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'Names under XH558's WIng'

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Fundraising



August 4th 2017 – For immediate release  - FULL PRINTED VERSION HERE:

‘Names under XH558’s Wing’ commemorative plaque to mark 10th Anniversary of first post-restoration flight

Exclusive opportunity to have a name inscribed on Vulcan XH558’s Wing announced.

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has announced the opportunity to have names inscribed permanently on the underside of Vulcan XH558’s Wing.

This is to mark the imminent 10th Anniversary of the aircraft’s return to flight in October 2007 after perhaps the most complex and demanding aircraft restoration project ever completed – anywhere in the world. It was only through the determination of a small team supported by thousands of willing donors and the vital assistance of technical partners that the Vulcan took to the skies again, 14½ years after her last flight in RAF service.

Although sadly no longer permitted to fly, XH558 provided eight-years of incredible displays in front of millions of people, created a phenomenon that would become known as ‘The Vulcan Effect’, and set the benchmark for future restorations.

Writing to supporters, Robert Pleming, who led the team, commented; “We are determined to celebrate the achievement, as we aim to secure not only XH558’s future, but also the prospect of other heritage aviation projects.”

This opportunity to place names on the wing was not available to us before because MoD and CAA regulations on ex-military aircraft markings meant we had to keep her external appearance in as near to original RAF markings as possible.”

The only dispensation to this came in 2010, when on the occasion of her 50th birthday, she was christened ‘The Spirit of Great Britain’ as a mark of respect to all those that willed her back to flight, in recognition of the remarkable place she holds in historic aviation and the excellence of British aeronautical design and engineering.

“Vulcan XH558 can still pay a very important role as an icon of our aeronautical heritage and as a beacon for other heritage aviation projects in a new hangar that will give the aviation community and the wider general public access to aircraft like never before - with the exciting vision of a restoration and operating facility that will keep other heritage aircraft not only on display, but airborne and at air displays in the years to come. Once XH558 is settled in her new home, the Trust will turn its attention to the restoration of Canberra WK163; we are already considering the operation of other loaned aircraft on the display circuit next year,” Robert declared. 

Two areas of grey on the wing have been allocated, upon which will be applied small silver letters to form the plaques, recognising the ‘Tin’ anniversary of 10 years since that day. Only visible upon close viewing, these will not detract from the aesthetic appearance of the aircraft and will remain in place for her lifetime, being replaced if the surfaces are painted in future.

To place a name on XH558’s Wing, the Trust is asking for a donation of £30 towards their ongoing work, and the offer comes with the added benefit of a dedicated commemorative certificate as a receipt. If you are a UK Tax Payer, there is also the facility to award Gift Aid to the charity, increasing your donation to £37.50 without costing you any extra.

Robert continued: “As well as individual supporters, we are already finding people are donating to give these as gifts, or are honouring relatives and friends in memoriam.”

Since the anniversary is imminent, the opportunity closes at midnight on Sunday 1st October to allow all the names to be collated, artwork produced and then printed to be installed ready for the full unveiling on Wednesday 18th October. This will be streamed over the internet and a full searchable listing will be provided on the website.

Support for this plaque will contribute to the Trust’s work to secure the new home for XH558 and build a brighter future for heritage aircraft preservation, restoration and operation. 

You can go straight to the dedicated page to place your desired name on Vulcan XH558’s Wing by visiting

Read and print a copy of the FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE 


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