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Engineering / Re: How would you feel?
« Last post by Zero One on Today at 11:19:41 AM »


I seem to remember when they set up the trust, that Mr Edmondson dictated that no member of the Trust employees was to post on any forum including this one, but both Sam and I did ????????

Not really how I recall it Denis?

As you probably remember myself and others were frequent contributors to this and many other forums throughout the restoration and I always did my level best to pass on as much engineering information and progress updates as I physically had the opportunity to.

This was in fact one of the main areas that both Andrew and Robert said they would like me to focus on when offering me a position in the team for the flying phase.


Hi Ron
a blast from the past?

Guess  office work catches up with us all in the end...

Now I know you never thought much of me or the job I did but no one else wanted it and it seemed to me you liked to take any opportunity to ridicule or contradict anything I said...  I see nothing has changed!

Maybe it was an edict to the office staff only in case we broadcast something we may have inadvertently over heard, but I know that my confidentiality agreement was very specific on this point

I never was very good at keeping secrets, but I tried.

I know of at least  3 instances, they used this failing to disseminate  things to the hangar unofficially. 

You obviously got special dispensation from the management to post on social media, only on the engineering aspects, which I knew nothing of...

Ways To Raise Funding / Re: Funding the new hangar - how?
« Last post by Zero One on Today at 08:00:35 AM »

Then of course if there is no sign of the funding for ETNA a year or three down the line the airport might offer the designated site to somebody else for commercial use and 558 will be put out to grass in the open, assuming of course there is still a space available somewhere by that time - that could be when the real crunch comes (not literally I hope!).

Red Arrows maybe?  ^-^
Engineering / Re: So that's it then?
« Last post by steve w on September 22, 2017, 06:09:40 PM »
Thanks for that Taff! I have always thought a rail link was the way forward, as for the Sparrows - why not!
Aviation Waffle / Re: Spotted
« Last post by garryash on September 17, 2017, 05:45:33 PM »
SALLY B  flying SE over Broughton Astley few minutes ago1
I hope that someone from the Trust will reply to your post
Unfortunately, you've got two hopes of that and one of them's Bob.
Engineering / Re: New aircraft for the trust
« Last post by sickbag_andy on September 14, 2017, 11:14:58 AM »
WK 163 has been moved down to hangar 1.

She is considerably better off than she was at Coventry where she was left outside for three years or so...

The money donated for the major has been ring fenced so can not be used for any other projects (tell me about it as no-one seems very excited about donating to a build a plane project...)

It would be good if you could post a link to where people are "moaning they want their money back"  Once we start the major the money donated will be used to pay for the work as it is carried out.  So far we have moved the jet from Coventry to Doncaster along with about 30% of the spares, we have transcribed over 700 job cards and carried out a survey of the jet to see where we are.  It's not like we have sat around and done nothing.

Yes all reference to the Canberra has gone from the Vulcan web page.  There is meant to be a new site dedicated to the Canberra and that will happen once we have sorted out a whole shed load of other stuff, bear with us - we are a little bit busy at the moment....

so where is that ring fenced money now - assuming the 'major' hit the buffers big time when the contents of this and '558's neighbouring site hit the fan it must (well should) be sitting somewhere but the last accounts only show £60 ringfenced and that for 558.

Sorry Sam but you must wish you'd never written this in the above quote now: She is considerably better off than she was at Coventry where she was left outside for three years or so... hindsight and all that. will she now be outside at Doncaster and beat the 3 year Coventry record?

Perhaps re my suggestion of a museum named BITS, the B part should have been plural
Aviation Waffle / Re: Ex VTTS Club Members get together October 1st
« Last post by StAthan lecky on September 11, 2017, 01:48:52 PM »
where and what time please

The car park just beyond the BBMF hanger close to the end of the runway you can't miss it because it will be packed with people,about 10am would be good  :)

Aviation Waffle / Re: Scampton Airshow 2017
« Last post by CLIFFORD on September 11, 2017, 11:59:32 AM »
as she said :) :)
Engineering / Re: Extraordinary General Meeting Needed?
« Last post by Vulcanatic on September 04, 2017, 05:21:09 PM »
And many many months further down the line ...

It seems to me that the Trust is secretive, exclusive, (and I don't mean that in a good way), as well as totally unaccountable.
Has anything positive been achieved for XH558?
Are the VULCAN cash-cow milkers still looking after their own interests?
Aviation Waffle / Re: Douglas C54 Skymaster at North Weald
« Last post by dee on August 26, 2017, 07:52:38 AM »
Thanks for the update Sam, onwards and upwards!!
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