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The Vulcan Aviation Academy

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Education

a full briefing and Press Release



PRESS RELEASE 17th February 2015


Vulcan to the Sky Trust and Aviation Skills Partnership launch Vulcan Aviation Academy and Heritage Centre - New state of the art facility will provide a centre of excellence to the aviation industry for education and skills training, delivered in partnership with the region’s education groups and local authorities. 

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) and Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) have moved quickly to cement their new partnership by launching plans to create the Vulcan Aviation Academy and Heritage Centre at the home of the last flying Avro Vulcan – Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield. The concept is supported by a core group of founding partners which, alongside the main partners of VTST and ASP includes Peel Airports Group, Doncaster College and University Centre, Skypeople, Aviation Shake, The Spirit of Goole/Light Aircraft Association Educational Trust, Bond Bryan, NPS Group and WT Partnership. 

The need for such a facility was originally identified by VTST and ASP after discussions on ways that the legacy of the Vulcan could be delivered and utilised to inspire the next generation of engineers and aviators. ASP’s solution in the form of one of their new Aviation Skills Hubs follows similar projects of theirs at Norwich in the form of the Norwich International Aviation Academy and at other locations. The Academy concept is one of a centre for aviation skills across ASP’s six areas of aviation: pilot, air traffic, airport operations, operations, crew and aviation engineering. Through creating a ‘real world’ learning environment that includes plans for a fully representative and ‘live’ full size aeroplane and using innovative teaching techniques, the Academy will raise the standards of learning within the aviation industry, while offering a broad education that will attract both local, national and international students. Initially focusing on training up to 80 new aviation engineers per year and starting from the age of 14, it will also include cabin crew and airport operations training. 

XH558 will have access to the runway in her proposed new home that will also act as an educational and visitor attraction in its own right. 

From a regional and airport perspective, the partnering with the Vulcan team is key in focusing activity and ensuring that the Academy enhances and expands existing skills in the region and training operations on the Airport. The Vulcan Aviation Academy will form a vital part of the strategy as it will enhance the region’s reputation and lead the training and development of the next generation of aviation professionals. The partners intend that the Academy will inspire individuals to become highly skilled in their chosen field and be ready to take on leadership and expert roles in the aviation community locally, nationally and throughout the world. 

Dr Robert Pleming, Chief Executive of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust said “We have set out from the start to create a lasting legacy for the Vulcan by planning for the day when the aircraft will have to cease flying. One of our key legacy strands has been to inspire a new generation of aviation people through connecting them with the achievements of the past.  This project delivers exactly that and we are pleased to partner with ASP to steer this project to meet the expectations of our many supporters and sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t be flying at all”. 

Simon Witts, Founder and Chief Executive of Aviation Skills Partnership said “We are proud to be partnered with VTST and this iconic aircraft.  We need to inspire a new generation of people into the aviation industry and reset the bar in terms of what can be achieved in the industry when people set their minds to it – the Vulcan is one of those aircraft that causes marvel and excitement wherever it flies but, of course, it relied on a small group of skilled and creative people to move the project to reality with the first flight only eleven years after that of the Lancaster.  Whether civil or military, aeroplane or rotorcraft, large or small we need people with the right skills entering the industry. “ 

Said local MP Caroline Flint: “The Vulcan Aviation Academy is set to be a unique project. The combination of developing skills with visitor appeal and a link to our aviation history makes this project very special. I hope there will be lots of commercial interest and I look forward to the plans developing.” 

George Trow, Principal and Chief Executive of Doncaster College and University Centre said “There are certainly some exciting times ahead for Doncaster.  The past through the Vulcan will meet the present and by partnership working with the Aviation Academy, Doncaster College and University Centre will influence the future.  We are delighted and excited to be part of this project.”


Further details of the project can be found via or via

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