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Press Release

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Engineering

Annual service authorised

Press Release - for immediate release.

Issued 4pm - Friday 28th April 2017  

Donations and an extended tenure in a temporary hangar enable start

to Vulcan XH558’s annual service


Ground running planned for the summer

Coming immediately in the wake of the highly successful ‘Survival Plan’ appeal,  public support for this icon of British aviation heritage shows little sign of decline, as the Trust that owns the aircraft makes her the centrepiece of a new hangar development at Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA).

Vulcan XH558 was isolated in temporary storage at the airport in ‘hibernation mode’ during February upon expiration of its hangar lease whilst the trust and airport continue to work together on a long term and bespoke hangar for the Vulcan. The consequence of the loss of public access to the aircraft was a very significant reduction in revenue.

Robert Pleming, on behalf of the Trust said: “Sadly, with the loss of income from hangar tours, events and trading, to remain viable we had to scale back to one-third of our original team. After the successful conclusion of our public appeal and by working closely with the airport management, we have agreed an extension to our temporary storage facilities until the end of July, and so we are beginning to move forward once again.”

Robert continued, “The availability of an appropriate working environment together with the assumption we can maintain the planned levels of income, has given the Trustees the confidence to authorise the go-ahead for the annual servicing of Vulcan XH558 to begin with immediate effect.”

This work will be led by XH558’s crew chief Taff Stone, working as a consultant, ensuring XH558 is kept in the best condition possible.  He will be spending the next six weeks completing a series of maintenance tasks on the aircraft.  During that time XH558 will be brought slowly out of her inhibited ‘hibernation status’, to full ground running condition.  Over this period, Taff will also begin the process of the supervision and training of local volunteers who will assist with the ground handling of the Vulcan during future ground runs.

By mid-June, the Trust hopes to take the aircraft to DSA’s engine running pan where all systems will be checked. XH558’s Olympus engines will once again be heard creating the famous ‘Vulcan Howl’ during a series of public engine runs that is being scheduled through the summer.

“This is the first important stage in returning Vulcan XH558 to the public, and is confirmation that the success of the Survival Plan in placing the Trust on a sustainable footing is now allowing us to move forward, including planning for a new purpose built-hangar.

However, the future still depends critically on meeting our planned income targets this year. I would urge everyone to get involved in our upcoming activities and events, purchase gifts and memorabilia from our web store and eBay presence, and of course to carry on donating,” added Robert.

“We remain confident that with on-going public support, we can come through this year to news of an exciting new development that has XH558 at its heart - a stunning new facility that will help educate and inspire young people, as well as being a truly remarkable tribute to the significance of this aircraft and the whole restoration project,” he concluded. 

Further updates on the aircraft and new building will be announced in the Trust’s regular Friday e-mail newsletters. You can sign-up to these newsletters at

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