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Aviation Waffle / Canadian lancaster facebook page
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:35:16 PM »
A useful page which I found to keep up to date with the progress across the pond:

Aviation Waffle / Antonov AN225 on it's way to East Midlands
« on: June 12, 2014, 06:19:55 PM »
For anybody who thinks something with 4 engines isn't big enough, the sole An225 (the 6 engined job) is on it's way to East Midlands at present showing on FR24 over northern Germany and arriving at 19.26 local, call sign on FR24 is ADB5983

I bought Damien's book TSR.2 Britain's Lost Bomber last weekend (it arrived on Monday) and I've found it very very hard to put down. I've been reading until the early hours - hence the title of the topic and have to compliment Damien on an excellent book,. The amount of research is amazing, how he found some of the old information after 40 plus years defies me,it just goes to show that the claims at the time that all documentation was supposed to be destroyed were far from true as well as dispelling a lot of other conspiract theories. The background to the project with all the discarded designs forms a good early part to the book and shows all the politics etc that got involved and the testing and cancellation phase of the project is an excellent (although at times a saddening) read. Lots of photos and very well reproduced especially considering how old many of them are.

I've always been interested in the TSR.2 project and this gave me a far greater insight than I previously had, I knew quite a bit of the story but the depth of research has increased that knowledge dramatically. For somebody that has been involved in project management I found it interesting that some of the faults then still occur today - anybody wanting to know how NOT to manage a project would do well to read it! I read Stephen Hastings' 'Murder of the TSR.2' a few years ago and in comparison this is a far better read and far better illustrated. It's such a shame that an aircraft with so much potential was lost partly due to bad management in many areas.

thanks Damien despite my tired state I have thorougly enjoyed your efforts, BTW can you recommend a book to cure insomnia rather than one that has the effect of ensuring I don't want to go to sleep?

Before the admins delete this obvious spam from Thomas Sabo jewellery , I have decided to respond to them with a request for a donationand hopefully others will bombard them with e-mails to p*ss them off in the run up to xmas.

this is their page for contacting them: in case you cant find it

this is my e-mail to them, feel free to copy the text or write your own :lol: :

I was most pleased to see your advert on the Vulcan to the sky club forum, as you have taken the time to post there I thought I would share some information about the Vulcan with you can read more about the restoration here:

The aircraft costs approximately £2 million a year to operat and maintain and there is a current fund raising campaign to enable her to fly in 2013 which is approximately £90k short of the immediate target to allow servicing to continue. As your post indicates that you are clearly a keen supporter of the project maybe you would consider a donation to the campaign, this is easily done via the attached link;

thank you for showing such keen interest in the Vulcan and if I learn that youare happy to support our project then i may consider supporting your business in return

I assume this is another spammer, lets bombard them with vulcan info on the run up to christmas to waste their time in dealing with their precious orders! :lol:

A recommendation from me - Last Thursday evening i ordered a Canon EOS 600D from this site and have to say I was most impressed with their service (and price). They have a tracking service so I knew just where it was all the time, it was dispatched via UPS Friday a.m. and arrived with me mid morning on Monday - couldnt ask for much more than that. I chose them on price basis, £396, the cheapest I found elsewhere in the UK either on line or shop was £419 so all in all a very good deal  :D

Aviation Waffle / TransAero B747 due at Brunty Saturday 1-12-12
« on: November 30, 2012, 07:59:29 PM »
This is the second one (first arrived a couple of weeks ago) It should have arrived today for scrapping but got a 24 hour reprieve, must be getting crowded there now (unless the scrap teams are quick with their work): ... 65&t=13741

Aviation Waffle / 747 due at Brunty 29-10-12
« on: October 28, 2012, 10:13:15 AM »
saw this on civilian aviation - due monday a.m.

LARGE ACFT (B747-300) DELIVERY FLT INTO BRUNTINGTHORPE AD. ACFT OPR WI 3NM RADIUS 5229N 00108W (BRUNTINGTHORPE, NEAR LUTTERWORTH, LEICESTERSHIRE). AD OPS CTC ***** ****** OR ***** ******. 12-10-0454/AS 2. SFC - 2600FT AMSL) DUPE, 29 OCT 09:00 2012 UNTIL 29 OCT 10:30 2012. CREATED: 26 OCT 11:24 2012

any body know who's it is pls? I assume it's for parting out

Ways To Raise Funding / do you send christmas cards?
« on: October 26, 2012, 09:06:58 AM »
do you send christmas cards?  I do,  and with postage it costs me quite a bit every year which for a bit of reinforced paper seems a bit of a waste (and not very green).

