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Aviation Waffle / VULCAN Magazines
« Last post by AdrianChallinor on January 07, 2018, 02:43:47 PM »

My late father was a member of VTTS and donated quite a bit of money to the project.

I have 21 copies of the VULCAN magazine in pristine condition, a Battle of Britain Flight memorial magazine, and a Haynes manual of the Vulcan. These are free to a good home.

Please message me, or get in touch by email or phone (07860-290-883) to request these.

Aviation Waffle / Re: MH370 Search to restart
« Last post by Mayfly on January 04, 2018, 12:52:41 PM »
I saw rumours of this happening a few weeks ago. No find no fee! either confident of success or a make or  break bet?

Good luck to them, I will be following the search.
Aviation Waffle / Antonov Overhead
« Last post by planenut on January 02, 2018, 12:36:53 PM »

 Interesting drone over the rain clouds - Antonov AN26 of Vulkan Air on it's way from Birmingham to Gdansk at 17000 feet, not seen but heard as one could get eye damage looking up into this lot.
Aviation Waffle / Re: Douglas C54 Skymaster at North Weald
« Last post by Sad Sam on December 26, 2017, 03:33:51 PM »
Thanks Dee, Yes now we have the registration sorted and we have an FAA licence engineer on-board we can make a start on the engineering (FAA regs stipulate we need an authorized mechanic to work on a FAA registered airframe)

As you said every little helps.

Happy New year.
Aviation Waffle / Re: Douglas C54 Skymaster at North Weald
« Last post by dee on December 26, 2017, 08:59:32 AM »
Thanks for the update Sam, things look like they are really getting into gear now?
Will pop another donation in soon,every bit helps!
Aviation Waffle / Re: Douglas C54 Skymaster at North Weald
« Last post by Sad Sam on December 25, 2017, 10:31:21 PM »
Merry Christmas Everybody.

Our website is now up and running  ;D

Fairly basic at the moment with an overview of the project, a few pictures, our very nice promotional video and a membership form.

Very soon (once we get payment methods sorted out) we will get a webstore sorted - it's quite frustrating to be sitting on over £10k of stock and not having a way to sell it!

There will also be some history pages detailing the aircraft's life in the U.S. Navy and Marines.

We've been busy over the last month.  We now have a container at North Weald so we have somewhere to store the stock and ground equipment.  We moved all the stock from Milton Keynes and Swansea.

In the last week we have managed to complete the paperwork to transfer the registration to the society.

Our current fundraising campaign has now reached £160 with a bit of luck it will gain a bit more momentum after Christmas.

In the New Year the plan is to get the "Spare" engine out of the cabin and get it into Weald Aviations workshop, they will strip it and assess weather it can be returned to service.  We now have a quote from them for the rebuild of our six engines so we need to start raising some funds to pay for that work - the assessment of the "Spare" along with an external survey of the four fitted engines will cost us £1,900.

There is an open air market held at North Weald on Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays and we plan to run a stall there as an outlet for our stock and to help raise awareness of the project.

There should be another news letter out at the end of January.
Ways To Raise Funding / Re: Comments on the new hangar plans!
« Last post by sickbag_andy on December 24, 2017, 09:01:14 AM »
A question - do the Trust own the site of the proposed hangar or do Doncaster airport own it? and as a follow on from that is that planning permission owned by the site owner or the tenant?

If it's the owner, what's to stop them developing the hangar themselves rather than the Trust albeit funded by a knight in shining armour stuffed with wads of readies? Surely the airport will see that planning approval as a long term asset for expansion and if the Trust don't get their sponsor fairly quickly will the airport say ' you've had enough time and can't demonstrate any ability to build this hangar' and take the development on themselves with no offer to the Trust of medium term use?

Could it be that the airport supported this because they saw an opportunity to get planning approval where the sentimental appeal of the Vulcan being housed was a help in swaying the planners whereas it would have been more difficult without in the knowledge that at best after 10 years the Trust would vacate, the owner would be paying rent to the airport and bringing in business and at worst if the Trust fails then they have a site with approval for development that they can offer on the open market without the attached strings of the Trust, and of course that approval all gained at someone else's cost?
Thanks Clive, I obviously don't know the figures so can't help on that one.

I expect a lot of those who joined the first year were tempted by the various carrots that were dangled and a sense of loyalty, after all a large majority voted to allow the club to disband and together with it's assets/funds be integrated into the Trust's scheme. Equally I expect that some of them will not renew after the first year; some through apathy (not seeing anything much happen that interests them) or disillusionment (carrots fed to the cash cow - or donkey instead), the former is probably normal for any group of this kind where initial enthusiasm quickly wanes amongst a less interested portion of the membership. I'm sure there will be a significant drop in numbers after the first year though

That in itself is concerning as once the stock has all been auctioned off to meet the bills what will be left for the income stream? I suppose the stores will no longer be needed so they can stop renting that and then questions about the need for the staff that man it will undoubtedly come to the fore so some potential savings there but there doesn't appear to be any plan B to even maintain the income levels let alone increase it to sustain the rental of the hangar unless that elusive investor /sponsor comes along and despite the massive public appeal of 558 while she was flying that never materialised so with far less public exposure/appeal what are the chances of that sponsor suddenly appearing now? It's only likely if there's a substantial financial advantage in owning a hangar at Doncaster airport rather than desire to support the Vulcan in my opinion.
As I posted on UKAR, with regards the 'Founding Guardians'....

I saw the following ( from May this year)...
There were somewhere around 2,200 Club Members who joined the 'FG' scheme when the VTTS Club was binned -- that's less than half the people who were Club Members at the time.
Some have left since then, others on the Forum are saying they'll not be renewing their membership.
If the membership's still £21, that's a total income of just over £46k ...... not a lot compared to what the Club Membership and the various fundraising schemes & Club shop used to bring in.
You could say that it probably pays less than 2 peoples' wages. >:D

Happy to be corrected on those figures if anyone's got more accurate ones.

And no, unless they suddenly find another mystery benefactor I don't see it happening.
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