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Engineering / Volunteer Vulcan polishers wanted
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:26:18 AM »
There is a chance that we will need some volunteer Vulcan cleaners for the week commencing the 23rd of May, probably the Wednesday to the Friday (25th to the 27th)

When 558 left Lyneham she was nice and shiny and clean but by then having put a few more miles and hours under her belt she will be in need of a quick wash and brush up before her first static display of the year.

We are hoping that she will be inside at Doncaster so that we can give some of the grubby bits the punters notice (the wheels, around the drains, behind the AAPP exhaust, etc.)  A bit of a wipe down and a polish so that she looks her best.

There may be a chance that the work may have to be carried out on the apron so any one who would like to come up to help will need to be in possession of either a two part driving licence or an up to date passport.

We will need about six willing helpers, the cleaning is all on the underside (no need to bring Knee pads) and we have three days so it should not be too stressful.

There will be access to the supply of Jaffa cakes and Tea and coffee will be supplied (we also know a very good little Cafe in the hangar where they do a great cooked dinner for under a fiver!)

If you would like to help out drop me a line (either PM or e-mail

Please could you volunteer and I will confirm that this will be happening the week before the 23rd.

Engineering / A couple of Doncaster pictures
« on: April 21, 2011, 10:34:39 PM »
I thought I'd post a few early efforts (before all the spotters with the realy posh gear get on here to show me up)




Engineering / 2010/11 winter service
« on: October 14, 2010, 03:45:18 PM »
Your Vulcan is now in a nice warm(ish) hangar ready for her winter service. :D

Former Ground Crew / Ground crew storybook
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:15:37 AM »
Hello everybody,

As I suggested on the old forum we would like to get together a bunch of stories about what it was like to maintain and operate the Vulcan during it's service life.

There are hundreds of stories out there from the aircrew relating tales of daring do flying up Welsh valleys etc. but very few about what it took to get mighty tin triangle into the air in the first place.

Before we all become senile (aluminium dust is meant to effect the memory) it would be good to get the stories down on paper.

The idea would be to get them published in a book as a fund raiser.

There are approximately 37 manhours of maintenance to every flying hour so while your tale of changing a mainwheel/ engine/ electrical component on the pan at Waddington at midnight with the rain coming in sideways may not seem that interesting to you believe it or not there are stacks of people out there who would love to know what we went through in defence of this country.

We may stretch this out to include Victor and Valiant stories as well as it is all part of the same tale.

You can e-mail stories either to my self   If your typing skills are not up to much (like mine) come up and meet us, I have a little dictaphone thinghy so you can relate your tale and then either my self or Toni can type it up later.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Not really ways to raise money for XH558 but raising money for Yorkshire air ambulance.

We met Dave Sykes at Farnborough, he was staying in the same hotel as the crew and we were able to help him out with getting backwards and forwards to the show.

On Saturday and Sunday when we moved 558 down to the centre of the crowd his pitch was right next to ours which worked out really well (2 deltas together.)

He is a pretty awesome chap, take a look at his web site.

This is one fantastic trip. Having met Dave I am sure that he will make it down to Australia having had some amazing adventures along the way!

Good luck Dave.

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