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Title: Wellesbourne 11th October
Post by: PaulH2015 on October 14, 2015, 08:38:49 AM
With the crowd fence as close as it is to the runway and two low passes and a circuit we were as close to XH558 in the air as we have ever been.

On her first approach we heard someone nearby answer his phone with "She's here now" and then "I'm trying to film her and talk to you at the same time" which raised a chuckle round him.  Then he said "And the're all laughing at me!"

A couple of thousand or more on our side of the runway as well as many more clustered round XM655 and the roads on the other side.  All for 'just' 2 minutes - and what a glorious but sad two minutes.  I still can't get my head round the sheer number and variety of people who hold 558 in such awe. 
Title: Re: Wellesbourne 11th October
Post by: Funtera on October 14, 2015, 09:41:40 AM
great angle Paul .. we stood further back in the car park .. I figured She's only doing a fly-by and there's nothing on the ground so I'd stay back .. amazing amount of people there