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May Engineering Update

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: Engineering

So close and yet so far!

Well another away day safely under our belt and safely back at Bruntingthorpe, with all of the Flight Test Schedule completed it was sit and wait for the results.

The few minor problems XH558 had landed with were soon rectified, such as the dolls eye, cockpit accelerometer which had also been sticking. With one of the PTR1751/AD120 radio?s still not up to scratch it was removed and sent to be checked at Serco (RAF Cranwell), where they actually managed to trace a fault to the UHF part of the radio and repaired it. Finally we replaced No4 Alternator voltage regulator as it was not performing as well as the others.

Just before the Cold War Jets Open Day we receive the results from MA on the Flight Tests and some more minor adjustments were required on the New Garmin Radio, the new Air Data Display Unit (New Altimeter) and the new Distance Measuring Equipment requires further checking, all in all another Flight Test.

So on to the Cold War Jets Open Day and not the best of weather, the 14 day Anti-Det was due and it was decided to carry this out during the Open Day to try and give a little bit back to all of our supporters who have stuck by us throughout. We started the day off with the AAPP run along with the Flying Controls and Bomb Doors. The rest of the day we spent talking to all the visitors and giving quick tours underneath our great big umbrella!! At the close of the open day we took XH558 out on the runway to carry out the Engine Runs and also check the voltage regulator we had replaced. As usual the end of the day as we towed 558 home it started to brighten up, I would just like to add my thanks to everyone who not only braved the weather but stayed on to watch the run as it means a lot to the Engineer?s.

With the aircraft serviceable and all of the OOP?s up to date once again it was time for what hopefully will be our last Flight Test. This flight was to be slightly different as it had been arranged with the CAA if the Flight Test was successful then we could have gone straight in to a practice display and with a bit of luck received our initial Display Authorisation and then just be waiting for the elusive Permit to Fly. However this did not go as planned after the refuel was carried out there was a problem with No2 tank fuel reading being erratic; this was traced to a co-ax connector to the fuel amplifier above the fuel tank which was re-terminated. This would have caused about an hours delay but as we were on a weather hold it wasn?t a problem, unfortunately the weather hold lasted all day and the flight was eventually cancelled.

Well that?s all for now hopefully we will be busy again soon and thank you all for your patience and continuing support and a special thank you to everyone who took the time out to support us on the 30th May especially the Emergency Services who gave up their valuable time.

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