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We would love to hear your memories of Vulcans back in their service days or when seeing XH558 display since her restoration as the last airworthy example of the V-Force. Sadly, 2015 was her last season of flight. 

We rely on many small public donations to keep XH558 maintained. If you can consider a donation, please visit our this page.

If you wish to contact the team that looks after XH558, then please email: enquiries@vulcantothesky.org

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Vulcan to the Sky Guestbook

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Clive Tudge

Love hearing the stories and watching the videos of 558. First worked on Vulcans at Boscombe Down, Concorde engine tests and EMP tests.

David Windebank

I had the honour to provide airfield bird control at Bruntingthorpe just before her first flight after restoration. Beautiful Lady.

Ron Williams

I travelled over from Germany (where I work and live now) on Saturday 18th. to Fairford especially to see XH558 fly in ist last flying year. The grace and power bought tears to my eyes as I watched the Display. The memories flooded back to when I worked on Vulcans at RAF St.Athan from 1969 to 1972. What a loss to the skies when she retires.

John Plant

What an amazing achievement to restore, certificate and maintain this complex aircraft. Credit to everyone, especially those who have found innovative ways of raising money and to the crews who have stepped back in time to fly this icon for us.

Allister Burdett

Saw the Goddess fly at Fairford yesterday for (my) last time. Unique in the way she owns the sky - her shape, here grace . . . that other-worldly howl. Along with the EE Lightning she will always remain the most beautiful plane I have ever seen or will likely ever see. I feel truly fortunate that my children were also able to witness her majesty for the last time.

Cherrie Stephens

I was stationed at Waddington in the early sixties in Air Traffic Control, Awesome flying in the Vulcan with pilot Albert Wallace 44 squadron, 1962. Goose pimples and butterflies just remembering the take off, high speed turns and that ROAR. Words can't describe the excitement scrambling into the Vulcan in a flying suit several sizes too big for my 7 stone frame! Luckily my home town is Eastbourne and I will be there to see the last flight and shed a tear.

Alan Bell

I was born (1950) into and served 22 years. Many fond memories of Open Days and Airshows around the World, they were never the same without the Victor, Valiant and a 'tactical' takeoff of the Vulcan. The ground shook and it seamed the world would come to the end.....every time. Never failed to impress. Sad that it has to come to the end of its flying days, happy retirement

Alison Warren

Finally got to see XH558 fly at the Welsh National Air Show last saturday. Highlight of the show for me picture's galore on my camera to be treasured.


When I was working in Brecon in the late 70's early 80's a Vulcan frequently flew passed our office near the Beacons. Just Awesome! (May be it was XH558 practicing for the Falklands campaign? I like to think so.) Just heartbroken we wont see Her flying again. I do hope she doesn't end up rotting away like so many. x

John Bunnett

Yesterday was the first and last time I've seen a V Bomber flying close up. A great display that pleased the thousands of people around the Swansea Bay. The noise of your Vulcan will stay with me forever, along with the sound and smell of a steam engine. Thank you for coming to Wales.