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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

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Dave Miller

I Have been lucky to see her fly twice this season Throckmorton & East Midlands and saw her fly years ago at Tollerton & Finningly and Waddington and I am dam sure to go and see her again before she bows out. Such a British icon.... Beautiful, Amazing, Magnificent, Awesome, and most of all British, Thanks to everyone who have supported the Vulcan you are the people why I had the privilege of seeing her fly... Our politicians should hold their heads in shame to let this lady go.

Alan McDonald

I flew 558 3 times during my conversion to the Vulcan from the Valiant. The first occasion was only my 2nd trip on the Vulcan and we were diverted to Lossiemouth! Went onto fly with 27 Sqn with Blue Steel. Shame that this is the last flying season - I would like to see 558 airborne one more time, but I am not up to airshows these days. My regards to all those who have looked after her and flown her these past few years.

Heather Hasthorpe

My husband was stationed at RAF Waddington and in 1989 having saved for ages for a camcorder to video our young daughters early years, first day out , Vulcan made its usual fly past over the garden and cracked the screen ! It was our favourite lady- all was forgiven ! loved her then and more so now, sad she is retiring but feel privileged to have her as part of our special memories. Thank you to all crew past and present. Sad farewell recently as she flew over Norwich airport, the camera stood up well, I was not so good, lots of tears ! xxx

Sian Collins

Saw the Vulcan twice at RIAT this year aswell as several other airshows. Am devestated that this will be her final display season. Nothing else comes close to this beauty, the noise and the power gives me goosebumps. Seeing her with the red arrows at RIAT made me feel more patriotic than anything else l remember. Praying for a miracle, long may she fly.

Cliff Minors

It was my great pleasure to watch Vulcan fly last year at the Bournemouth Air Show. I hope to go again this year as she is truly a wonderful piece of engineering, and to hear her famous engine howl again will be just great. It has to be said that the decision by the necessary authorities to withdraw their technical support for this great aircraft is at the very least regrettable, surely people could be found with the expertise needed to keep Vulcan airborne? Is it REALLY in everyone's best interests to allow this fine airplane to become grounded? Surely it's not too late to reverse this decision? If it is, thank you Vulcan for many great memories, taxiing up and down a runway surely won't ever be the same!

mark wilde

been on the hangar tour, seen this beauty take off and also the fly past with the "reds". glad I lived to see this beauty and of course her "sister" concord, watched her take off and land as well. sadly miss both of them.

Sally Beer

Seeing XH558 display and flypast with the arrow at RIAT on Sunday was, once again an amazing and moving experience. I am so grateful to you all for giving me, my son and many others the privilege of seeing her in the skies. We have some amazing pictures of Sunday and of XH558 landing with her chute, to add to our collection. I`m going to miss her and , no doubt, the huge buzz of excitement from the crowd as she soars into action.


Just told my mum (who worships the Vulcan and the red arrows) that this is her last year of flight. She's going to Bournemouth air show to see her one last time. She treasures the days that the Vulcan flew up her garden (she lived under the flight path of biggin hill air base) and rattled the windows!!!! ???? she is so happy she got to stroke the wheel at cosford. Going to be sad to see her go the way of concord and the harriers.

Inglis Wightman

During 1986-1988 my wife worked at Shuttleworth Agriculture College. Knowing the farm tracks we sneeked in for a picnic on the grass at the end of the runway and watched mainly 1st WW old planes float by. Unknown to us a Vulcan was booked to do a slow run down the grass strip. Then the commentator announced the Vulcan was to show its vertical climb ability right above us. We were deafened, battered into the ground; our picnic went everywhere; But we survived a memorable occasion.

Capt Bruno Reichenbach

I first saw the beautiful VULCAN during the Viet-Nam war at Andersen AFB, Guam. I walked all around the VULCAN, but didn't tour the inside. While flying the US NAVY EC-24 on an electronic warfare exercise with the RAF from Waddington RAF base I had the honor to tour the former Gate Guard while undergoing maintenance checks. The Vulcan is magnificent. I still have the crew photo, but lost the names on a separate piece of paper. Cheers, GOD bless England and the Queen. Bruno Reichenbach