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Aviation Waffle / Re: Radar Museum info required please read
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:05:32 PM »
It looks as though they have taken components of the RWR - Radio Warning Receiver (ARI-18228/1) and integrated them with a rotating antenna.

I can Identify the following (see anotated photo)

Control unit - 17172
Bearing indicator - 17171
Power Unit - 17203
Radio Receiver - 17170

[attachment=1:1atbwbsb]<!-- ia1 -->Dialect_a.jpg<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment:1atbwbsb]

The antenna could be made up of parts taken from the antennas installed on the top of the Vulcans tail - and installed in what appears to be a rotating head.

[attachment=0:1atbwbsb]<!-- ia0 -->17214.jpg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:1atbwbsb]

On the Vulcan there is one of these at each end of the tail fin assemble - one pointing forwards and the other to the rear.

The unit used the discriminated signal from these 2 antennas to work out from which direction the radiation came from and indicated it on the PPI - An audio out put was available on the intercom and the PRF was quite distinctly heard.

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