So this year I'm planning to help the planet and the Vulcan.

I normally send cards to a few people from the club and to other aviation minded friends - sorry folks you're not getting one this year!instead I shall help save the planet by not spending money on bits of coloured card with a message in but will send e-cards instead AND as this will be saving me money on card purchases AND postage I shall donate the money saved to the vulcan (plus of course gift aid) that way everybody's a winner - the planet, people still get a greeting albeit electronically and the Vulcan gets some christmas dosh.
( I suppose I had better send an e-card to the post office apologising for their loss of revenue though).

Anyone thought of rhis as a little fundraiser or wish to reciprocate the greetings and donations?

BTW I'm doing the same re cards I send to friends that I have via the cancer charity that I support, hope you dont mind that element of my expenditure going to another good cause.

Went to use my EOS 1000D yesterday but when I turned it on there was absolutely nothing happened, I tried my spare battery and still nothing.
I think it might be due to getting caught in a storm last week when I got soaked as did the camera ( I was on a golf course and it was sunny when I set out but got a heavy storm with no shelter and not protective clothing on so guess it might be my fault :( ) . At least my other camera was safely hidden away in my car but didnt have that with me yesterday so was caught out totally.

I did some reading up and it seems there are micro fuses in side the camera which have probably failed (short circuited due to moisture in the battery compartment maybe?) - I'm not going to open it up to look but before I take it to the camera doctor has anybody had a similar experience  with no power which was something simple which didnt involve taken camera apart , i.e. something I can try before I go to the experts? The battery had power in it and the spare was fully charged when I stuck it on the charger the green light came on almost immediately (i.e. a few seconds) so definitely not battery flat.

I've found that there is a Canon repair specialist in colchester so can drop it off to them easily and as long as the problem isn't terminal then a good clean and service at same time may be of benefit anyway - might be money well spent.

Aviation Waffle / WOW - NZ Mosquito flies!
« on: September 27, 2012, 07:42:53 AM »
a wonderful sight if you scroll down the page a bit: ... 07&page=45

General Photography Discussion / polarising filter problem
« on: June 06, 2012, 10:39:38 PM »
I bought a polarising filter for my Canon100-400mm lens the other day and I cant get pictures to focus when using it, at best they are slightly blurred and at worst a complete haze! I already have one for my other lenses which works fine and i also bought a UV filter which focusses perfectly (the lens also focusses perfectly with no filter at all so I dont THINK its anything to do with the lens). I went for Hoya which i thought are a pretty good brand but am somewhat disappointed but before I complain - is it me doing something wrong?  

Anybody else ever used one and had problems,?

Aviation Waffle / Jubilee flypast on Tuesday - route?
« on: June 02, 2012, 09:56:17 AM »
the Jubilee Flypast is to take place on Tuesday around 3.30pm, normally route maps are published on various fora but not seen anything this time - has anybody been more fortunate than me and if so any chance of posting a copy or a link please?

edit note - corrected date , it's Tuesday , not Monday

Ways To Raise Funding / something simple that I've done - hope it works
« on: February 27, 2012, 10:12:34 AM »
Quite simply I've added the following Auto text to me e-mail signature so that everybody who gets an e-mail from me will see it and hopefully some will make donations on the spur of the moment - worth a try. I've also got the banner on my auto signature but this is a simple straight forward message that I think will get read, I've e-mailed it to all my contacts so you may have got one from me already (if you know me well enough! :D )

hopefully this gives you the idea:

Text  VULC12 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 to Vulcan XH558 NOW

if you think your friends might go for £10 then just change it to VULC12£10 but I'm reckoning that they wont even think about £5 so it's worth a try, If you want me to e-mail you so you can see how mine looks on an e-mail please drop me a PM with e-mail address (or e-mail)

thoughts please?

edit - B*gger - on here it has a bit of text re the banner underneath but it doesn't show on my e-mail

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