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Engineering / Vulcan Bottle failure
« on: October 02, 2015, 10:56:00 PM »
My views might be controversial, I don't wish to offend anybody.

I speak as someone who has studied both Material Science and Mechanical engineering but I don't profess to be an aviation expert.  But  I have to say that calling a halt to XH558  flights seems like a massive failure of well..bottle to me . That's on the part of the Aviation Authorities that seem to have got  their risk assessment slide rules out  and decided they want to remove a miniscule theoretical risk of their books.

Isn't the Vulcan  becoming the true 'Spirit of Great Britain'..... in 2015. Cowed by the Health and safety shouty people that say almost no level of risk can be tolerated anymore.?. It seems we can't make or do anything as it's too expensive/dangerous or difficult...
We can't even use a ladder anymore for goodness sake, never mind fly a well maintained Jet plane that is by all accounts in excellent condition.

I thought the Vulcan was supposed to be inspirational and an antidote to the 'can't do',  defeatist  attitude that prevails in much of modern Britain.  Well it was until now.......

And I'm sorry but what is the point of another Vulcan that cannot fly. Another eagle with it's wings clipped.  How are kids going to get inspired by a jet plane that cannot fly because someone in an office,in London  that has never even wielded a spanner or a throttle lever  says it's too dangerous ?

The whole USP of XH558 is that she can fly and show kids, big and little what an amazing machine this country could build on it's own.  To make us proud again, to tingle our spines... just for a few moments that's been taken away...

Why stop flight  now ?. Surely the point of maximum risk was the return to  flight just after the overhaul  when the Vulcan  was literally pulled apart and rebuilt ?.  Many systems had been overhauled and un-tested in flight. Now 7 years after effectively much testing, validation  and much experience gained, Vulcan   is to be grounded.  This makes no sense.

Yes I know the aircraft is 50 years old but so what ? . She is an aeroplane -  not a horse,a human being or a Datsun Sunny. She cannot get dementia, wrinkles, suffer  bronchitis or rust away into a pile of dust overnight.

She is made of steel, aluminium with rubber and plastic parts that can be replaced should they degrade in safety critical areas.  The rotating parts of the engine could have all kinds of sophisticated material testing done on them (that wasn't available in the 1960's) to validate them for further flight. If the WILL was there from Rolls Royce which it doesn't seem to be.
The operating  hours and power requirements of the engine (in display duty)  are minimal  compared to what she has covered in service.

The condition of the airframe itself could be checked by non destructive methods . The flights hours on XH558  are said to be high  but that is in the context of the  theoretical limits  set by arbitrarily defined factors of safety.
The repairs to the wing leading edge having been completed would suggest the frame is now in very good shape.

I have a massive amount of respect for the team -  pilots and volunteers that made the return to flight possible - but really why are the aviation authority's stopping them now. ?.  We need more of the  'Spirit of Great Britain 1959'....not  the 'spirit of 2015'.

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