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Ways To Raise Funding / NEW CLUB PATCHES
« on: August 02, 2015, 10:57:57 AM »
Some will remember that when we first started we had a series of patches from Roll Out, if your anything like me you have the set, now in celebration of the eight years 2007-2015 we have produced a couple of patches to complete the set.

They will be on CLUB stands in the near future but for those not going to any shows soon they are available here to purchase.

Cost is £6 each postage is £1

Payment by cheque made payable to Vulcan to the Sky Club - PM me for address

Paypal to

Please post here if you have sent payment or have any questions.  Please include which colour you would like Blue or White


No takers so I have removed my address PM me if you want one

Ways To Raise Funding / 2013 FORUMEERS CLUB T-SHIRT
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:56:50 AM »
I know you have all been patiently awaiting this announcement.

PRE-ORDER is OPEN for the 2013 Forumeer T-shirt in forum BLUE.


Sizing Guide for T-shirts

Size Width* Length**
S 48.5 69.5
M 53.5 72
L 56 74.5
XL 61 77
XXL 66 78.5
*Measured across garment 1cm down from armholes
**Measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment

Size Width* Length**
XS 39 57
S 41.5 58
M 44 59
L 46.5 60
XL 49 61
*Measured across garment 1cm down from armholes
**Measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment

Don't forget that Ladies Fit T-shirts are fitted (and tighter) and much shorter than a standard mens T-shirt.

Costs as per previous years of £15 for an Adult T-shirt.  (postage has gone up to £3)

I'd like to get these ordered in the next week or so, so if you would like one please place your order in this thread please before 16th June.


« on: November 05, 2011, 05:36:56 PM »
The following forum T-shirts are available for purchase. No others are available just what is listed.

First come first served.

Cost £15 plus £2.50 postage.

2011 Forum Blue
Mens XL - SOLD
Ladies Medium - 1 only

2010 Forum Blue
Mens 2XL - 1 only
Mens XL  - 3
Mens L - 4

Ladies XL - 1
Ladies L - 1

2009 Tour Black
Mens XL- 1 only
Ladies XL - 2

Please PM me or e-mail me @



Ways To Raise Funding / NEW ITEMS ON EBAY
« on: November 04, 2011, 08:28:52 PM »
In my spare time I have now listed some new items on Ebay :D ... RK:MESE:IT" onclick=";return false; ... RK:MESE:IT" onclick=";return false; ... RK:MESE:IT" onclick=";return false;

Advent calendars are also available but I have not had a chance to list them yet but if you can't wait PM me. :D


Ways To Raise Funding / Would You Buy a Vulcan Advent Calendar?
« on: September 15, 2011, 11:26:46 AM »
Before I look into this a bit more I would just like a quick Yes/No to judge level of interest.

They would be approx £5

These are not definitely going to be ordered, just looking at novelty items as it's only 14 weeks to the man in the red suit :D

« on: April 24, 2011, 08:50:41 PM »
Well voting has now closed and design number one was the winner.

However, since we do listen to what you say the design has been altered ever so slightly  :D see visual below.


So who wants one and in what size?

This is the PRE-ORDER thread which will close on Sunday 8th May  please tell me what size and how many you want.  Adults are £15 and kids are £10 as per previous years.

Please Note : We currently do not have any plans to produce Black ones for general public sale.

T-shirts are normally Fruit of the Loom and the sizing guide is from their website.  Ladies T-shirts are FITTED and thus shorter than mens.

All dimensions are in cm. The first number is the Width, second number is the Length (the columns have not shown correctly)

Size Width* Length**
S      48.5     69.5
M     53.5     72
L      56        74.5
XL    61        77
XXL  66        78.5
*Measured across garment 1cm down from armholes
**Measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment

Size Width* Length**
XS    39        57
S      41.5     58
M     44        59
L      46.5     60
XL    49        61
*Measured across garment 1cm down from armholes
**Measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom edge of garment

No payment is necessary now just put down on this thread or PM me your requirements.  However, this is PRE-ORDER and we order what is asked for, they do not go on general sale if people change their minds, so please only order if you intend to pay for them.

Last year we allowed cancellation of orders due to the tour dates not being available to be printed on the back of the T-shirt. This year if the dates are released we will put the dates on but this is NOT guaranteed, thus the T-shirt you are ordering is currently plain on the back.

Any questions please PM me, please do not put questions in the thread.



It must be that time of year :D   The wait is OVER :D  The designs are in :D Now it is over to YOU :D

The Vote is now OPEN for your Club Designed Forum T-shirt.

The T-shirt with the most votes when the poll ends in a weeks time will be the design for the PRE-ORDER FORUM T-shirt.

Happy Voting - No Squabbling :D

For those of you new to the Club/Forum this is an Exclusive T-shirt only available to those on the Forum, it is Pre-order ONLY and we only purchase what is ordered. It has been a hit for the past three seasons and is an easily recognisable way of clocking forum users during season. :D


Ways To Raise Funding / NEW ITEMS PRE-ORDER
« on: November 06, 2010, 06:15:44 PM »
The Club are producing some new items of merchadising, they will be on general sale at Lincoln Market and on Ebay when we have them but so that you lot do not miss out we will keep some aside if pre-ordered......a couple of items we have samples of, the rest I can only describe until the mock up arrives and then I will include pictures.

New Line - Soft Filled Cushion (15" x15" approx) - £12

Mikes - Cookie/Pastry Cutter - £10

Re-introducing - Vulcan Thimble - £5

New Line - Phone Sock (with lanyard) - £6
Black with planform (picture for illustration only)

Re-introducing - Lincolns Last Vulcan Mug - £6

Other New Lines For the Winter Months:-

New Line - Black knitted scarf with planform at end - £12

New Line - Beanie Hat £10
(I know this is an old line but it is a new supplier)

(We also have some of last years scarfs available, very limited stock, these will be on sale via Ebay tomorrow)

We are also looking at little beanie bears, insulated travel mugs, double ended lanyards, new mugs including a bone china one, jute shoppers, it would be nice to know how many would like these.

The other new lines that we had during the season will be on Ebay tomorrow, these include the new lanyards, new Photobook, fridge Magnets, key rings, USB Vulcan, calendars (just in case you have not got one yet!) and we have a couple more items that are still hush hush  :D

Either PM me or include your wish list here, we will then sort out orders once the items have arrived.


Ways To Raise Funding / 2010 Club T-shirt
« on: August 07, 2010, 09:06:07 AM »
Morning Peeps

I seem to still have a large number of T-shirts which have not been claimed.  :(   If you have forgotten no worries but as I will be going on holiday on Friday can you let me know if you still want it, if I still have not received payment by 30th August (when I'm back) I will put them on general release on the forum (I have  a few that want some).

If you have paid and have not been in receipt of your T-shirt can you PM me please,  I am not infallible and neither are the post office.  (Garry, Tony & Alistair yours are being posted in about 5 minutes when the post office opens :D ) .

Thanks peeps


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