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Latest on the NDT

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Engineering

as final tests are made

The team are about three-quarters of the way through X-raying the structure of XH558 as laid out in the clear pages of a procedural manual you will see an example of during this feature. These map out all the important areas, with dimensions from known datum points to enable the equipment to be focussed at the right place.

As the source used is extremely powerful, the target areas are marked up during the day and exposures are taken in the evening when there is only the team about, who can retreat to a safe distance.

The X-ray head fires from above or below, exposing special film plates adhered to the surfaces.


This work was kindly funded by your generous donations to the winter service NDT share scheme.

If you would like to help XH558 towards the 2013 display season, then please CLICK HERE:

Thank you.



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