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RAF Cosford Airshow June 1st 2008

by Vulcan Support. Posted to category: General

RAF Cosford Airshow June 1st 2008

Well what a day of success and disappointment.

Disappointment that in spite of all we hoped this was not the show where we brought XH558 back to the public. It was always going to be tight and the unsuitable weather on the previous Friday resulting in the cancellation of the Test and DA flights meant this was impossible.
Success in overcoming the disaster of the damage done to the trailer by the delivery firm. I am sure many of you know by now that they appear to have taken the wrong access route into RAF Cosford and hit the low railway bridge rendering the trailer unusable: not least of all on safety grounds. The delivery firm emergency contact was extremely helpful but a suitable replacement could not be located and it was now 4.00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon. With access to the site closed at 6.00p.m. it was not the best time to be presented with this situation. Having spent the previous week preparing a new and exciting display for the show we realised we were not going to able to use this and a complete rethink was needed. We decided that it was important we stay and mount presence even if a somewhat low key affair. All we could do now was set up in front of a closed trailer and along with the VTS Club and SP Aviation, be there for our supporters and continue to spread the message to new ears. A rush around Telford to obtain a gazebo to at least provide some cover, for rain or shine, and a complete rethink of how we could do this took up the rest of the day.

Sunday then became a very early start and my thanks to all the Volunteers and Staff who rallied round. Soon we had a reasonable set up in place from which to disseminate information on the project and especially this year the new and full education programme being developed.

Our ability to sell merchandise was severely restricted but we did quite well and the Club and SP Aviation were well able to fill that gap so not all was lost: in fact over all we did reasonably well. Thanks are due to all the Volunteers, and staff, who gave up their weekend to not only to help with the Trust presence but also supported by members of the VTSC committee manned the VTS Club stand and the area allocated to the cause by SP Aviation in their outlet.

The brightest spot in the day was the drawing of the raffle winner, which was done by a member of the Red Arrows ground crew. Our winner was a little taken aback when I telephoned him, I do like that part of the job. He has been to see us at Bruntingthorpe this week; well I am sure he came to see XH558 really. Having now had time to think he is generously sharing his good luck with some friends and they are going to have an "aviation" weekend on 5th /6th July, visiting Duxford Imperial War museum on the Saturday and coming on to the Waddington Airshow on the Sunday.

It was good to see so many airshow ?regulars? and the support shown in money and in kind went a long way to turn disappointment to success.

The weather was not the best for an airshow, the cloud base was low and this meant the displays were curtailed to suit. As usual we were all too busy to see much of the actual flying but what I did see was good. The Typhoon as always was breathtaking and the Red Arrows had several new moves in their display, can?t wait to see the full display in clear weather.

The next show is Waddington on 5th July, so we will all see you there, but remember at this time until the aircraft is fully cleared for XH558 this must remain a target not a commitment

Rusty Drewett
Commercial Manager

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