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April Engineering Update

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: Engineering

A couple of weeks since the last update and we are ready to complete the Flight Test Program.

After all the excitement of our away day, it was back to Brunty to recover XH558 and get her ready to complete the Flight Test Schedule. The last flight test highlighted a few old and some new problems, from the Starboard U/C Door not closing to the Radio?s not being as clear as they should be.

First things first the U/C Door, after going through the system it was down to a couple of micro-switches not making which prevented the door from closing. We raised 558 back on to jacks and set up ready for the functional check and possible set up. The functional check confirmed the fault and test leads were fitted to see which of the two micro-switches was the offending item. To my surprise it was the up switch not the bogie trim as we had thought. Further voltage checks were carried out and the fault was traced to the line between both of the switches. Closer examination found a loose connection caused by one of the securing bolts being slightly loose and must have vibrated the connection loose, once re-secured a functional check was carried out and everything now works as advertised and no need to set up the system again. Before we could take her down off jacks yet again we had to replace our first two tyres as they had picked up some FOD damage and been cut.

With the radio?s playing up again and being noisy intermittently, all of the lines and radios were checked out thoroughly. The intercom system had a real good going over to find out it was in perfect working order, the output and receive on both radios were good, however we did find a filter that was faulty and bringing down the system(and subsequently replaced). We also went outside for a little walk on the runway to check the reading on all of the compasses we had just set up at Cottesmore and confirmed that one of them had now decided to read differently from the others! So as with everything on this project we will be carrying out another compass swing as everything will be spot on for the aircrew as safety comes first(we don?t want them to get lost now do we!!).

With some spare time before the next flight it was decided to pull forward some more OOP?s which would have been due in the middle of July when we hope to be busy at airshows. As we are now getting closer to our goal of getting 558 back where she belongs we had another visit from the CAA, Doug Webb along with his boss this time Steve Roberts to check on all of the paperwork from the Flight Test Schedule and Cottesmore.

Well that?s all for now as we will be busy again next week and thank you all for your patience and continuing support. Oh I nearly forgot, we have a new toy to help us move the aircraft around the airfield, a new JCB Fastrac on loan from Watling JCB.

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