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XH558 Engine Ground-Run

by Ian Homer. Posted to category: Engineering

a photo report

XH558 successfully completes another of her periodic engine runs  

Visitors get close to XH558 ahead of witnessing engine ground-running. Image by Sam Scrimshaw.


Last weekend’s engine ground-runs went smoothly and Taff (our crew chief), reported all was well with XH558.
With additional members of the volunteers support team joining us recently, it was also an ideal time for Taff to conduct more training sessions with the team. It was fascinating to witness how much interest there is in these runs and just how far people will travel. This weekend saw a gentleman from Antwerp make a special trip, even paying extra to be part of the crew experience, sitting with Taff during the towing period to the engine-running bay. Etienne’s account of his day and of his own observations can be found here:  
We can be assured that XH558 is in good hands as she is exercised through more of these runs in the coming months.
Our next XH558 Engine Ground-Run Experience date set for July has already sold-out. Keep watching our newsletters for news of other runs and events.  Sign-up here:
Because of operational conditions with Doncaster Sheffield Airport being a stand-by diversion airfield, we can only secure dates for operations on relatively short notice. Do look for other dates as they become available in our newsletters. 
Visitors follow XH558 in a bendy-bus to the Engine Running Bay at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

Taff receives our visitors and explains what will happen and gives a safety briefing. 

Images by Ian Straw.

Below: An unusual view of XH558 from the overhead - courtesy of James O'Toole at Yorkshire Aero Club who flew through earlier in the day. 

Keep updated with news on XH558, engine runs and other developments at Doncaster by signing up to our regular newsletters. CLICK HERE: 

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