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Canberra Aircrew & Cockpit Tour

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Fundraising

at South Yorkshire Air Museum

  The Canberra Aircrew Experience & Cockpit Tour

In conjunction with the South Yorkshire aircraft museum, we are pleased to be offering our very popular aircrew tours with a slight twist, using the excellent knowledge of our hangar tour guides in a nearby location.

Over the past month, we have put together what will be a long-term partnership with the museum to present joint-ventures around the aviation history of Doncaster.

Our first joint event is to offer our very popular aircrew tour based on the English Electric Canberra.


The day consists of a themed event based around the 1960s navigators’ course. You will be taken through the complex systems used to navigate a period aircraft by our ex-RAF Cosford instructor, Tony Sykes.

The course will be held in an authentic RAF Doncaster classroom at the Museum. Lunch will be a 1966 style buffet, served in mess tins! After lunch you will be taken through planning a real-life mission of the period using some of what you learned in the morning session.

The tour will conclude in the fully working cockpit of Canberra PR7 WH779 – we believe to be one of the most complete in existence. Who knows, you may even get to meet a Canberra navigator from the period!

This is an exciting opportunity for us to link the museum with our supporters and to promote aviation history in Doncaster, while helping raise valuable funding for both parties. Look out for more events soon.

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