulcan Mk 1, converted to Mk2. She was 3 months old and gleaming white. I was the AEO. My crew flew in that one 7 times, including 2 return flights to Idris in Tripoli. My crew joined 27 Sqn and our final flight in her was on 10 May 61. Waddington - Scampton. Anyone know which squadron she went to after that?

John N Wells

My first posting in thE RAF was to 7 Sqn Aircraft Component Repair Flight (ACRF), 'the rectification/structural repairs bay at RAF St Athan working Vulcan Victor, Buccaneer and Canberra components. Vulcan Radomes, U/C component Doors, ECU Doors and many other structural components. Radomes and Fibreglass repairs were my forte alongside my colleagues Cpl Stephen Heather, Cpl Dave Pritchard, Bill Sheppherd JT ? Chessun and MANY other 'Saints' RAF personnel. Best Wishes for thE FINAL TOUR, crews and Groundcrew

derek stevens

As a kid in the 60's living in Poynton we had all of the V Bombers flying in and out Woodford on a regular basis. At the time we thought it was a noisy intrusion but now look back with fond memories of their fly-overs. Hope to see the Vulcan again on Saturday

Ric Jones

So many memories I remember building them at Woodford Avro's back in the 60s amazing aircraft so beautiful in the sky????


I took my children to see this amazing bird fly as it is reported that this year will be the last so a chance to see it fly was not to be missed, well done to all those involved in the display at Weston as it was a truly unforgettable day. I only hope this year is not the last that we see this beauty in the skys.


Can anyone tell me what time the flypast will be at Woodford and are you able to get on the old grounds? As most of the area is a demolition site


Wonderful display of XH558 at Weston-super-Mare on June 21st. This was a heartfelt display and wonderfully executed. Thanks to everyone who has committed themselves to keeping this beautiful aeroplane flying for as long as they have.

Mrs. C. Davies-Gallagher

Just seen the Vulcan flying at the Weston Air Show today. What can I say? Fabulous, awesome, elegant and poignant. I remember visiting RAF Finningley regularly as a child and seeing Vulcans there (and standing under the wings when it rained). Hearing "that sound" today, was something special.