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XH558's service update #2

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

Taff reports on this week

XH558's 2017 service - Report #2

Service work on XH558 is continuing with Taff Stone (Chief Engineer) connecting a hydraulic test rig to the aircraft to enable the functional check of the bomb-bay doors and to ensure they were open for the last hangar event, which was a wedding last week. Our thanks to 2Excel Aviation for allowing us to return XH558 to Hangar 3 for a few days to allow this event to be honoured. 
XH558 is now back in Hangar 1.
Taff is over half-way through the servicing having carried out inspections and checks on numerous electrical systems and wiring, with pictures in the feature below. Other tasks have been completed such as inspections on the engines and jet pipes covered in the last newsletter, along with the servicing of the Airborne Auxiliary Power Plant (AAPP). 
This week we also had technicians visit the hangar for the ultrasonic checks on the main undercarriage and eddy current check on the engine low pressure compressor blades, sponsored and carried out by Aerospace NDT free of charge!

Here is an photo-update on recent work.

Hydraulic test rig is started ready to power the bomb-bay door system.

Connection is made via an access panel just at the side of an undercarriage bay.

Doors opening allowing clear access inside.

Here we have the 29P Sync Bar with the AAPP, RAT & GPU contactors. (Follow that?)

60P & 61P No3 and No4 Bus Bars with PFCU (Powered Flying Control Unit) contactors below.

AAPP and RAT (Airborne Auxilary Power Plant / Ram Air Turbine) control units. (port u/c bay)

James from AerospaceNDT with ultrasonic test set and sample pieces.

Daryl carrying out Eddy Current checks on Low Pressure (LP1) Compressor Blades.

Taff signing-up paperwork for tasks completed at the end of a days work.

Local volunteers arrive to put their theory course in ground-handling to practice. 

Guiding XH558 as Taff pulls her towards Hangar 3 for the wedding ceremony.

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