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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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What a fab day at Southport . I read that the pilot of the Vulcan likes to fly southport as he comes over the hills onto the crowd. What you miss are the shrieks of joy as people spot the plane and then the silence that decends as everyone is mesmerized by the sheer size and gracefullness of the plane and skill of the pilot as it manoeuvres . Goosebumps!!! Thank you .

David Shiels

THANK YOU Today was the 3rd anniversary of my father's death (Vulcan Crew Chief 50 Sqn C/T Eric Shiels ) The display at Southport was breathtaking and a beautiful farewell. It will remain as memorable as those times Dad took me to work & let me climb on board at Waddington. Fantastic, best wishes for the future to all involved.

Chris Fallon

Along with thousands of others from Widnes and Runcorn I am thoroughly disgusted at the decision to cancel the Vulcan fly past over the Silver Jubilee bridge prior to the Southport Air Show. The reasons cited are due to concerns regarding public safety and the very strong likelihood of extreme traffic congestion in the area. Has anyone looked at this area recently ? There is severe traffic congestion EVERY DAY because of the new bridge construction. Roads are closed and diversions imposed constantly. And how difficult would it be to ask the police to close the bridge for 15 minutes prior to the proposed fly past ? If they can close it for a half marathon road race then surely they can do it for an historic occasion like this. The people in charge of making decisions such as this need to stop bowing down before the great god of Health and Safety and start realising that the public interest is actually what the public want.


My father Neill Jones worked on the Vulcan whilst in the RAF at St Athens 1965-1968. He sadly passed away last month and the family have asked for donations to go to "Vulcan to the skys trust". It was always one of dad's favourite planes during his time in the RAF. A magnificent plane such a shame that it is grounded the same year as our father.

Hugh butterworth

I see Alan MacDonald posted on here back in August. My father was on 617 squadron 1963 to 1965, when we lived at scampton. I believe we were next door neighbours on Lancaster drive.? Lots of memories of white vulcans and the cold war tensions. Dad flew amongst many xl318 ,the Vulcan that is now at hendon to the Chicago airshow in 1965

Deborah White-Carpenter

I have see Vulcan few times and I am glad that I have see her flying around at Fairford air show. It's good to see the real thing......very beautiful areoplane is my favorite. I do love very loud HOWL sounds. I am happy to see her flying up there and enjoyed my day out. The team have done very well and worked very hard to look after very nice beautiful lady Vulcan that go into my heart. I shall visit her one day in the museum.


I was lucky enough to be able to see this beautiful aircraft for the first and last time this weekend at the Ayr/Prestwick airshow. To say it took my breath away would be a complete understatement! Truly amazing, thank you for all the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in bringing her back to the skies for these past years.

Colin McCallum

Saw XH558 at The Scottish airshow .The Vulcan just showed it is aircraft royalty not many aircraft in history can claim to be that . I can't thank the many people enough for bringing the Vulcan to the sky again . It's a dream of mine to one day climb aboard and sit in the pilots seat.Happy retirement my old friend. Colin

derek russell

I absolutely love vulcans ever since I saw a vulcans at RAF Manston at the air show still have the photo. Love everything about her . She is the best thing ever and a fire runner to most of today's flying technology. Me and my family are avid fans of XH558 I also love XM607 as well. She is the mutts nuts so to speak. Such a shame she will never fly again. If i had the money... I can dream xx

David connel

Fantastic landing under pressure today well done guys beautifully controlled .