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Another XH558 pilot
« on: September 15, 2011, 10:57:12 AM »
I spoke to you on the Saturday of the Waddington weekend, about how my Dad has flown XH558.  I believe that my partner already gave you his name.  I copy directly below what my Dad wrote to me.  His name is Robin Wakelin.

"I flew in the aircraft on 25 May 1966 (initial conversion course at Finningley) and  on 24 January 1968 (Intermediate co-pilots course, again at Finningley, designed to qualify people for the first pilot's role and to operate in the LH seat).  Those were the only times.  According to my logbook during the latter flight I did a couple of high speed runs with and without the auto mach trim, steep turns, a diversion to St Mawgan, three precision approaches, one ILS approach, and five visual approaches, 3 hours 50 minutes in total, all at night"

Nicola Wakelin
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