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March Engineering Update

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: Engineering

After a busy month in the hangar a group of our regular volunteers get XH558?s wheels of the ground and airborne again!

It started of a quiet month as usual then a phone call from MA to let us know we were due another audit from the CAA. So on the 14th Doug Webb from the CAA turned up to check our Anti-Det paperwork and inspect the hangar and as usual we passed with flying colours.

Then we received the good news that the funding was now in place and to resume the preparation for the next flight, so thanks to all of you out there again for helping achieve this. This entailed going through the 700 (Aircraft record log) and notify MA of all of the Out of Phase (OOP?s) that was due. This required MA to raise a new work pack of over a 100 cards.

However before we could make a start on the OOP?s it was off down the running pan for another Anti-Det Run. This all went well and then back inside to prepare for the OOP?s, the a/c jacks were put in place and we awaited the work pack to arrive the following day so we could start. So then with a group of our regular volunteers who had received some training the previous week assisted in raising 558?s wheels off the ground once again!

Once up on jacks the TVOC Engineers got stuck into work pack with the main task of stripping down the undercarriage for its NDT, this involved removing the wheels and brakes from the rear axle, the front retraction strut, the Recouperator from the liquid spring and disconnecting the liquid spring itself from the leg. This all had to be done for the following morning as Morgan Ward was due to start at 8 am.

The main undercarriage legs passed their NDT with flying colours and while this was going on the TVOC Engineers were making a start on the rest of the OOP?s. The 28th saw the return of JJ and Derek Marshalls from MA enabling us to rebuild the undercarriages them to carry out the Independent Checks.

The end of the month saw us completing the undercarriage and all the necessary functions before lowering the aircraft back to the ground. Well that?s all for this month, we are progressing nicely through the rest of the OOP?s and hopefully we will be out of the Anti-Det and into the Flight Readiness Phase. Speak to you soon and keep your support coming it is gratefully received, so THANK YOU again from all of the TVOC Engineer?s.

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