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A VIP Tour of Gatwick Aviation Museum

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General

a special photo report.

A visit by Trust supporters to the Gatwick Aviation Museum on Wednesday this week.

A fascinating place to visit!  Find out more about them here:

Museum manager, Ashley Colella, welcomes our tour and explains the early days of aviation at Gatwick.

It was surprising how many famous names made Gatwick their home - remember Laker Airways and SkyTrain?

 Moving on just a little from the initial Whittle Unit, (see here)  you can clearly see the pedigree and development in this Rolls-Royce Derwent, with more details below. 

Whittle / Rover / Rolls-Royce - one concise story of British jet engine design and development ....  

A Hawker Harrier was in beautiful condition - and is a ground runner too! 

As is this English Electric Lightning, although the last engine ground-run has caused about 2 solid months worth of maintenance repairs!

Former Shackleton crew memeber Nev, gives the group an overview of the different variants.

Before the party split into small groups to take a closer look at J for Juliet.

Certainly in excellent condition and sparkling in the spring sunshine. 

All aboard for a detailed look inside. Note the four small panels that house flare launcher tubes for spotting at night.
Our thanks to all that attended. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
A note of appreciation for the hard work of the local volunteers that made the day possible.  

We have more events, presentations and visits being organised throughout the year. Visit our events page regularly to see the latest available - CLICK HERE:



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