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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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christine cameron

My father loved the Vulcan and supported XH558 until his death in 2012. When I see her fly I always think of him. It is very sad that her flying days are nearly over. She will always be an iconic plane. God Bless Her.

Christine Cumbers

My brother and I lived at RAF scampton in 1962 when my father was stationed there as a chief technician and was in charge of one of these majestic Vulcans. We were living adjacent to the runway and were able to regularly watch the aircraft taxi into position before taking off. We had a grandstand view from my brother's bedroom window. The roar of the Rolls Royce engines and the smell of the kerosene will remain with me forever, although back then the aircraft were not camoflaged but were painted white. To me this made them look even more impressive ! It was a magical time for us as young children but of course we had no idea that what we were witnessing was so very special and momentous and it was just the 'norm' to see the planes flying in and out of the camp. Surely she was indeed one of the most spectacular and elegant aircraft to grace the skies and it still gives me goose bumps to see one airborne.

Nick Jones

In 1989 I was a Cpl in the RAF police stationed at RAF Scampton. I spent 15 months watching the magnificent Vulcans taking off and landing in day after day. My abiding memory is during exercises I could spent 12 hours standing in front of one of the aircraft on the QRA waiting for the crew to be scrambled. After checking the crew were who they said they were I would then have to move behind the aircraft at a reasonable distance and lay down in the grass covering my head as all four aircraft took off in quick succession. A fantastic experience often followed by a trip to the Naafi for a hot drink and meal.

Stephen Phillips

My first amazement at the beautiful Vulcan was when it flew directly overhead at the age of 8 at RAF St.Athan's airshow. 34 years later, i used several apps. to pinpointed an exact location 49 miles from home on it's route yesterday and was so pleased to witness it's elegance for the last time over Wales. The time was 16.16. The location was Ystradgynlais. Little did I know until I returned home that I was extremely close the sad crash site of XH536. I wonder if this is the reason for the flight path....Goodbye to a truly beautiful and awesome aircraft!

Ali Clark

I was lucky to see her at Dunsfold yesterday (29.8.15). TOTALLY AMAZING! She was the reason I went + I'm so glad I did, plus I met Paddy, one of her ex-pilots (1963-76). She is beautiful + graceful, with that awesome howl. It's astounding how this magnificent plane gets under your skin and into your heart. She will be missed in the skies. Thank you for taking care of XH558 so well and long may she have a happy, even if grounded, retirement.......with lots of visitors who she has also captured the hearts of!!

Jason Beck

Myself and my wife were at Rhyl airshow yesterday. All I can say is WOW!! It's the greatest aircraft I've ever seen. What an eye opener. Mixed emotions seeing this great aircraft. We feel lucky to have witnessed such an iconic aircraft. Brilliant!!! Thank you to all involved in getting her to sunny Rhyl. Going to see her again at Southport air show next month.

andrew florey

I was lucky enough to see this beautiful aircraft at dartmouth regatta yesterday standing alone on a hillside i had my own private diplay as she flew overhead numerous times, i watched in awe with a tear in my eye knowing it would most likely be the last time i would see her airbourne. I like many thousands of others will be so sad to see her go. Its such an iconic plane it seems a crime to ground her! Airshows will be poorer without that vulcan howl. Thank you to all involved in keeping her in the air. I am joining the vulcan to the sky trust today.

Mike Woodward

It will be a sad day when XH558 stops flying, she's part of our heritage. I have a girlfriend who live in Elvington and many times we see Xh558 test flying. When I was growing up by Manchester airport I used to watch Vulcans touch and go on the runway, god did those windows rattle when she opened up. I was in the aircadets 320 squodren and we went to Conningsby for a week which was home to Vulcans. We accidently saw Blue steel which was hush hush at the time, anyway I was one of the lucky few to have to have gone up in one, cant see much out and a tight squeeze, those are my memories at least I'll be able to see XH558 at Robinhood airport.


Thanks for your spectacular exit from Cambridge today, the sight and sound was something to raise the hairs ! Live Long & Prosper in glorious retirement. ????

Sarah Kemp

Amazing fly past at Cambridge Airport. Feel proud to be part of the Marshall Group!