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February Engineering Update

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: Engineering

Well another month gone and one more closer to reaching our goal of displaying the one and only XH558 on this years display circuit

What may have seemed a quiet month on the cameras has been as busy as usual, perhaps even busier as we prepare for the coming season. The tool kits and fly-away kit needed to support the aircraft are almost complete and special thanks must go to the Vulcan To The Sky Club who donated the trailer which you can just see under the port wing. This will be sprayed up in our colours and be used for carrying the spare set of wheels, brakes, brake parachute and tools to and from the airshows.

Another thing that the TVOC staff have been going through is training on their quality system and procedures, which they will be following when they come to operate the aircraft throughout the summer season before going back to MA for winter base maintenance.

Well we?re at the end of the month and the weather is picking up so it?s time to go outside and go for a breath of fresh air. For once the engineer?s had the aircraft ready spot on time, all the volunteers were in ready to assist in the move, the hangar doors were opened and then we had a little wait for the cars to be moved from the front of the hangar! So off we went and managed to get half way to the running pan before the old faithful tractor decided she felt a little under the weather and packed in. Luckily we had another tractor available so we managed to carry on our merry way.

Once down on the running pan it was time for a second photo shoot by one of our sponsors Subaru, before we finally managed to get down to business and carry out the Anti-Det Runs. As usual the aircraft was brilliant, she started up first time and ran like a dream, and then it was back to the hangar for another rest.

There has been quite a bit of activity going on in the evenings, where Dr Pleming, Andrew Edmondson and Taff Stone have been going out to give a number of presentations on the project to audiences totalling around 750 this month and booking are flooding in still. Rusty made her d├ębut on Radio 5 Live the other morning thanks to all of you out there, who have started this fundraising and PR campaign off your own initiative.

THANK YOU from all of the TVOC Engineer?s

The last thing we have been looking into is what work is required to bring XH558 out of the Anti-Det Schedule and return her back to flight test readiness, as four months have now elapsed. There are some Out Of Phase (OOPs) required, such as the battery and brake parachute needs changing, annual servicing of some of the components and some NDT, none of which should cause us any problems. Well that?s all for this month, speak to you soon!!

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