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Aviation Waffle / Parliamentary Petition against CAA changes to charges
« on: February 25, 2016, 04:09:42 AM »
Parliamentary Petition against CAA changes to charges;

I'd suggest after signing you forward the link to everyone you know, ask them to do the same, etc.

In today's news;
Police are now investigating reports that Andy Hill was flying dangerously low a year earlier.

For the few who may check in with these forums who aren't signed up for the Trust newsletter.

Compilation from Northern leg of Vulcan 'Farewell To The Nation Tour'
(Includes Scottish Highlands / Lake district);
Includes shots in cockpit at takeoff & video from bomb aimers window as it passes over many iconic locations.

It shivered me timbers!

Aviation Waffle / The VULCAN effect
« on: October 16, 2015, 08:07:11 PM »
I'd turned up for the 'Wales Air Show' this year at Swansea bay, after nagging the organisers mercilessly for months to secure VULCAN, I thought it was the least I could do.  It's a good theatre for an air show as Swansea Bay is 4 miles long so no-one feels crammed in.

There was one thing I was interested in at the show, XH558, nothing else much mattered although I will confess to enjoying the fantastic display the Eurofighter Typhoon put on.

Whilst I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of XH558, I got talking to an elderly couple who were also there mainly to see VULCAN, the display happened, everyone was appreciative of the pilot's close passes & 'bonus' flypast.  Immediately after the display had ended I started to speak with this couple again.  The old lady was chuckling to herself, she told me how she wasn't really watching the plane, she was watching people's reaction to it, particularly the kids.  She pointed to a young family stood 15 feet away, "See that young boy," she pointed at a lad of perhaps 6 or 7 years old, "I watched his face as the Vulcan came over first time and his mouth fell open, when the plane came back around and he went into that climb full throttle the boys jaw was nearly on the pavement. While we were watching her flying off I could see him tugging on his father's sleeve, saying 'Dad I was thinking perhaps I'll be an RAF man when I get older' "

I think I was about the same age when I first saw Vulcan at one of the Battle of Britain displays at RAF St Athan, it shows the inspirational effect XH558 still has and how much greater this must have been when VULCAN was new technology.

As good as some of the other high octane displays were during the day I didn't witness the same dreamy expression on peoples faces that had been there when XH558 sang for us.

Does anyone have any similar remembrances?
Random Youtube clip of Wales Air Show by 'Drona'

Ways To Raise Funding / Royal Patronage
« on: October 13, 2015, 05:21:37 AM »
I don't know if the Trust has ever made approaches & sought Royal Patronage?
I'd have thought the right type of Patron, particularly one who may be prepared to be quite active, could open a lot of doors, smooth out a lot of obstacles & help bring in a lot of dosh.

Prince Harry seems the obvious choice with his service / veterans / charitable / aviation / historical aviation interests as well as his energy & enthusiasm.
Prince William, perhaps a close 2nd.
Prince Philip, well he's knocking on a bit and long term commitment might not be realistic.
Prince Charles, well .... ::)

Engineering / Don't get sad get ANGRY!!!!
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:36:22 PM »
Avro VULCAN XH558 enjoys enormous, possibly unprecedented, public support - as does the charitable Trust behind its return to flight.

Yet we are to lose this incredibly popular & treasured National resource from our skies forever.  People seem prepared to simply accept this as a fait accompli. There doesn't seem to be anyone anywhere fighting to stop this happening.

Anyone who reads this is presumably a massive VULCAN fan, are you content so have seen the last of a VULCAN in flight?

This VULCAN has been termed The Spirit of Great Britain, now Britain is set to lose it's Spirit.

No-one really understands why XH558 is to be lost, there have not been any comprehensible statements put in the public domain other that some mumblings about there being " ... no upside ... " for them from the Technical Authority companies which I would take to mean " We're not making enough of a profit."  The upside should just be having your company's name spoken in the same breath as VULCAN!

Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group appears to have been the prime mover in 'shutting down' XH558's flying future.

I understand from the Trust's posts that there is another company waiting in the wings ready to act as Technical Authority but they cannot work without the vital original A V Roe Technical documentation held by BAE - which BAE refuses to share.  So not only is BAE refusing to help keep XH558 aloft, it's obstructing another accredited competent company from doing so.

This entire state of affairs is absolutely appalling!

I turned out to see VULCAN on the Farewell Tour Southern leg, I was on the Severn Bridge, (which the pilot eventually remembered he was supposed to visit), this enormous stretch of bridge was rammed solid with people wanting to witness VULCAN in flight, as was every venue across the UK during this weekend. So many people obviously love this plane, (is there any single person in the UK who could lay claim to such widespread adoration?), yet we are set to lose XH558 for no apparent good reason. 

OK - money may be a central issue here, it's probably why the 'Technical Authority' companies want to distance themselves as things stand.
Just think of all the public money that gets poured into lame / ridiculous causes every year which don't enjoy great, (or any), public support.  Surely money could, (and should), be found to back a cause which enjoys HUGE public support?!

Yes, we can still go to visit a diminished XH558 in storage but how would you rather remember your hero? Speaking personally, I'd rather have watched seen Sugar Ray Robinson in his greatest ever fight against LaMotta than have met him when dementia had reduced him.  In much the same way, this beautiful aeroplane was created to fly and to overawe so 99% of the VULCAN experience is in watching the grace in flight, feeling the vibration through your feet and, most of all, the noise - that incredible noise when the 4-throttle levers are wrenched open to free the howl!

