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Title: VULCAN VILLAGE - YEOVILTON 26th July 2014
Post by: isibob on July 23, 2014, 09:49:43 PM
We are in our usual place but for those of you who didn't see the new "Hamlet" at Cosford look for something different ! Actually it has been enhanced a little since then.....progress !

We are shown in the AirDay Programme and given the proximity we will, subject to operational status, be offering Underwing Tours, usual conditions apply.

Most of the new merchandise will be on sale together with a bargain table. Don't forget your £5 off vouchers we weren't planning on being down your way again this year

So come and visit us we like a chat and a sale
Title: Re: VULCAN VILLAGE - YEOVILTON 26th July 2014
Post by: Checkflaps on July 25, 2014, 10:17:26 AM
Was that you driving down the M5 today?
Passed a 4x4 and Vulcan events team trailer near to Bridgwater. Gave a toot and a thumbs up - although got a bit of a funny look back, lol.

I was driving the 'Somerset Highways' van.

Title: Re: VULCAN VILLAGE - YEOVILTON 26th July 2014
Post by: Sarah Abbott on July 25, 2014, 12:55:11 PM
That will have been Bob and Isi - the advance team. They now have to get set up done in this heat!  How's the M5 looking as we will be on our way soon?
Title: Re: VULCAN VILLAGE - YEOVILTON 26th July 2014
Post by: PhillyJ on July 28, 2014, 02:43:55 PM
It was certainly hot setting up and also working the day! The 'Johnson Girls' thoroughly enjoyed it, myself and Keith managed to survive the intense Heat Torture whilst running the Raffle Ticket table and the Belgium Air Force guys entertained us throughout!

However, update on little Jamie, my 3 yr old lad who was unfortunately recovering from having his tonsils out on Wednesday to all those helping out at the VH (Vulcan Hamlet!)...

Arrive home Sunday, lot's of tiny insignificant things happen at the same time in the evening which all build up into a situation where James attempts to fly by jumping off the sofa unaided, unfortunately his landing is compromised by the unexpected interference of our Bearded Collie cross Spaniel and he seems to land on his right elbow. So, 1 Ambulance journey, 2-3 hour Op and overnight stay for Emma later, and young Jamie is finally home in a sling and temporary cast. It was a nasty break but thankfully he had a great team of surgeons who have, fingers crossed, got all the necessary bits back in the right place so he will have full mobility when he recovers.

Becky, who was in the room when this all occurred, was quite traumitised by the whole event, unfortunately she saw the unnatural angle that the arm had taken and felt she should have caught him :(