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Title: Gaydon 4th October - arrival and departure
Post by: PaulH2015 on October 13, 2015, 10:38:35 AM
As Sean Maffet had warned the display was rather far away compared to the Cold War Tour last year due to post-Shoreham restrictions, but those of us at the top of the mound had an almost uninterrupted view albeit against a hazy late afternoon sun.  I decided to film the arrival but watch the display, and my daughter unbeknown to me had decided to film the departure (wielding two cameras), put together at 
You could have heard a pin drop for the arrival, and for the departure almost everyone watched until XH558 had vanished into the distance.  The emotion was very obvious from those around us, and particularly in Sean Maffett's voice.  It was really nice that Sean received a spontaneous and prolonged ovation when he stepped out of the commentary box at the end.  He and Dr Robert Pleming were so approachable, chatting to people and signing memorabilia, it was an honour to add one more voice thanking Dr Pleming for all his hard work in giving us eight more years, and Sean for his commentaries.  That thanks is extended to the aircrew, the maintenance crew, and all the back-room girls and boys who have given so much pleasure to so many.  Finally Dr Pleming discussed how the VTTS model could be used to get other classic British aircraft back into the air.  He mentioned the Mosquito in particular, but said 'no chance' for Concorde or the Lightning.
Title: Re: Gaydon 4th October - arrival and departure
Post by: ADI on October 13, 2015, 10:05:50 PM
very moving thanks for sharing, I would have been in tears if I had been there as I was at Waddington for the first post restoration display  :'(