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Title: VULCAN Magazines
Post by: AdrianChallinor on January 07, 2018, 02:43:47 PM

My late father was a member of VTTS and donated quite a bit of money to the project.

I have 21 copies of the VULCAN magazine in pristine condition, a Battle of Britain Flight memorial magazine, and a Haynes manual of the Vulcan. These are free to a good home.

Please message me, or get in touch by email or phone
Title: Re: VULCAN Magazines
Post by: brains_mt on January 12, 2018, 11:29:53 AM
Hi Adrian

I'm sorry to hear of your loss and extend our thanks for your father's support of XH558.

In a way this is not the best place to offer these magazines as we are all or were all members of the Club and so will have all the magazines. Can I suggest you add your offer to the Vulcan Family FB page or the Former Vulcan To The Sky Club 1997-2017 FB page as there are supporters on there who may not have been Club members and who would love to have the magazines. Also I may be able to find someone at Cold War Jets in May.

If you don't do FB I can cut and paste your message to the above sites if it helps.

Kind regards

Jane (ex-Club Chair)