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Thanks for the info! Having only just found the site a little while ago, I haven't subscribed/joined for the newsletters yet. I shall have to do that, and get some back issues. :)

Thanks dee / planenut! I'm definitely looking forward to it. :)

Hopefully I may find out something more related to my father as well. Even if it was just something like which Vulcans were in use at that time and location. :)

New Members Sign In Here / Hello! Son of a Vulcan radar operator here!
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:52:58 AM »
Greetings! :-) I only recently found out about the Vulcan to the Sky trust, after seeing one of the last flights when she flew over Rhyl last year, but it's great to see there's still so much enthusiasm and interest. I'm going to the Cold War talk and the Aircrew & Cockpit experience this Saturday (21st Jan).

My main connection is that my father, Frank (Francis) Lee, was a radar operator on a Vulcan many years ago. Unfortunately he passed away when I was 18, and what conversations we had about his experience have somewhat faded (if only I'd remembered to write things down at the time!). So I'd love to find out any information I can, if anyone remembers anything.

Talking to my sisters, we've been able to recall that he was stationed on Valletta(reading a bit more, I presume it would've been Luqa?) in Malta. Unfortunately we can't narrow down time frames to anything closer than late 50s early 60s (probably somewhere between '58 and '63). As far as we know, the radar gear was still fairly new at the time, and he may have been part of testing it out, in addition to operating. We also know that if we hadn't been living abroad at the time, he would've been recalled during the Falklands. We think (could be wishful thinking) we remember him saying that they flew missions near or over Russia (one of the reasons I'm going to the cold war talk! I'll find out more!). Unfortunately that's about all we know, but if anyone knows anything, even just about the kind of stuff they did out of Luqa/Malta, it'd be great to find out.

Thanks! Can't wait to see XH558 on Saturday. It'll be my first time seeing a Vulcan close up. :-)

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