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XM607 in 1977

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

at Greenham Common

Vulcan 607 – before she was famous!

With the 35th anniversary of the Black Buck raids, we are indebted to Derek Burgin for sending in a series of images of Vulcan 607 taken at Greenham Common Air Tattoo in 1977. It really is a great time-capsule of how the aircraft performed at that display. 

Derek writes: Further to your request for Vulcan photos, a few years ago I finally got around to scanning my old negatives in to digital format. It was only then that I realised some of them were of a certain XM607 taken five years before becoming famous. This was the display aircraft at Greenham Common Air Tattoo in 1977. The first four were all taken there and a fifth one taken at a place called RAF Finningley of which you may be familiar. At the time I lived near Nottingham so I was a regular visitor to Finningley.

Enjoy the images.. The first one is the programme cover from the event.

....and the last one, with XM607 at the former RAF Finningley where XH558 is based today.

Our thanks to Derek for sending in these lovely images.

Do you have any images from this era? We would love to share them with your fellow readers.

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