The weekend before the 'Farewell Tour' a famous £20M racing Aston Martin of the 1950's was badly damaged in a smash at the Castle Combe racetrack.  The owner, Adrian Beecroft, is someone who obviously appreciates that this car was created to race, not sit glumly in an auto museum somewhere. The same is true of XH558!

I think that it's vital that as many people as possible sign & 'viralise' this e-petition which has already been promoted by 'Steve W' in these forums.
Sign, forward the link to everyone you know, ask them to sign & forward it to everyone they know, etc.

This year has seen the quote, (disputedly attributed to Dr Seuss), “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  It's a very good and applicable phrase but after the tears I just feel anger, I don't want to smile, this SHOULDN'T be over, there is NO NEED for this to end.  Not quite yet at any rate!

So you've signed the e-petition, what now?

Well I think we need to look towards the corporate entities behind these tragic decisions and the people inside these companies.  Get in touch with these companies, the head honcho's, let them know what Vulcan means to you - let them know their decision is wrong!

Anything else you can do? Well yes there is actually, you could buy a share in BAE / Rolls Royce.  Owning just one share entitles you to attend their AGM and it entitles you to question the Board. YOU can hold them to account for this decision!  Details / links below.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a tangible, living memorial to the brave fliers who participated in WWII, many of whom did not survive. The relatives, including great grand-children can watch Spitfires & the Lancaster bomber aloft knowing they are watching a tribute to and paying tribute to their brave relations.

Very many brave men & women put themselves in harm's way to keep us safe at the height of the Cold War, they started a day of their duty not knowing if it would be their last, indeed many were lost when these planes came down to earth with a bump.

These Cold War fliers, as much as the WWII fliers, deserve a tangible living memorial - XH558 The Spirit of Great Britain is / was that Memorial.  Their great-grandchilden deserve to witness this tribute in flight.

Refusing to help maintain this memorial, or standing in the way of those who would, is unpatriotic and the grossest insult to the memory & sacrifice of the legion of brave servicemen & women who served in or around VULCAN.


Directors -
Execs -

Stirling Square, 6 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AD

01252 373232


Directors -
Execs -

Head Office
62 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AT

020 7222 9020E



Execs -

(Head Office)
The Airport
Newmarket Road
United Kingdom

01223 373737

email addresses here are definitely fomulaic, e.g.

Engineering / Salute
« on: October 12, 2015, 03:08:21 PM »
Quink Deicide

A rippling ocean of humanity assembled with one intent -
pained homage to their Champion whose time is nearly spent.

A myriad expectant faces gaze up and move as one,
anticipating audience with an entity that’s bound to stun.

A distant shadow grows, materialising against autumn skies.
Dark Angel approaches, a feast for countless eyes.

Majestic Leviathan trails cloak of fleet eclipse –
small clue this aged beauty once bore Apocalypse.

Sage wisdom is dispensed to the unwary in the crowd,
Cover your ears love, this will be very, very loud!

The stentorian performer’s stage is primed and set –
pilgrims are rewarded with famed Olympus Quartet.

Deafening these admirers, the bellicose veteran roars.
With unexpected alacrity, it howls then heavenward soars.

Left in its wake a sea of awed smiles and
the sound of every car alarm for several miles.

Toddlers may cry or scream but the older child will find
a career as a Pilot now foremost in their mind.

The distant Delta’s ascent peaks then earthward slowly slips,
admiring exclamations leak from thousands of pairs of lips.

Tight turn completed, the ground starts again to tremble
as The God of Fire & Forge returns to this vast Temple.

Another savoured pass and steep climb toward cloud –
dread Banshee wail falls onto the gathered crowd.

The young cannot comprehend how we feared our world would burn
but mighty VULCAN, and its kind, defended us in turn.

Rare Alchemists, Magicians, took aluminium and steel.
They forged and wrought fastidiously with great skill and greater zeal.

The fruit of Chadwick's labours, then science’s greatest feat,
wingéd Holocaust no enemy could dare hope beat.

Soaring in on Dragon’s wings, billowing Dragon’s breath,
stealthily conveying superheated molten death.

Infusing menace with raw power makes for an unforgiving steed.
Wrestling to rein in this beast, brave charioteers take heed!

Taming the Behemoth, a task from which they did not balk.
Finally obedience - rolling over for Master Falk.

Generations were protected by this loyal lethal shield;
dignified, fearless and resolved never to yield.

For decades standing defiant against the ferocious Great Red Bear.
Withers and crew cowed invaders from icy Atlantic air.

Gratitude has a shelf-life and a value measured by the £Pound,
VULCAN could no longer earn its keep and was finally brought to ground.

Born anew, XH558 took once more to the air –
so a new generation in this spectacle could share.

TVOC, Pleming, Walton's worked this miracle for the Nation.
The grateful public rewarded this feat with rekindled adoration.

Yet this revered old campaigner could not be saved from the enemy within,
as the bean-counters colluded in an unforgivable sin.

Not all Assassins carry poisoned daggers, some wear suit & tie.
They smile and ooze platitudes as they manoeuvre, scheme and lie.

We must think of the balance sheet, share-price, risk . . . ” and then,
history’s greatest ever Warrior is brought low by a Mont Blanc pen.

With this final bittersweet procession over lands it was conceived to defend;
magnificent, unsurpassable VULCAN fades back into legend.

CMW - Oct 2015

My Salute to the last airworthy Avro Vulcan nuclear bomber XH558, as well as some of the figures who have played key roles in its history. This meticulously restored aircraft is immensely popular but has been forced into early retirement from flight by several essential Technical Authority companies withdrawing their support.

This is first, and probably my only ever, attempt at prose as it's a topic that is very close to my heart.

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