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Thank you to all involved

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Engineering

with wing modification.

Extract from our regular eNewsletter - issued Friday 7th March 2014.

Our thanks to all those who helped with the vital wing modification
We are pleased to bring you this picture direct from the hangar today that shows the scaffolding removed and both areas repainted, allowing us to finally declare that all work on the wing modification to extend XH558's flying life is now complete.

XH558 in her hangar today, a little dusty on top after a few months up on jacks, but nearing the end
of the winter service with your great support.

We now are able to return to the final stages of the required winter service and look forward to getting the aircraft ready for final full system checks just as soon as we have received the newly manufactured fuel tank.

Our thanks go firstly to all those who helped pay for the work - especially those who responded to our dedicated Operation 2015 pledge campaign. This enabled us to assemble a great set of companies that brought their skills together to help effect a successful modification. We would therefore like to thank the following for their efforts.

Also of course, big thanks go to our own engineering director Andrew Edmondson and his team, particularly the efforts of Sam Evans and Taff Stone in overseeing this work.

Thank you all.

This week has seen an involved series of X-Rays being carried out by Morgan Ward NDT Ltd. This involves taking X-Rays of the leading edges and intakes using a number of different techniques, originally written back in the 70's for the RAF fleet. These need to be carried out after normal working hours, for obvious safety reasons. The films then need to be removed and processed. Once this has been done, they can be examined for any indication of faults.

Various key places undergo intense X-Ray examination as part of the annual check of the aircraft structure.

Pledge rewards update:
We have been making arrangements for the VIP events in the hangar for all those who supported the pledge campaign at the GOLD level. We have identified several dates for the first of these events and will be sending out our invitations via email soon.

For other contributors, we continue to send out pledge certificates and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pledge reward badges in the next few weeks, so we can start despatching these to all those levels that qualify. Obviously, the first flight of 2014 photograph opportunity is still a few weeks off. Do look out for more details soon on when that might be.

Thank you once again for your great support.


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