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General Photography Discussion / Re: Camera upgrade
« on: June 03, 2015, 09:06:21 PM »
Thanks for all the comments. I did get the Nikon D5300 and later an 18-300 zoom which I now use for almost everything. I know it's probably not ideal, but lets face it the gear is currently much better than I am :-)
I have been getting used to the digital world and you can see lots of my pictures here:-
Not all aircraft of course, but I need to practice and have booked for an airshow later in the year.
My visit to the hanger on 2nd March is all in an album here without any editing:-

General Photography Discussion / Camera upgrade
« on: January 04, 2015, 12:19:11 PM »
Hi all,
Could do with a few pointers if anyone has the time.
Many years ago I used my minolta x700 all the time. Then film fell by the wayside just as funds got tight so I have been using a small compact or my phone only. But santa has been kind and I have a special trip later this year so here we go spending.
I always used to find myself using the zoom far more than anything else, used to be a 70-210, but I see now many more ranges available. Are they really that good from 18-300 etc?
Currently favouring a nikon d5300 so any comments on lenses and questions I should ask or things to try? - I will be visiting actual shops over the next week or two.
Need for general use as well as aviation but all comments appreciated, thanks.

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