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Dambusters exhibit & visit

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

at the Avro Heritage Museum

A visit by Trust supporters to the Avro Heritage Museum this week allowed viewing of a new Dambusters exhibit to honour the 75th anniversary of the famous raids that took place over the 16th and 17th May 1943. 

To honour the anniversary, the Vulcan XH558 social media feeds carried these evocative images of Lancaser 'Just Jane' bsed at East Kirkby from a recent night photoshoot which were kindly provided to us by the photographer, Dave Balcombe.

After pictures of the exhibit and our visit, there is a link to the Avro Heritage Museum website where you can see the story of the opening ceremony, which was performed by the sole remaining British Dam Buster, George 'Johnny'  Johnson and Mary Stopes-Roe, daughter of Barnes Wallis. See that feature in a link at the very bottom of this page.

An evocative image of how a nightime sortie might have looked in foggy conditions. Image kindly provided by Dave Balcombe.

Another image from the same photoshoot. Image kindly provided by Dave Balcombe. (Note how 'Just Jane' has a missing port aileron as part of her service and maintenance routine over winter).

To the Avro Heritage Museum visit at Woodford now and a replica cockpit of Lancaster  R5868 S - for Sugar, with one of the museum guides explaining some of the sorties the actual aircraft this represents completed to some of the visitors. Find out about the S-for Sugar replica here:

A Lancaster model and two Vulcan's are suspended in front of a large Lancaster mural that formed part of an original display at Woodford, now restored to former glory.

The exhibit included copies of orginal AVRO plans showing the Lancaster conversions.

Here marked 'Most Secret!

A Diorama of the Mohne Dam attacks. 

There was also a fully rotating display of how the bombs were spun using a system of pulleys and gears connected to a motor. The cylindical drums had to have backspin in order to 'bounce' when released to scim across the water.

(The family challenge of a pebble thrown off the beach!)

As well as hearing about the raids, visitors heard the complete story of A V Roe from the very beginning, through the war years to production of regional jets and of course, various versions of Nimrod patrol aircraft.

Exhibits included a demonstration on how various sonar and other listening devices were often dropped into the water to help detect submarines.

Outside gleaming in the spring sunshne was Vulcan XM603. Just under her wing, you can see a VC10 cockpit and just peaking out (lower left) you can just see a Nimrod cockpit, now installed at the front of the building. 

Our visitors were able to visit several of the cockpits in small groups as part of their experience. Here, the rather spacious VC10.

We have more events, presentations and visits being organised throughout the year. Visit our events page regularly to see the latest available - CLICK HERE:

You can find out more about the opening of the Dambuster exhibit at the

Avro Heritage Museum here:


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