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Title: photobucket disabling images posted linked to 3rd party forums
Post by: sickbag_andy on July 12, 2017, 08:44:00 AM
I had heard (and seen elsewhere) that photobucket were doing this and while I was on my Scottish steam train and whisky jolly, photobucket have got round to my account, removed all my photos and mucked up my signature by disabling my account! that's an awful lot of of photos suddenly not visible. I started re-hosting some on Flickr before I went but loads more to do from 2013 and earlier. I doubt I will ever do all of them, just too much time involved but I will try to get a good selection of my Vulcan pics back as soon as I can so there is a record on here (just hope the forum lasts). I've got hundreds if not thousands on the Civilian Aviation forum (where I'm an admin!) to do and some I will just upload to flickr and post a link to the album rather than individual photos (I have done some of the older airshows on there already).

They are gradually doing this to everyone who links from their photobucket accounts and asking for an annual fee of around $300, I feel that's just holding people to ransom so I'll just use flickr instead and maybe go 'Pro' on there and pay them a subscription - I don't like being bullied so PB won't get my money I'm afraid.

Anyway, if anybody else uses Photobucket as their photo host then be aware that it may soon happen to you too. Flickr's quality is much better anyway.

Rant over!
Title: Re: photobucket disabling images posted linked to 3rd party forums
Post by: Mayfly on July 12, 2017, 08:48:43 AM
Yep a right pain in the butt!

I haven't used PB for a good years because they did something similar before that required some form of upgrading, can't remember what it was but involved a lot of work or lose the images. As I always keep a copy of my photos anyway I didn't bother and started using imageshack but didn't like as much.