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Title: New member says hello
Post by: Mattk303 on August 28, 2015, 12:59:31 PM
Hi all

I'm new to the forum but I've been interested in the Vulcan for quite some time.

I have involved my MP in communicating with RR and BAE about continued support, I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else that would like to take this further...
Title: Re: New member says hello
Post by: StAthan lecky on August 28, 2015, 03:18:56 PM
Hi Matt,

I think that there is currently a petition on but don't hold your breath,I suspect that this is now done and dusted and no ammount of letter writing and emailing will change the situation,just be thankfull for the eight years of flying that we have all enjoyed.

Title: Re: New member says hello
Post by: planenut on August 28, 2015, 03:34:20 PM
Nice to have you on board Matt. If you think that you can influence things then by all means have a go. Sadly, I am pretty certain that the outcome is clear as those that "trod the boards before" would most certainly have been knocking on doors for quite a while.
If, one can dream, the outcome is different and we got another season, there will be tens of thousands of folk who will then moan because "we fibbed"!
Title: Re: New member says hello
Post by: Mattk303 on August 28, 2015, 03:49:43 PM
Oh no doubt there will be complaints although the situation is ridiculous.
As I understand it there is an opportunity to keep the aircraft flying if RR, BAE and Marshall make the necessary documentation available to people who are willing to support the project and have the expertise. Their reply to my MP simply states that they no longer have the expertise in their companies and therefore cannot support it, no mention of the above reason which I did explain to her.

Basically the response from BAE and RR to my MP look so similar they have to be from a pre-prepared release and are not the full story... They have fibbed to a member of parliament as I see it which regardless of the outcome is a story in itself and could indeed prove useful.

Important to note that RR did exactly this with the Napier Sabre engine where vital documentation suddenly "dissapeared" making it very difficult to maintain and has definitely contributed to the lack of a flying example of a Typhoon anywhere...