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Honouring our hard working and dedicated volunteers

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: General


As reported in last week’s Newsletter, Volunteers Week has taken place during this week, enabling us to celebrate the vital and amazingly selfless work that is carried out by so many thousands of people across the country in support of both charities and individuals.


As in all charities and voluntary organisations our volunteers play a very important part in the Trust’s day to day activities and to reflect this we have identified and highlighted the areas of our work that are positively enhanced and benefit greatly from the dedicated and committed work of these individuals. Since the Trust was formed in 2002 countless thousands of hours have been carried out by our volunteers in all areas of our work providing vital support to our equally dedicated employees.


The Webstore Support Team


The Webstore volunteer team are invaluable in their help and support of the retail operation. They provide their time to pick, pack and despatch orders so that they arrive safely and timely with our customers. They also pick and pack stock for the events teams that work around the country, help with delivery checks and have supported the ‘pop-up shop’ that was open at Lakeside Village in Doncaster towards the end of last year.


Some of the volunteer team picking, packing and despatching in the web store

and entertaining the visitors at the Lakeside Village pop-up shop.



There is also a volunteer team that look after the administration and contact for the Founding Guardians. This same volunteer team will also provide support for the Guardians Scheme when it is offered to all supporters in the future. Some of the Founding Guardians themselves have spent many hours volunteering and have been an essential part of XH558’s journey. From the very beginning of the project the Founding Guardians were involved in fund raising that helped XH558’s restoration and return to flight, so providing many memorable experiences for millions of people across the UK.

Taking a well-earned break from admin tasks.

Central Stores and Airshow volunteers


The select group of volunteers at the Central Stores outside Strafford upon Avon undertake a wide and varied list of activities. Foremost is associated with the expansive stock of aircraft parts, it should be said at this juncture that critical components for XH558 are quarantined for call-off if required. Non-quarantined items are assessed for sale either on eBay or at an Open Day or Airshow. This can mean re-manufacture to create artworks or display items, 95% of which is undertaken by the Team.


A typical Open Day with the volunteer team busy talking to visitors

and the remanufacturing of a part.


The Trust are very lucky in that the Team comprises the most experience group of volunteers in the organisation as most of them have been working since the early days of the restoration. Efforts were made to try to work out how many years this had been, but in the end there were not enough fingers!


The fruits of a day’s labour in dismantling parts

and visitors searching for a piece of XH558 to own.


The Team is also responsible for the servicing and stocking of the Events Trailer and Van before joining a second Team responsible for manning Airshows. This dedicated Airshow group work long hours, get little rest and keep on smiling. They act as the public face of the Trust at these events, selling merchandise and XH558 Collectables, answering queries and questions, resolving issues and generally being as helpful to our supporters as they possibly can.

The events team.


Doncaster Sheffield Airport Volunteers


Doncaster based Volunteers working alongside Taff Stone, keep XH558 in good working order and carry out various tasks under Taff’s watchful eye. Throughout the Winter a group of volunteers have gone out in all weathers to ensure the aircraft was ready for the Engine Ground Runs which will run throughout the Summer and into early Autumn with the opportunity of the ever-popular Night Shoot as we move into the darker nights.


 Taff and his band of merry men… and women.


Volunteers are also heavily involved in the ever popular “Paper Plane Challenge", which takes place at Teen Tech, with this being the  sixth year of attendance where engagement with young people takes place to help them understand the opportunities in the Science, Technology and Engineering Industries, no matter what their gender or social background. Using the ever-popular Flight Simulator and Principles of Flight programme, young people aged between 8-18 are helped to understand their potential and raise their aspirations. It is very fortunate that there are dedicated Volunteers available who have come from Educational backgrounds who both understand young people and have the ability to be able to connect with them whilst delivering this important programme.


Our volunteers helping Teen Tech CEO Maggie Philbin on the flight sim

and ‘teens’ taking part in the paper plane challenge.



Community Volunteers


The Trust has a team of Community Volunteers who are located across the country and who carry out important activities in their local communities to promote, publicise and support the work of the Trust, including arranging local events, attending community events and working alongside other organisations such as schools, aircraft museums, youth organisations and fellow aviation groups for mutual benefit. 


These volunteers are the 'face' of the Trust in their local communities and play a vital role in helping to ensure that the charity is kept in the public eye. This is a fairly recent initiative but the long term plan is to have teams of volunteers in place throughout the country to support the Trust's work in future years.


In conclusion, our photos show only a small portion of the many volunteers whom the Trust rely on to be able to deliver as many XH558 events, services and products as possible to you, her loyal supporters. The Trust thanks every single one of them for the incredible amount of hours, days, weeks and months of time that they have donated and continue to donate. They do this purely out of their love for the aircraft and so that we can continue to protect Vulcan XH558 for her many, many supporters with the aim of raising the necessary funds to ensure that she is looked after, maintained in good condition and kept in perpetuity for future generations to come.

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