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A volunteer's story

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

on work at Doncaster

One of our Doncaster based volunteers has sent in this account of recent activities. 

What have the volunteers been doing since XH558 moved?

In addition to the regular commitments of working in the webstore at Delta Court, there have been a number of initiatives and activities involving the regional volunteers.

The move from Hangar 3 to Hangar 1 required a lot of time in packing and moving, placing items in storage at various locations.

There were two events previously booked and generously allowed to proceed by 2Excel in Hangar 3 which meant moving the Jet back to Hangar 3 and also all the event tables, chairs, carpets and bar. All had to be taken down after each event and the jet moved back to Hangar 1. Long days and a great deal of team working made the events happen.

A new friendship was forged with the local Aeroventure Museum in Doncaster. This enabled an evening with Martin Withers to be held. Also of interest was the work by the team of Vulcan volunteers on the forward fuselage of Vulcan XL388. Restoration has been from a wreck to a very presentable and watertight cockpit section, with work still ongoing. The Vulcan volunteers also have assisted when Aeroventure have had their open cockpit events with chaperoning the exhibits and talking to the visitors about the exhibits as well as Vulcan XL388 – and XH558 of course!

The volunteers supported a number of prestigious high profile events in South Yorkshire and also took small sales stands to a number of local events such as the Armed Forces Day at Wakefield and the Lincoln Show to maintain the profile of XH558, the future restoration of WK163 and the future new home for XH558.

In between, volunteers have been assisting Taff to maintain XH558 in preparation for the engine runs which have been covered in the newsletters before.

The Guardian scheme is a labour intensive activity which is vital to maintain contact with our supporters and is also volunteer supported. With this being rolled out to a wider public soon, this will increase workload there.

This week has seen the preparation for the new "pop-up" shop at the Lakeside Village Shopping Centre in Doncaster to try and raise the profile of the history of aviation in Doncaster. This is collaboration with Aeroventure, Doncaster Council and Doncaster museum, with other organisations still getting involved. This shop will be staffed by Vulcan volunteers for a six week period.

This week will also see the preparations for the move out of Hangar 1 and the weekend engine runs. The time and effort which have gone into these things cannot be underestimated and could not have been accomplished without the volunteers.

To name the individuals who have organised and supported all of the events so far would take more than a few paragraphs but they are the backbone in our continuing activities and hopes for the Vulcan's secure future and the Canberra’s return-to-flight.

This is just a snapshot of the work the volunteers, and those who manage the volunteers, undertake.

It is our hope to maintain our present volunteers as we progress to our new home and future activities and to promote aviation and inspire future generations to become involved in our activities.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer and live near to Doncaster – please email

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer in the regions – please email

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