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Ways To Raise Funding / Funds for the 2011 season and beyond
« on: January 02, 2011, 08:43:14 PM »
First things first , happy new year everyone .
Now to the point , I know I dont visit here as much as before but is there anything in the works to raise the cash for this season [iirc the last appeal was to get us to this season rather than through it , if im wrong I appologise] ?
If so , when is due to launch as surely the earlier the better [especially if the rumour ive heard stating that we need to be out of Lyneham by mid April is true] is it not ?
Also , I hope we dont sit back on our laurels [or at least give the impression of doing so] during the early part of the season like the last couple of years and look to the longterm and start fundraising for the 2012 season straight away  .

This shouldn't be taken as doommongering or stiring , just a club member whos been out of the loop for a while  ;)

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