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Latest XH558 service work

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

as AAPP starter motor is exchanged.

Servicing continues on XH558 as she is prepared for engine ground-running.

Working under Taff’s expert leadership, the Trust’s volunteer engineering team continue to complete work preparing XH558 for engine runs. The one remaining task on the list was to replace the starter motor of the Airborne Auxiliary Power Plant (AAPP) that sits in the starboard wing. To achieve access, the AAPP has to be lowered down enabling the fireproof box covers to be removed, which allows access to the innards for maintenance.

The AAPP is lowered using a winch system after all connections are released.

Removing the covers of the fireproof box allows access to the starter motor.

A replacement is fitted.

Covers are placed back on ahead of lifting the AAPP back into the wing, then the task of making good all the connections.


Left: The faulty unit and Right: the operating procedures followed for removal and fitting. 

In a few weeks we will be conducting an engine ground run to ensure all of XH558's systems are working satisfactorily. For safety, to avoid distractions and to permit refresher training, this run will be conducted without any public access. After this, we will announce the dates of the first public engine ground-running events, with places available for close-access to the aircraft during the summer and autumn.

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