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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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Jane Lowe

My family will be waiting for Vulcan fly past at Woodford next Saturday with much pride, in memory of my father, Jimmy Harrison, Chief Test Pilot, who took me up in that magic aircraft as a small child over fifty years ago! Breathtaking.

Mrs Cynthia Hollingworth

I am still buzzing from seeing my top-favourite aircraft XH558 over Welshpool. Thank you so much to the team for the memories you bring back to many people. I first saw a Vulcan (4 of them, actually) at Finningley Air Day, 1961, where my new boyfriend was stationed. He was an armourer, and worked on XH558, along with others. I can still feel the ground shaking when 4 Vulcans scrambled, and I've loved them ever since. That boyfriend became my husband of 50 years, before he died last year, and his name is now carried in the bomb-bay as his memorial. I was at Welshpool with our family to say our goodbyes to a beautiful bird.


Thanks for a fantastic display from 558 at Welshpool on Sunday. It took me back to childhood airdays with my dad who, as an "Erk" had serviced Vulcan radars. I must confess to a brief tear as she thundered off over the horizon into Shropshire, just thinking that I shall never see (or hear!) the mighty V bomber ever again


Saw this magnificent plane yesterday at cosford and bought a tear to my eye to think it will never fly our skies again after this year well done to all involved

Liz Cawley

Finally got to see her in Flight at Cosford yesterday, breathtaking. I will most certainly go to see her again before she retires


First saw the Vulcan many years ago at the old Manchester Air Show a magnificent sight, could you do a fly past on July 5th the airshow has been re- introduced again. XH558 has many fans here it would be fantastic to get a last glimpe.


I am so sad to not see 558 not bypassing the numerous airfields in the south ,fairford , brize . You have massive supporters in these areas than you think . I can't get to scamp ton or surrounding airfields . Let us see a fly through hp15 6au , high Wycombe , my father was an raf engineer through the Cold War based in Cyprus . Went on to Concorde . He & I are totally mad on 558 , we would love to have the opportunity to see history being made , plz reconsider your route for this


I lived in Lincoln for over 40 years and remember as a child, our teacher having to stop talking whenever a Vulcan flew overhead. I also remember lying in bed at night listening to the sound of Vulcan engines being tested. When the sound stopped suddenly, I thought they were going to crash. I now know better. I plan to travel to the UK this July to see XH 558 fly for her last season. I am excited about my trip and hope to see her fly on more than one occasion. I have great memories of clambering aboard 558 at Waddington when a member of the Vulcan Association with Peter Quike. It's a great shame that this will be her last flying season, but her memory will live on in the minds of untold people; myself included. Have a safe and great flying season.

Lucy Lawson

Fantastic suprise to see the Vulcan flying around Scarborough seafront today. A beautiful sight, made my day in the sunshine to see such a rare roaring beauty

Michael Corke

I was 7 on the Isle of Wight when I used to see a white line high in the sky, my dad said that's a Vulcan. I am now 63 and still love that plane, she did us proud and we should look after her in retirement. Michael in Cape Town.